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United States
Tufts University
American identity, representation, ethnic politics, immigration attitudes
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Debbie Schildkraut’s research examines the implications of the changing ethnic composition of the United States on public opinion in a variety of domains. Her current research concerns public opinion about political representation and how the impending loss of majority status affects the political attitudes and behaviors of white Americans.

Recent Publications

“White Attitudes about Descriptive Representation in the USA: The Roles of Identity, Discrimination, and Linked Fate,” in Politics, Groups, and Identities.

“Latino Attitudes about Spheres of Political Representation,” in Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences.

“Latino Attitudes about Surrogate Representation,” forthcoming in Social Science Quarterly.

“Boundaries of American Identity: Evolving Understandings of ‘Us’,” in the Annual Review of Political Science.

The Challenge of Democracy: American Government in Global Politics, 13th edition, with Kenneth Janda, Jeffrey Berry, and Jerry Goldman.


Media Coverage

“Donald Trump — Moderate Republican,” New York Times,

“Donald Trump and the Politics of White Insecurity,”,

“Whites Surprisingly Chill About Becoming Minority,” Bloomberg View,

“Will it get better after it gets worse?” Scholars Strategy Network,


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United States

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