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First NameLast NameUniversityPhDCountry FocusKeywordsAvailability
Rebecca Abers University of Brasília PhD No Media Contact
Brooke Ackerly Vanderbilt University PhD Global, Bangladesh Bangladesh, climate change, climate justice, labor rights, garment workers, worker safety, worker rights Media Contact
Ellen Ahlness University of Washington PhD Candidate Norway, Sweden, Denmark Arctic security, Arctic environmentalism, Norms, Constructivism, Scandinavia, Indigenous Studies, Sami, transparency, compliance, human rights, welfare state, Arctic Council, regional governance Media Contact
Petra Ahrens University of Antwerp PhD Germany, European Union European Union, gender politics, intersectionality, women's movements, gender policy, comparative gender and politics, Germany, employment policies, social politics, civil society organisations Media Contact
Jen Iris Allan University of British Columbia PhD Global, Canada climate change, chemicals and wastes, forests, plastics, NGOs, environment, environmental treaties Media Contact
Birthe Anders Harvard University PhD Germany, USA, UK Private Security, Private Military, NGO Security, Civil-Military Relations, German Defence and Security Policy, Bundeswehr. Media Contact
Celeste Arrington George Washington University PhD Korea (North and South), Japan Media Contact
Severine Autesserre Barnard College, Columbia University PhD Democratic Republic of Congo War, peace, peacebuilding, peacekeeping, humanitarian aid Media Contact
Elizabeth Baldwin University of Arizona PhD Energy policy, environmental governance, public participation Media Contact
Carew Boulding University of Colorado, Boulder PhD Bolivia Voting and Protest, Poverty, Political Participation, Quality of Democracy, Political Attitudes, NGOs, Civil Society No Media Contact
Ana Bracic University of Oklahoma PhD human rights, discrimination, NGOs, Roma, field experiments Media Contact
Jennifer Brass Indiana University PhD Djibouti, Kenya NGOs, non-governmental organizations, international development, Africa, governance, service provision, pubic goods, renewable energy, distributed generation, solar, mini-grid, electricity, electrification policy, policy implementation Media Contact
Alison Brysk UCSB PhD Media Contact
Sarah Bush Temple University PhD international relations, democracy promotion, non-state actors in world politics, gender and human rights policy, Middle East politics Media Contact
Susanna Campbell Graduate Institute, Geneva/ American University PhD Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nepal, Sudan, South Sudan Peacebuilding, Peacekeeping, Development, Humanitarian Aid, International Organizations, International Non-Governmental Organizations, Foreign Aid Donors, United Nations Media Contact
Karisa Cloward Southern Methodist University PhD Kenya NGOs, norms, female genital mutilation (FGM), early marriage, local politics, international aid Media Contact
Justine Davis University of California, Berkeley PhD Candidate Côte d'Ivoire Conflict and Violence, Democratization, Political Culture, Political Participation, Social Movements, Voting Behavior, Youth Media Contact
Elizabeth De Santo Franklin & Marshall College PhD USA, Canada, UK, EU Marine Conservation; Marine Policy; Marine Protected Areas; Global Environmental Politics; Environmental Governance; Science/Policy Interface Media Contact
Nicole De Silva University of Oxford PhD international organizations, international courts, NGOs, human rights, international criminal justice, International Criminal Court Media Contact
Nandini Deo Lehigh University PhD India, Pakistan, Afghanistan Hindu nationalism, feminism, NGOs Media Contact
Suzanne Dovi University of Arizon PhD Representation of women and historically disadvantaged groups, ICC, democracy, American Political Thought, Media Contact
Akwugo Emejulu University of Edinburgh PhD Britain, France, United States Race, gender, intersectionality, activism, social movements, civil society organisations Media Contact
Julia Espinosa Complutense de Madrid PhD Spain Public policies Evaluation Gender equality International Cooperation for Development No Media Contact
Pamina Firchow George Mason University PhD Colombia, Uganda conflict, peace, peacebuilding, security, transitional justice, Africa, Latin America Media Contact
Diana Fu University of Toronto PhD China, civil society, labor politics, feminist movement, protest, contention, Media Contact
Marlies Glasius University of Amsterdam PhD Global Civil Society, Authoritarianism, International Criminal Justice, Human Security Media Contact
Shalini Gopalkrishnan University of Florida PhD Candidate Media Contact
Jessica Green New York University PhD US, global Media Contact
Allison Grossman University of California, Berkeley PhD Candidate Guinea statebuilding, development, democratic accountability, humanitarian aid, NGOs, Media Contact
Loubna H. Skalli University of California Washington Center PhD Gender, Youth, Empowerment, Media, Middle East and North Africa Media Contact
Jennifer Hadden University of Maryland PhD No Media Contact
Susan Harris Rimmer Griffith University PhD Australia, Timor Leste, Myanmar, Afghanistan Gender in transitions, women's rights under international law, post-conflict justice, forced migration, global governance, G20 Media Contact
Virginia Haufler University of Maryland College Park PhD global governance, international organization, non-state actors, transnational activism, anti-corporate campaigns, corporate social responsibility, socially responsible investment, environment, industry self-regulation, conflict minerals, natural resource governance, transparency, UN Global Compact, Business4Peace, Kimberley Process, Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, Dodd-Frank Section 1502 Media Contact
Megan Hershey Whitworth University PhD Kenya and Tanzania African politics, International Development, Participatory Development, NGOs, non-governmental organizations, HIV/AIDS, Youth politics, Civil Society, Religion and Development. Media Contact
Shareen Hertel University of Connecticut PhD Human rights, economic development, social movements Media Contact
Kathryn Hochstetler University of Waterloo PhD Brazil Energy and climate policy, Latin America, Brazil, Emerging powers, renewable energy Media Contact
Tana Johnson Duke University PhD United Nations, climate, energy, international organizations, trade, development, institutional design, bureaucracy, civil society, NGOs, public-private partnerships, foreign policy No Media Contact
Judith Kelley Duke University PhD International relations, international organizations, international politics, human rights, global performance indicators, global monitoring and assessments, ratings and rankings, international election observation, international law, human trafficking, NGOs Media Contact
Ashley E. Leinweber Missouri State University PhD Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) African Politics, Islam, non-state actors, weak states, international organizations, United Nations Media Contact
Mathilda Lindgren Uppsala University PhD Candidate conflict resolution, mediation, armed conflict, nonviolence, sexual violence No Media Contact
Cecelia Lynch University of California, Irvine PhD Media Contact
Maria Martin de Almagro University of Cambridge PhD African politics, Gender and Politics, Development, Burundi, Liberia, DRC, Women's movement, Foreign Policy, Peacekeeping, women's participation; Women, peace and Security; United Nations; ethics; public policy Media Contact
Peace Medie University of Oxford and University of Ghana PhD Liberia, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana Gender-Based Violence, Norm Implementation, Criminal Justice, Civilian Protection, African Politics Media Contact
Verónica Michel John Jay College-CUNY PhD Chile, Guatemala, and Mexico. human rights, victims' rights, private prosecution, legal mobilization, cause lawyering, criminal justice reform, norm diffusion, transitional justice, prosecutorial accountability, Guatemala, Mexico, Chile, Latin America. Media Contact
Cassandra Moseley University of Oregon PhD Natural resource policy, forest policy, wildfire, federal land management, governance, collaboration, resilience, political institutions, bioenergy, U.S. West, rural development. Media Contact
Sara Newland Villanova University PhD China, Taiwan China, Taiwan, ethnic politics, public service provision, local governance, civil society, authoritarianism, Media Contact
Geraldine O'Mahony Central Washington University PhD Liberia African Politics, Conflict Processes & War, Development, Human Rights, NGOs, Peacekeeping, Political Violence, Refugees, Religion & Politics Media Contact
Carah Ong Whaley University of Virgina PhD United States 2016 Election, nuclear weapons, non-governmental organizations, environmental politics Media Contact
Shannon Orr Bowling Green State University PhD climate change, national parks, Asian carp, stakeholders, NGOs Media Contact
Amy Patterson University of the South PhD Zambia, Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania African politics, HIV/AIDS, global health, health policy in Africa, Ebola, donors and health in Africa, Zambia, Ghana Media Contact
Rebecca Peters Maxwell School, Syracuse University, Department of Public Administration and International Affairs PhD Angola Africa, International Development, International NGOs, Angola Media Contact
Andrea Peto Central European University PhD Hungary, Eastern Europe, Central Europe gender, politics, illiberalism, gender studies, Hungary, cultural history, memory, cultural memory, memory politics, Holocaust, qualitative methods, sociali history, Central Europe, far right politics, political extremism, fascism, gender history, women's history, oral history, Media Contact
Carrie Reiling University of California, Irvine PhD Candidate Cote d'Ivoire, Guinea, Mali United Nations, Women Peace and Security, post-conflict Media Contact
Jeannine Relly The University of Arizona PhD Afghanistan, India, Iraq, Mexico, U.S. Freedom of Information, access to information, democratic transitions, conflict zones, press-state relations, public corruption, democratic institutions, freedom of expression. Media Contact
Jessica Rich Marquette University PhD Brazil NGOs, AIDS policy, civil society, social movements, participatory democracy Media Contact
Kirsten Roberts Lyer Central European University, Budapest PhD Ireland, Hungary, Europe Human Rights, Rule of Law, national human rights institutions, United Nations human rights mechanisms, Hungary, civil society, ombudsman, parliament oversight, domestic implementation Media Contact
Maria Rost Rublee Monash University PhD Japan, North Korea, Egypt, Libya, Iran, Brazil, Australia, United States, Mongolia, India nuclear weapons, nuclear proliferation, nuclear non-proliferation, nuclear disarmament, social psychology, norms, constructivism, maritime security Media Contact
Melissa Schnyder American Public University PhD Media Contact
Tanya Schwarz Hollins University PhD Transnational religion, faith-based organizations, peacebuilding and conflict, global governance, humanitarianism, human rights Media Contact
Elizabeth Searing University at Albany (SUNY) PhD Global comparative; USA nonprofit management, financial management, NGOs, social enterprise, applied ethics Media Contact
Helena Seibicke University of Oslo PhD Candidate No Media Contact
Kathryn Sikkink Harvard PhD Argentina, Uruguay, International Relations, Human Rights, International Organizations and Law, Transitional Justice, International Norms, Transnational Issue Networks, Transnational Social Movements, Women's Rights Media Contact
Sarah Stroup Middlebury College PhD United States, Britain, France non-governmental organizations (NGOs), philanthropy, humanitarian assistance, emergency relief, human rights, global development, foreign aid Media Contact
Celina Su City University of New York PhD United States, Thailand, Burma/ Myanmar voting, political participation, community organizing, youth empowerment, education policy, health, community development, cities, participatory budgeting, participatory democracy, civil society, social movements, nonprofits, NGOs Media Contact
Nanette Archer Svenson Tulane University PhD Panama, Latin American region Development, Foreign Aid, Latin American and Caribbean Politics, NGOs, Nonprofits, Political Economy, Public Policy, Research Methods/Research Design, Comparative International Education, Higher Education, United Nations, Capacity Development, Education Policy Media Contact
Jessica Teets Middlebury College PhD China Civil Society, NGOs, Chinese Politics Media Contact
Joannie Tremblay-Boire Georgia State University PhD Grantmaking foundations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), nonprofi ts, international political economy, international relations, voluntary self-regulation, transparency, accountability Media Contact
Ethel Tungohan York University PhD Canada, United States, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore immigration policy, migrant activism, social movements, Canadian politics, Comparative Politics (East Asia and North America), transnational feminism, qualitative research methods, interpretive methods, socially engaged research, gender & politics, race, intersectionality Media Contact
Felicity Vabulas University of Chicago PhD International Relations, International Organizations, Institutional Design, International Political Economy, International Law, US Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, Lobbying, Democratization, Global Governance, NGOs, Research Design Media Contact
Ariadne Vromen University of Sydney PhD Australia Political participation, digital movements, social media, young people, Media Contact
Denise Walsh University of Virginia PhD South Africa, Chile, Poland, Canada, France Women's rights in the global South, democratization, identity politics, quotas, feminism and feminist theory, multiculturalism, customary law, polygamy, South African politics, women's movements and non-governmental organizations, indigenous politics in Canada, Muslim women in Europe, the European Court of Human Rights, diversity and discrimination in political science and the academy, gender-based violence Media Contact
Carla Winston University of Victoria PhD IR Theory, Norms, Non-State Actors, NGOs, Transitional Justice, Human Rights, Politics and Pop Culture Media Contact
Sonja Wolf CIDE PhD El Salvador crime, violence, street gangs, migration, forced displacement, security policy, drug policy, El Salvador, Central America Media Contact
Helen Yanacopulos The Open University PhD transnational NGOs, Social Movements, Transnational Advocacy Networks, Protest, Civil Society, International Development, Activism Media Contact
Gina Yannitell Reinhardt University of Essex PhD Emergency Management, Development Assistance, Elections, Natural Disasters, Foreign Aid, Discrimination, NGOs, Political Economy, Decision-making Under Uncertainty, Humanitarian Assistance, International Development Media Contact
Anaid Yerena University of Washington Tacoma PhD United States, Mexico affordable housing, resident participation, civic engagement, e-governance, social media, housing search, advocacy organizations, homelessness, housing policies Media Contact
Veronica Zebadua Yanez New School for Social Research PhD Candidate feminist theory, political theory, gender violence, gender justice, women's rights, human rights, gender policy. No Media Contact
Kelebogile Zvobgo University of Southern California PhD Candidate Human rights Transitional justice Development Quasi-judicial bodies International courts No Media Contact