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Natália Aguiar Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil) PhD Candidate Brazil and Latin America in general Voting Behaviour, Political Participation, Mandatory Voting, Compulsory Voting Law, Non-Compulsory Voting, Brazilian Politics, Latin America, Brazilian Voting Behaviour, Voting Turnout, Electoral Abstention. Media Contact
Rosario Aguilar CIDE, Mexico City PhD Mexico & U.S. Prejudice, race, voting behavior, democratization, comparative contexts, measurement, Mexican Americans. Media Contact
Isabella Alcaniz University of Maryland PhD Argentina, Brazil Media Contact
Camila Andrade Gripp The New School PhD Candidate Media Contact
Sharon Austin University of Florida PhD Media Contact
Lauren Balasco Pittsburg State University PhD Transitional justice, international law, human rights, Latin American politics, development, citizen insecurity Media Contact
Lisa Baldez Dartmouth College PhD gender and politics, Latin America, Cuba, United States, human rights, United Nations, Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) No Media Contact
Tiffany Barnes University of Kentucky PhD Argentina and Chile Women in Politics, Gender and Politics, Women's Representation, Women's Rights, Gender Quotas, Latin America, Gender Gap in Public Opinion, Gender Gap in Political Participation, Gender Equality Policies, Gender Egalitarian Attitudes, Election Law Reform, Electoral Systems, Legislative Behavior Media Contact
Kelly Bauer Nebraska Wesleyan University PhD Chile Latin American, indigenous politics, development, land politics Media Contact
Emily Beaulieu University of Kentucky PhD elections, election fraud, corruption, election laws, voter ID, voter ID laws, protest, boycotts, disenfranchisement, felon disenfranchisement, gender, scandal, women, violence, election violence, brawls, parliamentary brawls, legislative brawls, democracy, democracy promotion, democratic transition, democratization, post-conflict elections Media Contact
Angelica Bernal University of Massachusetts Amherst PhD Ecuador Latin America, Political Theory, Indigenous Rights, Indigenous Social Movements, Constitution-Making, Extractivism, Popular Power, Populism, Revolutions Media Contact
Katherine Bersch Stanford University PhD Latin America, governance, state capacity, political economy, corruption No Media Contact
Carew Boulding University of Colorado, Boulder PhD Bolivia Voting and Protest, Poverty, Political Participation, Quality of Democracy, Political Attitudes, NGOs, Civil Society No Media Contact
Rachel Bowen The Ohio State University PhD Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica Courts, Policing, Violence Against Women, Gender Based Violence, Rule of Law, Public Security, Central America Media Contact
Eve Bratman American University PhD Brazil Belo Monte dam, hydroelectric energy, conservation, Amazon, sustainable development, honeybees, urban sustainability Media Contact
Sarah Brooks Ohio State University PhD Brazil, South Africa comparative political economy, international political economy, Latin American politics, South African politics Media Contact
Alison Brysk UCSB PhD Media Contact
Daniela Campello Getulio Vargas Foundation PhD Media Contact
Nusta Carranza Ko Ohio Northern University PhD Peru, South Korea, North Korea Human Rights, Transitional Justice, Indigenous Peoples' Rights, Peru, South Korea, Uruguay Media Contact
Mollie Cohen Vanderbilt University PhD Candidate Peru, Chile Elections, public opinion, voting behavior, representation, invalid voting, null voting, turnout, party systems, Latin America Media Contact
Jennifer Cyr University of Arizona PhD Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela political parties, political party resources, political identity, democracy, chavismo, fujimorismo, Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, MAS (Bolivia) , focus groups Media Contact
Francine D'Amico Syracuse University PhD Latin America/Caribbean, especially Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua International Relations, Feminist Theory, Gender Analysis in International Relations, International Law and Organizations, United Nations and LGBTIQ Rights, Women/Gender & the US Military, Latin America/Caribbean Politics Media Contact
Sarah Zukerman Daly University of Notre Dame PhD Media Contact
Patria de Lancer Julnes Penn State Harrisburg PhD USA, the Latin America region, and Spain Performance measurement, performance-based management, government accountability, innovation in government, corruption in government, strategic management, citizen-driven government. No Media Contact
Lauren Duquette-Rury UCLA PhD Mexico International migration, remittances, citizenship, political participation, civil society, local democracy, state-society relations, economic development Media Contact
Maria Veronica Elias Eastern Washington University PhD No Media Contact
Christina Ewig University of Wisconsin PhD Peru Gender Equality Social Policy Health Policy Latin America Media Contact
Deborah Farias University of British Columbia PhD Brazil, BRICS Renewable energies, biofuels, Brazil, development assistance, South-South Cooperation, BRICS, emerging countries Media Contact
Pamina Firchow George Mason University PhD Colombia, Uganda conflict, peace, peacebuilding, security, transitional justice, Africa, Latin America Media Contact
Kendall Funk Texas A&M University PhD Candidate Brazil gender, women, Latin America, Brazil, decentralization, local government, public service provision Media Contact
Laura Gamboa Utah State University PhD Colombia and Venezuela Regime and Regime Change, Political Parties, Voting Behavior, Experiments, Qualitative Methods, Mixed Methods Media Contact
Ana Carolina Garriga Center for Research and Teaching in Economics (CIDE) PhD Argentina Foreign direct investment, Central banks, International institutions Media Contact
Malu Gatto University of Zürich PhD Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica Gender and Politics, Gender Quotas, Women's Political Representation, Brazil, Latin America, Legislatures Media Contact
Lirio Gutierrez Rivrea Universidad Nacional de Colombia PhD Urban violence and crime, marginality and exclusion, social mobility, and gender and the city Media Contact
Veronica Herrera University of Connecticut PhD Mexico infrastructure, cities, urban, pollution, water, environment, comparative politics, Latin America, field research, interviewing, qualitative methods Media Contact
Shareen Hertel University of Connecticut PhD Human rights, economic development, social movements Media Contact
Kathryn Hochstetler University of Waterloo PhD Brazil Energy and climate policy, Latin America, Brazil, Emerging powers, renewable energy Media Contact
Alisha Holland Harvard PhD Colombia, Peru, El Salvador Housing policy; informal economies; property rights; gangs; maras; urban crime Media Contact
Verónica Hoyo UC San Diego PhD France, Mexico, Outsider parties, Front National (FN), party strategies, Western Europe, Latin America, France, Mexico Media Contact
Mala Htun University of New Mexico PhD Media Contact
Calla Hummel University of Miami PhD Bolivia, Brazil comparative politics, informal work, Latin America, Bolivia, Brazil, corruption Media Contact
Farida Jalalzai Oklahoma State University PhD Hillary Clinton; women presidents; women prime ministers; women's empowerment; Dilma Rousseff; Muslim Americans Media Contact
Marisa Kellam Waseda University PhD Latin America, media freedom, democracy, political parties, presidents Media Contact
Anita Kellogg University of California, Los Angeles PhD Candidate Venezuela economic interdependence, international trade, military conflict, international security, foreign policy, business interest groups, economic elites, petro-states, oil dependence Media Contact
Robin Kirk Duke PhD United States, Peru, Colombia, Chile, human rights, human rights education, refugees Media Contact
Krystin Krause Emory & Henry College PhD Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras crime, public security, police reform, political violence, rule of law, corruption, Latin America, organized crime Media Contact
Roxanne Krystalli The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy PhD Candidate Colombia, Greece Gender-based violence in war, transitions from conflict to peace, transitional justice, gender and politics, Colombia, victims, reparations, enforced disappearance, sexual violence Media Contact
Abby Lindsay American University PhD Candidate Peru Global environmental politics, water governance, multi-stakeholder negotiations, socio-ecological systems, social learning, science and technology studies, Peruvian environmental policy, and environment and trade. No Media Contact
Mary Fran Malone University of New Hampshire PhD Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile Latin America, comparative politics, crime, fear of crime, political behavior, public opinion, democracy, police, rule of law No Media Contact
Kristina Mani Oberlin College PhD Argentina, Chile. armed forces, Latin America, civil-military relations, defense, military entrepreneurship Media Contact
Shannan Mattiace Allegheny College PhD Mexico Mexican social movements; Latin American immigration to US; Race and ethnicity in Mexico and Latin America; Media Contact
Verónica Michel John Jay College-CUNY PhD Chile, Guatemala, and Mexico. human rights, victims' rights, private prosecution, legal mobilization, cause lawyering, criminal justice reform, norm diffusion, transitional justice, prosecutorial accountability, Guatemala, Mexico, Chile, Latin America. Media Contact
Erika Moreno Creighton University PhD Media Contact
Jana Morgan University of Tennessee PhD Latin America, Venezuela political parties, political behavior, public opinion, income inequality, representation, social exclusion, women's representation, race and ethnicity in Latin America Media Contact
Sara Niedzwiecki University of New Mexico PhD Argentina ; Brazil social policy ; multilevel governance No Media Contact
KIMBERLY NOLAN GARCIA Centro de Investigación y Docencia Economicas (CIDE), Mexico City PhD MEXICO NAFTA, north american integration,International Labor rights protection,US trade policy, transational politics Media Contact
Nagels Nora UQAM PhD Peru, Bolivia Gender, Social Policies, Conditional Cash Transfers, Development, Latin America, Feminism Media Contact
Susan Norman Hobart and William Smith Colleges PhD Colombia, Bolivia, Conflict, Drugs, Development Media Contact
Virginia Oliveros Tulane University PhD Latin America, Argentina Clientelism, Patronage, Corruption, Elections Media Contact
Tricia Olsen University of Denver PhD Brazil, Mexico Political Economy, Business Ethics, Comparative Politics, Human Rights, Latin America, Transitional Justice, Global Governance, Non-State Actors, Corporate Social Responsibility, Self-Regulation, Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives, Mining, Extractive, UNGPs, UN Global Compact, Microfinance, Collective Action, Protest, State and Society, Corporate Community Relations, Multinational Corporations (MNCs) Media Contact
Candice Ortbals Pepperdine University PhD Spain Terrorism, violent conflict, prostitution, comparative methods, social movements, local politics, democratization, Spanish Politics, Latin American Politics, revolution, protest No Media Contact
Indira Palacios-Valladares Missouri State University PhD Latin America, Southern Cone, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, social movements, student movements, labor politics, women's political participation Media Contact
Jennifer Peirce John Jay College of Criminal Justice PhD Candidate Canada, Belize, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua Corrections, prison reform, Latin America, Caribbean, criminal justice, crime prevention, public policy, violence, citizen security Media Contact
Jennifer Piscopo Occidental College PhD Mexico gender, women, elections, parity, gender quotas, democracy, democratization, Latin America, equality Media Contact
Alison Post University of California, Berkeley PhD Argentina urban politics, infrastructure, water and sanitation, mass transit, electricity, Latin America No Media Contact
Leesa Rasp University of Missouri - St. Louis PhD Candidate Chile Chile, U.S. presidents, presidency, social mobilization, student movement, student protests, political institutions, comparative politics, the Chilean Winter, Chile 2012 protests, Chilean Penguin Revolution Media Contact
Jessica Rich Marquette University PhD Brazil NGOs, AIDS policy, civil society, social movements, participatory democracy Media Contact
Marieke Riethof University of Liverpool PhD Brazil Latin America, Brazil, Chile, foreign policy, international relations, environmental policy, human rights, democracy, solidarity campaigns. Media Contact
Melissa Rogers Claremont Graduate University PhD Argentina Political Economy, Redistribution, Regional Inequality, Inequality, Spatial Inequality, Taxation, Government Spending, Research Design, Federalism, Public Choice, Political Institutions, Representation and Electoral Systems Media Contact
Sarah Romano University of Northern Colorado PhD Nicaragua Water governance, community-based resource management, social movements, collective action, Central America, Nicaragua. No Media Contact
Saskia P. Ruth University of Zurich PhD Clientelism, populism, representation, democratization, participation, direct democracy, Latin American politics Media Contact
Livia Schubiger London School of Economics and Political Science PhD State Violence, Organized Crime, Wartime Collective Action, Civilian Mobilization, Armed Groups No Media Contact
Leslie Schwindt-Bayer Rice University PhD Latin America Media Contact
Sarah Shair-Rosenfield Arizona State University PhD No Media Contact
Kathryn Sikkink Harvard PhD Argentina, Uruguay, International Relations, Human Rights, International Organizations and Law, Transitional Justice, International Norms, Transnational Issue Networks, Transnational Social Movements, Women's Rights Media Contact
Gisela Sin University of Illinois PhD USA, Latin America Media Contact
Christine Sixta Rinehart University of South Carolina PhD Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Iran, Columbia, Mexico International Terrorism Counterterrorism and Security Female Terrorism United States' Foreign Policy Media Contact
Amy Erica Smith Iowa State University PhD Brazil Latin American politics, religion and politics, evangelicals in Brazil, social networks, voters and elections Media Contact
Heidi Jane Smith Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) PhD Mexico, Argentina, United States Latin America, administrative structures, municipal debt, fiscal policy, public finances, local economic development Media Contact
Abbey Steele University of Amsterdam PhD Colombia civil war, refugees, state-building, counter-insurgency, research design Media Contact
Alissandra Stoyan Kansas State University PhD Latin America Democracy, Executive-Legislative Relations, Constitutional Reform, Presidents, Latin America, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela Media Contact
Carla Suarez Dalhousie University PhD Candidate Democratic Republic of the COngo Political Violence, Non-State Governance, Rebel Groups, State-Civil-Rebel Relations, Civilian Agency, African Politics, Transitional Justice, Contentious Politics, Human Rights, Qualitative Methods, Latin America Politics Media Contact
Natasha Borges Sugiyama University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee PhD Brazil Media Contact
Nanette Archer Svenson Tulane University PhD Panama, Latin American region Development, Foreign Aid, Latin American and Caribbean Politics, NGOs, Nonprofits, Political Economy, Public Policy, Research Methods/Research Design, Comparative International Education, Higher Education, United Nations, Capacity Development, Education Policy Media Contact
Mariela Szwarcberg Reed College PhD Argentina clientelism, Peronism, Latin America, distributive politics, poverty, gender, inequality Media Contact, No Media Contact
Gabriela Tarouco Universidade Federal de Pernambuco PhD Latin America electoral governance, political parties, party systems, party regulation, electoral competition, elections No Media Contact
Julie VanDusky-Allen Boise State University PhD No Media Contact
Mayra Velez-Serrano University of Puerto Rico- Río Piedras PhD Latin America, Puerto Rico, China's Foreign Policy Comparative Institutions, International Institutions, Regionalization and Regional Integration, Latin America Politics, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rican politics and economics International Political Economy, Media Contact
Sofia Vera Rojas University of Pittsburgh PhD Candidate Media Contact
Christine Wade Washington College PhD El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica Central America, peace building, peace processes, revolutions, democratization, human rights Media Contact
Sonja Wolf CIDE PhD El Salvador crime, violence, street gangs, migration, forced displacement, security policy, drug policy, El Salvador, Central America Media Contact
Elizabeth Zechmeister Vanderbilt University PhD Public opinion under crisis, threat, and disaster, democratic values, voting behavior, Latin America Media Contact