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First NameLast NameUniversityPhDCountry FocusKeywordsAvailability
Mahalley Allen California State University, Chico PhD constitutional law, judicial politics, civic engagement No Media Contact
Celeste Arrington George Washington University PhD Korea (North and South), Japan Media Contact
Deborah Beim Yale University PhD Media Contact
Lauren Bell Randolph-Macon College PhD United States American government, U.S. Senate, filibuster, U.S. Supreme Court, judicial nominations, presidential appointments Media Contact
Christine Bird University of Texas at Austin PhD Candidate Public Law, American Politics, Civil Rights Law, Constitutional Law, American Political Development, Nonprofit Organizations, Equal Protection, Judicial Politics, Law and Courts No Media Contact
Bethany Blackstone University of North Texas PhD United States law, courts, Congress, the Supreme Court, separation of powers, judicial behavior, judicial policymaking No Media Contact
Saskia Bonjour University of Amsterdam PhD Netherlands; France; Germany; European Union Migration policy; citizenship; gender; family migration; intersectionality; civic integration; European Union; decision-making Media Contact
Rachel Bowen The Ohio State University PhD Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica Courts, Policing, Violence Against Women, Gender Based Violence, Rule of Law, Public Security, Central America Media Contact
Jennifer Bowie University of Richmond PhD No Media Contact
Janet Box-Steffensmeier Ohio State University PhD United States American Politics, legislatures, interest groups, campaigns, elections, Political Methodology, time series, event history, network analysis No Media Contact
Eileen Braman Indiana University PhD Legal decision making, constitutional law, government powers, judicial politics, political psychology No Media Contact
Sara Chatfield Tufts University PhD United States Media Contact
Renee Ann Cramer Drake University PhD United States Reproductive Rights, feminism, American Indian law and politics, campus activism, birth, regulation, Supreme Court. Media Contact
Erin Crandall Acadia University PhD Canada Canadian politics, judicial politics, constitutional law, judicial selection, election law, women and the law Media Contact
Nicole De Silva University of Oxford PhD international organizations, international courts, NGOs, human rights, international criminal justice, International Criminal Court Media Contact
Amanda Driscoll Florida State University PhD Latin America No Media Contact
Rachel Ellett Beloit College PhD Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Lesotho courts, rule of law, judiciary, comparative judicial politics, judges, lawyers, democracy Media Contact
Jacqueline Gehring University of California, Santa Cruz PhD Germany, France, Belgium racism, European Union, immigration, law, rights, Roma, Islam, Germany, France, sports, citizenship, nationalism, Media Contact
Katharine Gelber University of Queensland PhD Australia Free speech, hate speech, speech regulation, human rights, Australian politics Media Contact
Rebecca Gill University of Nevada, Las Vegas PhD U.S., Australia judicial elections, judicial selection, judicial behavior, gender and judging, implicit bias, gender bias Media Contact
Martha Ginn Augusta University PhD Supreme Court, 2016 Election Media Contact
Anna Gunderson Emory University PhD Candidate United States American politics, state politics, public policy, politics of punishment, crime politics, politics of incarceration, judicial politics Media Contact
Susan Haire University of Georgia PhD U.S. judicial politics; U. S. Courts of Appeals Media Contact
Rebecca Hamlin University of Massachusetts PhD United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom asylum, refugee, migrant, immigration, international law, administrative law Media Contact
Allison Harris Princeton University PhD No Media Contact
Andrea Hatcher Sewanee: The University of the South PhD American congressional leadership, constitutional law, Evangelical politics, British Evangelicals Media Contact
Laura Hatcher Southeast Missouri State University PhD United States constitutional law and politics, administrative law, environmental politics, emergency management, disasters, property rights Media Contact
Morgan Hazelton St. Louis University PhD litigation, judicial hierarchy, judicial impact, access to justice No Media Contact
Amanda Hollis-Brusky Pomona College PhD United States Supreme Court, gun control, federalism, separation of powers, executive power, unitary executive theory, conservative legal movement, Originalism, constitutional law, reproductive rights, affirmative action, war powers, 2016 Election, campaign finance, conservative Christian legal movement, legal education, legal profession, the Federalist Society Media Contact
Pamela Jordan Southern New Hampshire University PhD former Soviet Union Russian foreign policy, Russian espionage/intelligence, international human rights, climate change and political behavior Media Contact
Ellen Key Appalachian State University PhD Public opinion, research methods, judicial politics Media Contact
Esen Kirdis Rhodes College PhD Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, democratization, Islamic movements, Islamic parties, judicial politics No Media Contact
Anna Kirkland University of Michigan PhD United States vaccines, immunizations, weight, discrimination, health care discrimination, vaccine injury claims, employment discrimination, appearance discrimination Media Contact
Jeanine Kraybill California State University, Bakersfield PhD United States of America religion and politics, the presidency, the courts/judicial politics, political and religious rhetoric, gender and politics Media Contact
Meghan Leonard Illinois State University PhD state supreme courts, electing of judges, state institutional interactions Media Contact
Jinee Lokaneeta Drew University PhD India, United States Torture, Law and Violence, human rights, liberal democratic states, state violence, Interrogations, Policing, state theory, Law and Science. Media Contact
Alyx Mark North Central College PhD Civil legal aid, legal institutions, legal profession, access to justice, legal representation, inter-branch conflict, court-congress relations, separation of powers, civic engagement Media Contact
Abigail Matthews Miami University PhD Judicial politics, law and courts, networks, state politics, quantitative methodology Media Contact
Briana McGinnis McGill University PhD USA Political theory, exclusion, exile, banishment, citizenship, punishment, mass incarceration, collateral consequences, criminalization, democratic theory, law and society Media Contact
VerĂ³nica Michel John Jay College-CUNY PhD Chile, Guatemala, and Mexico. human rights, victims' rights, private prosecution, legal mobilization, cause lawyering, criminal justice reform, norm diffusion, transitional justice, prosecutorial accountability, Guatemala, Mexico, Chile, Latin America. Media Contact
Megan Ming Francis University of Washington PhD US Politics, Civil Rights, Legal Mobilization, US History Media Contact
Laura Moyer University of Louisville PhD USA gender, race, judging, U.S. courts of appeals, circuit courts, federal courts Media Contact
Kate Puddister University of Guelph PhD Canada law and politics, judicial politics, canadian politics, criminal justice, criminal justice policy, courts Media Contact
Kelly Rader Yale University PhD judicial politics, distributive politics No Media Contact
Claire Rasmussen University of Delaware PhD United States reproductive rights, women's rights, gender and sexuality, LGBTQ politics, marriage equality, animal rights Media Contact
Rebecca Reid University of Texas at El Paso PhD judicial politics, courts, rule of law, judicial decision making, judicial behavior, judicial independence, international law, human rights, separation of powers, comparative courts, international courts, regional courts Media Contact
Rachel Schutte Hunter College - CUNY PhD United States Supreme Court opinions, judicial politics, separation of powers, constitutional law, civil rights Media Contact
Amy Semet Princeton University PhD American Politics, Public Law, Quantitative Methods, American Institutions Media Contact
Maya Sen Harvard University PhD No Media Contact
Jacqueline Sievert Bowling Green State University PhD Middle East and North Africa Comparative Courts, Formal Theory, Authoritarian Institutions, Bargaining, Civil War, Judicial Politics, Repression Media Contact
Philippa Strum Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars PhD Media Contact
Alicia Uribe University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign PhD Judicial Politics; Judicial Appointments; Separation of Powers; Computational Modeling Media Contact
Rachel VanSickle-Ward Pitzer College PhD Public Policy, Gender and Politics, Reproductive Rights, Judicial Politics Media Contact
Jennifer Walsh Azusa Pacific University PhD United States, New Zealand, China 2016 Election, criminal justice reform, criminal sentencing policies, mass incarceration, religious freedom, women and politics, California ballot initiatives Media Contact
Lee Williams Bellarmine University PhD Education Law, Constitutional Rights, Civil Liberties Media Contact
Claire Wofford College of Charleston PhD United States American politics, judicial politics; gender Media Contact