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First NameLast NameUniversityPhDCountry FocusKeywordsAvailability
Sara Angevine Whittier College PhD Women and Politics, Congress, Women's Rights, Women's Foreign Policy, Identity Politics, LGBT politics, Gender politics, Representation, Global Women's Rights, US Foreign Policy, US Immigration Policy Media Contact
Mahdis Azarmandi University of Otago PhD Candidate Spain; New Zealand; Germany coloniality/ decoloniality; commemoration; anti-racism, Media Contact
Amy Becker Loyola University Maryland PhD USA Political comedy, public opinion, LGBT, elections, engagement, participation, media effects, social media, new media, popular culture, entertainment, political tolerance, networks, big data Media Contact
Brandi Blessett Rutgers University-Camden PhD Cultural competence, Social equity, Disenfranchisement, Reentry, Administrative responsibility Media Contact
Francine D'Amico Syracuse University PhD Latin America/Caribbean, especially Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua International Relations, Feminist Theory, Gender Analysis in International Relations, International Law and Organizations, United Nations and LGBTIQ Rights, Women/Gender & the US Military, Latin America/Caribbean Politics Media Contact
Kim Yi Dionne Smith College PhD Malawi, Ghana, Tanzania HIV/AIDS, Ebola, LGTBQIA, Experiments, Health Policy, African Politics, Comparative Politics, Malawi, Ghana, Tanzania Media Contact
Amy Fried University of Maine PhD United States 2016 election, history of public opinion, polling, women and politics, political participation, gay and lesbian politics, race and politics, gender equity in the academy Media Contact
Tia Sheree Gaynor Marist College PhD United States LGBTQ, social policy, social equity, marginalization, people of color, social justice, political engagement, law enforcement, citizen participation, intersectionality, gender identity, sexual identity Media Contact
Katie Glanz Johns Hopkins University PhD Candidate psychoanalysis, feminism, political theory, queer theory, feminist theory Media Contact
Patricia Gouzien University of Missouri-St. Louis PhD Candidate United States No Media Contact
Jessica Gracey Northwest Missouri State University PhD elections, political behavior, voting behavior, LGBTQ, sexuality, direct democracy, ballot initiatives, ballot measures, priming Media Contact
Alex Hanna University of Wisconsin-Madison PhD Candidate Egypt social movements, social media, political event data, computational social science, text analysis, transgender politics Media Contact
Nancy Hirschmann The University of Pennsylvania PhD Women's rights, disability rights, gender in the 2016 election, race in the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Media Contact
Jyl Josephson Rutgers University-Newark PhD United States, Iceland social policy, gender and public policy, sexuality and public policy, welfare policy, feminist queer and trans activism in Iceland Media Contact
Rebecca Kreitzer University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill PhD U.S. (and in particular, the 50 states) gender, reproductive rights, abortion, sexuality, same-sex marriage, LGBT, representation, policy diffusion No Media Contact
Sarah Leventer Boston University PhD Candidate Media Contact
Kimberley Manning Concordia University PhD Chinese politics, women's activism, gender politics, transgender issues Media Contact
Melissa Michelson Menlo College PhD United States Elections, Race, Ethnicity, Latinos, Immigration, LGBT Rights, Gay Rights, Transgender Rights, California Politics Media Contact
Malori Musselman University of Oregon PhD Candidate USA religion and politics, environmental politics and religion, political theory, interpretive methods No Media Contact
Claire Rasmussen University of Delaware PhD United States reproductive rights, women's rights, gender and sexuality, LGBTQ politics, marriage equality, animal rights Media Contact
Laurie Rhodebeck University of Louisville PhD U.S. equal rights, religious liberty, moral tolerance, gay rights policy, value framing, experimental designs Media Contact
Melanie Richter-Montpetit University of Sheffield (UK) PhD USA International Relations; War and Security Studies; Feminist, Queer and Decolonial theory and politics. Media Contact
Shauna Shames Rutgers-Camden PhD women, gender, race, ethnicity, immigration, identity, feminism, abortion, reproductive rights, reproductive justice, American politics, presidential power, dystopian government, public opinion Media Contact
Laura Sjoberg University of Florida PhD feminist theory, gender studies, international security No Media Contact
Jami Taylor University of Toledo PhD USA LGBT politics, transgender politics and policy. No Media Contact
Cai Wilkinson Deakin University PhD Kyrgyzstan, Russia Russia, Kyrgyzstan, LGBTQI, LGBT rights, human rights, queer, security, societal security, traditional values, identity. Media Contact