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First NameLast NameUniversityPhDCountry FocusKeywordsAvailability
Andrea Aldrich Texas A&M University PhD European Union, Croatia, Southeastern Europe Legislative behavior, political parties, party organization, electoral politics, parliamentary democracies, representation, European Union, European Parliament, Balkans Media Contact
Sarah Anderson University of California Santa Barbara PhD US environmental politics, wildfire, political parties, Congress, public participation Media Contact
Margaret Ariotti Pennsylvania State University PhD Candidate Burkina Faso, Senegal Government composition, government formation, executive-legislative relations, political parties, bureaucracy, public goods provision, Burkina Faso, Senegal Media Contact
Tiffany Barnes University of Kentucky PhD Argentina and Chile Women in Politics, Gender and Politics, Women's Representation, Women's Rights, Gender Quotas, Latin America, Gender Gap in Public Opinion, Gender Gap in Political Participation, Gender Equality Policies, Gender Egalitarian Attitudes, Election Law Reform, Electoral Systems, Legislative Behavior Media Contact
Marija Bekafigo University of Southern Mississippi PhD
Lauren Bell Randolph-Macon College PhD United States American government, U.S. Senate, filibuster, U.S. Supreme Court, judicial nominations, presidential appointments Media Contact
Lindsay Benstead Portland State University PhD Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan Middle East and North Africa, Identity politics (religion, tribe, gender), women and politics, legislatures, public opinion, authoritarian regimes, democratization, clientelism, service provision, local governance. Media Contact
Bethany Blackstone University of North Texas PhD United States law, courts, Congress, the Supreme Court, separation of powers, judicial behavior, judicial policymaking No Media Contact
Janet Box-Steffensmeier Ohio State University PhD United States American Politics, legislatures, interest groups, campaigns, elections, Political Methodology, time series, event history, network analysis No Media Contact
Nadia Brown Purdue University PhD USA Black women, racial politics, gender politics, youth vote Media Contact
Patrícia Calca Technical University of Kaiserslautern (Germany) PhD Portugal, European Union Legislative behaviour, executives, rational-choice, comparative politics, public policy, political accountability, corruption and political communication Media Contact
Suzanne Chod North Central College PhD United States 2016 congressional and presidential elections, civic engagement of Millennials, party polarization in the United States, congressional behavior, women in American politics Media Contact
Alexandra Cirone London School of Economics, Columbia University PhD Candidate Western Europe, EU European politics, political economy, legislatures, parties, historical political economy, EU, comparative politics, quantitative methods Media Contact
Diana Dwyre California State University, Chico PhD Media Contact
Bonnie Field Bentley University PhD Spain democracy, parliamentary government, political parties, territorial politics, democratization, Spain Media Contact
Tammy Frisby Stanford University PhD 2016 election, Congress, public opinion, Republican Party, public policy, presidency Media Contact
Jennifer Garcia Oberlin College PhD U.S. Congress; Legislative Politics; American Presidency; Racial Politics; Race and Representation Media Contact
Malu Gatto University of Zürich PhD Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica Gender and Politics, Gender Quotas, Women's Political Representation, Brazil, Latin America, Legislatures Media Contact
Larissa Gomes Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brasil PhD Candidate Brazil Gender, Legislative, New Institutionalism No Media Contact
Patricia Gouzien University of Missouri-St. Louis PhD Candidate United States No Media Contact
Laurel Harbridge Northwestern University PhD Congress, Parties, Polarization, Bipartisanship, Compromise, Representation, Governing, Elections Media Contact
Andrea Hatcher Sewanee: The University of the South PhD American congressional leadership, constitutional law, Evangelical politics, British Evangelicals Media Contact
Julia Hellwege University of South Dakota PhD U.S, U.S. states Representation, Gender & Politics, Race/Ethnic Politics, Legislative Politics, U.S. State Politics Media Contact
Melanie Hughes University of Pittsburgh PhD women, gender, minority women, Muslim women, indigenous women, minority men, ethnic minority, quotas Media Contact
Heather Hughson McGill University PhD Candidate Canada, UK, USA Senate, House of Lords Media Contact
Alana Jeydel American River College PhD US Politics Women's rights, women legislators, the women's movement, women's suffrage, 2016 election Media Contact
Sophia Jordán Wallace Rutgers University, New Brunswick PhD Latino Politics, Immigrant Rights Movement, Representation, Racial and ethnic politics Media Contact
Kristin Kanthak University of Pittsburgh PhD USA gender, representation, U.S. Congress, elections, parties, campaign finance Media Contact
Karen Kedrowski Winthrop Univeresity PhD USA US Politics and government, women and politics, health policy, breastfeeding, breast cancer. Media Contact
Katherine Kidder Kansas State University PhD Candidate South Asia congressional-executive relations, presidential politics, defense, military, national security policy, foreign assistance policy Media Contact
Amie Kreppel University of Florida PhD European Union, Italy European Union, European Parliament, European political institutions, Legislatures, Italian Politics Media Contact
Chera LaForge Indiana University East PhD United States Legislative Politics, Political Ambition, Congress, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Online Education Media Contact
Erinn Lauterbach University of California, Riverside PhD Candidate United States Congress, Legislative Studies, Elite Behavior, Gender Politics No Media Contact
Sarah Lieberman canterbury christ church university PhD UK, USA, France Europe, decision making, international political economy, science and society, space, policy, policy making, genetic modification, technology, international relations of space, Media Contact
Cherie Maestas University of North Carolina at Charlotte PhD emotion and public opinion, disaster politics, political ambition, legislative elections, public policy opinions Media Contact
Nancy Martorano Miller University of Dayton PhD State Legislatures, Ohio Politics, State Constitutions Media Contact
Clare McGovern Quest University PhD UK, Canada UK, Canada, separatist parties, Scottish National Party, Bloc Quebecois, Irish Nationalists, Parliament, political parties, law and politics No Media Contact
Carol Mershon University of Virginia PhD No Media Contact
Cassandra Moseley University of Oregon PhD Natural resource policy, forest policy, wildfire, federal land management, governance, collaboration, resilience, political institutions, bioenergy, U.S. West, rural development. Media Contact
Mary Nugent Rutgers University PhD Candidate United Kingdom, Europe, USA women in politics, gender quotas, legislative behaviour, parliaments, European Parliament, UK politics, Men and masculinities, race and gender, gender equality, Media Contact
Diana O'Brien Indiana University PhD Established democracies; Western Europe women and politics; gender and politics; political parties; party leadership; cabinets; executive branch; policy representation; party manifestos; gender quotas Media Contact
Elizabeth Oldmixon University of North Texas PhD Unites States, Ireland, Israel Media Contact
Kathryn Pearson University of Minnesota PhD U.S. Congress, congressional elections, women in politics, 2016 Election, Minnesota politics, political parties Media Contact
Brittany Perry Texas A&M University PhD Media Contact
Amanda Pinkston Harvard University PhD Candidate Benin, Ghana, Togo Media Contact
Jennifer Piscopo Occidental College PhD Mexico gender, women, elections, parity, gender quotas, democracy, democratization, Latin America, equality Media Contact
Eleanor Powell University of Wisconsin-Madison PhD United States Legislative Politics, Campaign Finance, Class Inequality and Labor Politics, Political Parties and Interest Groups, Research Methods/Research Design Media Contact
Kira Pronin University of Pittsburgh PhD Candidate Sweden, Norway, Finland Scandinavian politics, policy making, legislative politics, interest groups, legislative deliberation Media Contact
Stella Rouse University of Maryland PhD U.S. Latino Politics, minority Politics, institutions, immigration, public opinion, Millennials Media Contact
Annelise Russell University of Texas PhD Candidate USA, Denmark Congress, Twitter, Policy, Media, Agenda Setting, Legislative Studies Media Contact
Lauren Santoro West Virginia University PhD American politics, gender and politics, public policy Media Contact
Emily Schilling University of Tennessee, Knoxville PhD Media Contact, No Media Contact
Leslie Schwindt-Bayer Rice University PhD Latin America Media Contact
Amy Semet Princeton University PhD American Politics, Public Law, Quantitative Methods, American Institutions Media Contact
Gisela Sin University of Illinois PhD USA, Latin America Media Contact
Michele Swers Georgetown University PhD Congress, elections, women and politics, gender gap, women in Congress, women voters, parties in Congress, Congressional leadership, Congressional policy making, judicial nominations, campaign finance. Media Contact
Geneviève Tellier University of Ottawa PhD Canada Budgeting, public finances, fiscal policy, parliamentarism, elections, opinion polls, canadian politics Media Contact
Danielle Thomsen Syracuse University PhD United States U.S. Congress, Partisan Polarization, Gender and Politics Media Contact
Vanessa Tyson Scripps College PhD USA 2016 Election, Legislative Politics, Race, Ethnicity and Politics, Gender and Politics, Public Policy, Environmental Justice Media Contact
Mona Vakilifathi New York University PhD United States U.S. state politics, bureaucratic politics, lawmaking, legislation, legal text analysis, education governance, charter schools Media Contact
Sofia Vera Rojas University of Pittsburgh PhD Candidate Media Contact
Jennifer Victor George Mason University PhD 2016 Election, congressional politics, political parties, campaign finance, political networks, lobbying, Congress Media Contact
Regina Wagner University of Wisconsin-Madison PhD Candidate United States Women and politics, political representation Media Contact