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First NameLast NameUniversityPhDCountry FocusKeywordsAvailability
Naoko Aoki University of Maryland PhD Candidate North Korea, China, Japan international security, foreign policy decision making, nuclear nonproliferation, North Korea, Northeast Asia, domestic politics and international security cooperation Media Contact
Francine D'Amico Syracuse University PhD Latin America/Caribbean, especially Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua International Relations, Feminist Theory, Gender Analysis in International Relations, International Law and Organizations, United Nations and LGBTIQ Rights, Women/Gender & the US Military, Latin America/Caribbean Politics Media Contact
Anne Harrington Cardiff University PhD
Lisa Koch Arizona State University PhD Nuclear weapons, nuclear proliferation, foreign policy Media Contact
Sarah Kreps Cornell University PhD US Media Contact
Julia Macdonald George Washington University PhD Candidate IR Theory, Nuclear Politics, U.S. National Security Policy, Military Effectiveness Media Contact
Aditi Malhotra University of Muenster, Germany PhD Candidate India, Pakistan India's Foreign and Security Policy (in South Asia and Asia-Pacific), Nuclear Dynamics in South Asia Media Contact
Jennifer Mathers Aberystwyth University PhD Russia Russian politics, Russian foreign and defence policy, women and war Media Contact
Eleonora Mattiacci Amherst College PhD nuclear reversal, nuclear disarmament, 2011 Libyan civil war Media Contact
Roseanne McManus Baruch College, City University of New Yrok PhD international security, national security, US foreign policy, resolve, signaling Media Contact
Rupal Mehta University of Nebraska-Lincoln PhD International security, nuclear weapons, deterrence, US foreign policy, research design, formal theory, quantitative methods Media Contact
Elizabeth Mendenhall Johns Hopkins University PhD Candidate global commons, ocean, climate change, geopolitics, Earth systems science, nuclear weapons Media Contact
Pupak Mohebali University of York PhD Candidate Iran, U.S. International relations, security studies, nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation, Foreign Policy Analysis, Middle East studies Media Contact
Amy Nelson Council on Foreign Relations PhD foreign policy, nuclear weapons, political psychology, export controls, defense trade, conventional weapons, arms control negotiations, disarmament and non-proliferation, decision-making Media Contact
Carah Ong Whaley University of Virgina PhD United States 2016 Election, nuclear weapons, non-governmental organizations, environmental politics Media Contact
Kanica Rakhra Jawaharlal Nehru University PhD Candidate India, Iran, South Asia, Middle East Emotions, Prestige, Norms, Political Psychology, Social Identity, Nuclear Politics, Nuclear Disarmament, South Asia, Middle East Media Contact
Jacqueline Reich Chestnut Hill College PhD arms control, nuclear nonproliferation, science and international public policy, government legitimacy in China, climate change debate, global education, democratization, U.S. foreign policy, realism, balance of power, international organizations, terrorism, international relations theory, U.S. primacy Media Contact
Maria Rost Rublee Monash University PhD Japan, North Korea, Egypt, Libya, Iran, Brazil, Australia, United States, Mongolia, India nuclear weapons, nuclear proliferation, nuclear non-proliferation, nuclear disarmament, social psychology, norms, constructivism, maritime security Media Contact
Jayita Sarkar Boston University PhD India, Pakistan, United States, France U.S. foreign policy, nuclear proliferation, export controls, the global Cold War, South Asia and Western Europe. Media Contact
Elizabeth Saunders George Washington University; Council on Foreign Relations PhD US Foreign policy and elections, presidents, presidential advisers, military intervention, foreign policy decision-making, international security, war Media Contact
Caitlin Talmadge The George Washington University PhD military operations and strategy, military effectiveness, civil-military relations, U.S. defense policy, Persian Gulf security, energy security, nuclear strategy, nuclear weapons, Iran, China, authoritarian politics, Middle East, defense, security, international security, national security Media Contact
Jane Vaynman George Washington University PhD Russia arms control, security institutions, nuclear weapons Media Contact
Rachel Elizabeth Whitlark Harvard University, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs PhD Nuclear proliferation, preventive war, leaders, beliefs, military intervention No Media Contact