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First NameLast NameUniversityPhDCountry FocusKeywordsAvailability
Carla Abdo University of Maryland PhD Candidate Media Contact
Aisha Ahmad University of Toronto PhD Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan Terrorism, Political Islam, Civil Wars, Transnational Crime, Informal Economies Media Contact
Laura Bell West Texas A&M University PhD Lebanon assassination, terrorism, political violence, the Middle East and North Africa, repression Media Contact
Ruth Ben-Artzi Providence College PhD Global, Israel international political economy, international organizations, aid, development, OECD, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Media Contact
Alise Coen University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan PhD U.S.-Middle East Refugees; Responsibility to Protect (R2P); Middle East; U.S. Foreign Policy; Global Governance; Human Rights; Migration and Identity Media Contact
Samantha Cooke University of Surrey PhD Egypt, Iran Egypt, Iran, gender equality, family law, comparative politics, orientalism, resistance, secularism Media Contact
Donna Divine Smith College PhD Israel and Palestine terrorism, boycott, divestment, sanctions, Media Contact
Oya Dursun-Ozkanca Elizabethtown College PhD Turkey, Kosovo, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro Transatlantic security, security sector reform, NATO, EU Foreign Policy, Turkish foreign policy No Media Contact
Jennifer Philippa Eggert University of Warwick PhD Candidate Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Israel, Germany, UK, France Terrorism, extremism, political violence, war, civil war, conflict, migration, integration, diversity, women, gender, culture, Islam, intercultural relations, interfaith dialogue, Islam in Europe, Islam in the West, ISIS, IS, Islamic State, Daesh, foreign fighters, terrorist organisations, militias, Lebanese Civil War, Islamism Media Contact
Dana El Kurd University of Texas, Austin PhD Candidate Palestine, Arab world repression, effect of international involvement on domestic politics, state-society relations, democratization, authoritarianism, political mobilization, civil-military relations, Arab world politics, experimental methods No Media Contact
Barbara Elias Bowdoin College PhD Afghanistan, Iraq Counterinsurgency, Intervention, Local Allies and Major Powers, U.S. Foreign Policy Media Contact
Anna Getmansky University of Essex PhD Israel international relations, intrastate conflict, terrorism, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Syrian refugees in Turkey Media Contact
Loubna H. Skalli University of California Washington Center PhD Gender, Youth, Empowerment, Media, Middle East and North Africa Media Contact
Alex Hanna University of Wisconsin-Madison PhD Candidate Egypt social movements, social media, political event data, computational social science, text analysis, transgender politics Media Contact
Jo-Anne Hart Lesley University (Cambridge, MA); Brown University (Providence, RI) PhD Iran US-Iran, US-Iran politics, Iranian security politics, nuclear agreement, conflict resolution Iran, 2016 election, 2016 election learning activities, 2016 election youth engagement, 2016 election media literacy, youth vote, common ground, peacemaking, military conflict Media Contact
Lisel Hintz Johns Hopkins University - SAIS PhD Turkey, Turkey-Syria-ISIS, Turkey-EU, Kurdish region, refugee crisis, Middle East Turkey, identity politics, foreign policy, Kurdish politics, Syria, authoritarianism, protest dynamics, social movements, refugee crisis, Media Contact
Jennifer Hunt University of Sydney PhD Oman, Saudi Arabia International Security, Energy Security, US National Security, US Foreign Policy in the Gulf, Gulf Cooperation Council, Saudi Arabia, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Oman Media Contact
Manal Jamal James Madison University PhD Palestinian territories; United Arab Emirates; MENA comparative democratization, civil society, social movements, conflict to peace and the political economy of transitions, Middle East politics, the Arab-Israeli conflict Media Contact
Rana B. Khoury Northwestern University PhD Candidate Syria civil war, refugees, contentious politics, humanitarianism, Syrian politics, Arab politics, income inequality Media Contact
Esen Kirdis Rhodes College PhD Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, democratization, Islamic movements, Islamic parties, judicial politics No Media Contact
Shanna Kirschner Allegheny College PhD Civil wars, ethnic politics, political violence, Middle Eastern politics, conflict Media Contact
Autoosa Kojoori University of Nevada Las Vegas PhD Iran MENA MENA, Political Instability, Political Conflict, Terrorism, Inequality, Development, Social media and mobilization, Revolutions, Human Rights, Islam, Religion, factionalism Media Contact
Eva-Maria Maggi University of Arizona PhD Western Europe, MENA, U.S. European Union, transatlantic relations, democracy promotion, cyber security Media Contact
Ioana Emy Matesan Wesleyan University PhD Egypt, Indonesia Political violence, terrorism, deradicalization, comparative democratization, political Islam, Middle East politics Media Contact
Jocelyn Sage Mitchell Northwestern University in Qatar PhD Qatar, Persian Gulf political economy, authoritarianism, state-society relations, nation-building, Qatar, Persian Gulf, rentierism Media Contact
Costanza Musu University of Ottawa PhD European Union, Canada, Israel European Union Foreign Policy, Middle East politics, Arab Israeli conflict, Western policy towards the Middle East, antiquities looting, terrorism financing Media Contact
Tova Norlen Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) PhD Media Contact
Kelsey Norman University of California, Irvine PhD Candidate Egypt, Morocco, Turkey refugees, global migration crisis, Middle East and North Africa, South-South migration Media Contact
Elizabeth Nugent Princeton University PhD Candidate Egypt, Tunisia Middle East Politics, Political Behavior, Political Psychology, Authoritarian Regimes, Political Islam, Religion and Politics, Repression Media Contact
Sibel Oktay University of Illinois at Springfield PhD Turkey Coalition politics, foreign policy, Turkey, Middle East, Europe, EU public opinion, leadership Media Contact
Sumita Pahwa Scripps College PhD Egypt, India Islamism, Social movements No Media Contact
Sarah Parkinson University of Minnesota PhD Media Contact
Layla Saleh Qatar University PhD Syria, US Syria, Arab Spring, US Foreign Policy Media Contact
Mariam Salehi University of Marburg PhD Candidate Tunisia Tunisia, Transitional Justice Media Contact
Ani Sarkissian Michigan State University PhD Turkey, Armenia religion and politics, Islam, authoritarianism, democratization, civil society No Media Contact
Jillian Schwedler Hunter College and the Graduate Center, CUNY PhD Jordan, Yemen Media Contact
Marwa Shalaby Rice University PhD Media Contact
Jacqueline Sievert Bowling Green State University PhD Middle East and North Africa Comparative Courts, Formal Theory, Authoritarian Institutions, Bargaining, Civil War, Judicial Politics, Repression Media Contact
Christine Sixta Rinehart University of South Carolina PhD Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Iran, Columbia, Mexico International Terrorism Counterterrorism and Security Female Terrorism United States' Foreign Policy Media Contact
Erin Snider Texas A&M University PhD Egypt Middle East, Egypt, Foreign Aid, Democracy Aid, Democratization, Political Economy of Development in the Middle East Media Contact
Ora Szekely Clark University PhD Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Jordan Non-state military actors, Middle East, civil war, political violence. Media Contact
Mona Tajali Agnes Scott College PhD Iran and Turkey Gender and Politics, Women's Political Participation and Representation in MENA region, Human Rights, Gender Quotas Media Contact, No Media Contact
Caitlin Talmadge The George Washington University PhD military operations and strategy, military effectiveness, civil-military relations, U.S. defense policy, Persian Gulf security, energy security, nuclear strategy, nuclear weapons, Iran, China, authoritarian politics, Middle East, defense, security, international security, national security Media Contact
Sarina Theys Newcastle University PhD Candidate Bhutan, Qatar International Relations, Foreign Policy, (Soft) Power, Strategic Narratives, Identity, Small States, Bhutan, Qatar, Gulf Arab States Media Contact
Aili Mari Tripp University of Wisconsin PhD women and politics, women's movements, global feminism, transnational feminism, African politics, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, East Africa, Liberia Media Contact
Marie van den Bosch Princeton University PhD Candidate Saudi Arabia, Libya, Persian Gulf countries, Belgium Rentier States, resource-curse, oil-rich countries, economic diversification policies, (formal and informal) power-sharing institutions, autocratic survival strategies Media Contact
Cheryl Van Den Handel Northeaatern State University PhD No Media Contact
Ellen Wald Jacksonville University PhD Saudi Arabia, Iran, United States Saudi Arabia, Iran, OPEC, Oil Prices, Oil Markets, Solar Power, Wind Power, Keystone XL Pipeline, Offshore Drilling, Middle East, Pipelines, Energy Policy Media Contact
Bozena Welborne Smith College PhD Media Contact
Anne Wolf University of Oxford PhD Candidate Tunisia, Morocco political Islam, terrorism, Ansar al-Sharia, Tunisia's Ennahda, Tunisia's Nidaa Tounes and secular party politics, elections, democratization, Moroccan foreign policy, Moroccan religious reforms, religious education in Morocco Media Contact
Yael Zeira University of Mississippi PhD Comparative politics, international relations, political conflict and violence, authoritarian regimes, Middle East politics, international public opinion No Media Contact
Corri Zoli Syracuse University PhD Quantitative Conflict, Laws of Armed Conflict, International Humanitarian Law, International Law, International Security, Security Studies, Terrorism, Islamic Studies, Mixed Methods, Qualitative Methods, U.S. Military and Defense Policy, U.S. Servicemembers and Veterans Media Contact
Sherifa Zuhur University of California, Berkeley PhD Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen Government/policy in Arab states U.S. Middle East foreign policy U.S. defense policy in the Middle East Counterterrorism in the Middle East Political development in the Middle East Media Contact