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Augusta University
Supreme Court, 2016 Election
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  • Appellate courts decision-making
  • United States Supreme Court and interactions with other actors (litigants, interest groups, the Office of the Solicitor General)
  • Public opinion, particularly of the judiciary
  • Media coverage of Presidential elections
  • Terrorism and political participation
Recent Publications

“Vouching for the Court? How High Stakes Affect Knowledge and Support of the Supreme Court” (with Kathleen Searles and Amanda Jones), Justice Systems Journal, 36 (Spring 2015): 163-179. DOI:10.1080/0098261X.2014.965854


Examining the Effects of Information, Attorney Capability, and Amicus Participation on US Supreme Court Decision Making” (with John J. Szmer). American Politics Review, 42 (May 2014): 441-471. DOI:10.1177/1532673X13502219

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