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First NameLast NameUniversityPhDCountry FocusKeywordsAvailability
Andrea Aldrich Texas A&M University PhD European Union, Croatia, Southeastern Europe Legislative behavior, political parties, party organization, electoral politics, parliamentary democracies, representation, European Union, European Parliament, Balkans Media Contact
Maria Antónia Almeida University Institute of Lisbon PhD Portugal mayors, local government, history, politics, gender, agrarian reform, memories, rural sociology Media Contact
Sarah Anderson University of California Santa Barbara PhD US environmental politics, wildfire, political parties, Congress, public participation Media Contact
Julia Azari Marquette University PhD United States presidency, political parties, American political development/history, rhetoric and communication, elections Media Contact
Berta Barbet University of Barcelona PhD Spain, United Kingdom Elections, Political Parties, Public Opinion Media Contact
Rachel Beatty Riedl Northwestern University PhD Senegal, Ghana, Benin, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Burkina Faso Political Parties, Democratization, Authoritarianism, Historical Institutionalism, Religion and Politics, Regime Transition, Term Limits, Decentralization, Local Governance, Representation, Identity Politics Media Contact
Karen Beckwith Case Western Reserve University PhD United States, United Kingdom, Scotland, West Europe women as cabinet members, women and party leadership, women, gender, and the 2016 presidential election, Ohio and the 2016 presidential election, women's movements, feminism, social movements and protest, US political parties and elections Media Contact
Eloïse Bertrand University of Warwick PhD Candidate Burkina Faso, Uganda African politics, political parties, opposition parties, hybrid regimes, democratisation, Uganda, Burkina Faso Media Contact
Robin Best Binghamton University (SUNY) PhD Political Parties, Elections, European Politics, Electoral Systems, Representation, Comparative Politics, Gerrymandering Media Contact
Heike Boehler Technische Universität Darmstadt PhD Candidate Germany climate policy, energy policy, renewable energy, interest groups, housing policy, comparative politics, public policy, multilevel governance, research methods, European Union, Germany, local climate policy, national climate policy, international climate policy Media Contact
Janet Box-Steffensmeier Ohio State University PhD United States American Politics, legislatures, interest groups, campaigns, elections, Political Methodology, time series, event history, network analysis No Media Contact
Lenka Bustikova Arizona State University PhD Czech Republic radical right parties No Media Contact
Alana Cattapan Dalhousie University PhD Canada reproductive politics, health policy, Canadian politics, interest groups, public policy, assisted reproductive technologies, embryo research, biotechnology, Media Contact
Julie Chernov Hwang Goucher College PhD Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey Terrorism, disengagement, political violence, Islamist parties, political Islam, Indonesia, Malaysia Media Contact
Alexandra Cirone London School of Economics, Columbia University PhD Candidate Western Europe, EU European politics, political economy, legislatures, parties, historical political economy, EU, comparative politics, quantitative methods Media Contact
Kimberly Conger University of Cincinnati PhD Evangelicals, interest groups, religion and politics, Republican party, Republican activists, Christian Right, Religious Left. Media Contact
Rosalyn Cooperman University of Mary Washington PhD Gender and Politics, Political Parties and Interest Groups Media Contact
Lauren Copeland Baldwin Wallace University PhD U.S. American politics, political behavior, public opinion, political communication, digital media use, social media use, political participation, civic engagement, political consumerism (i.e., boycotts and buycotts), public opinion polls, survey research, citizenship norms, elections, environmental politics, ohio politics Media Contact
Melody Crowder-Meyer University of the South PhD United States of America women in politics, gender in politics, local politics, political parties Media Contact
Sarah Zukerman Daly University of Notre Dame PhD Media Contact
Melissa Deckman Washington College PhD 2016 Election Super Tuesday Tea Party Religion and Politics Women and Politics Media Contact
Marie Demker Gothenburg University PhD Sweden, France, Norway Political parties, Ideology, Nationalism, Religion Media Contact
Casey Dominguez University of San Diego PhD United States Presidential elections, primary elections, political parties, campaign finance, Superpacs, presidential power, war power, Media Contact
Diana Dwyre California State University, Chico PhD Media Contact
Ashley English University of North Texas PhD United States gender and American politics, gender and public policy, women's organizations and movements, interest groups, women's representation No Media Contact
Bonnie Field Bentley University PhD Spain democracy, parliamentary government, political parties, territorial politics, democratization, Spain Media Contact
Tammy Frisby Stanford University PhD 2016 election, Congress, public opinion, Republican Party, public policy, presidency Media Contact
Charlotte Galpin University of Copenhagen PhD United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, EU Euroscepticism, European identity, the Eurozone crisis, European solidarity, European public sphere, EU democracy, social media, European parliament elections, Germany, UK. Media Contact
Olivia Garcia University of Texas, El Paso PhD women of color, social movement groups, intimate partner violence, Violence Against Women Act, interdisciplinary, non-electoral politics Media Contact
Anika Gauja Sydney University PhD Australia Political parties, membership, party law, comparative political institutions. Media Contact
Shamira Gelbman Wabash College PhD interest group coalitions, social movements, civil rights policy, social media and politics Media Contact
Lilia Giugni University of Cambridge PhD Candidate United Kingdom, Italy British Politics, Italian Politics, British Labour Party, Italian Democratic Party, European left, European populism, British think-tanks, intellectuals and politics, women's activism, British feminist movement, Italian feminist movement Media Contact
Terri Givens Menlo College PhD United States, France, Germany, Britain Immigration, Electoral Politics, Radical Right, France, Germany, Britain, Race in Europe, Antidiscrimination Policy, Discrimination Media Contact
Kristin Goss Duke University PhD USA NGOs, Nonprofits, Gender and Politics, Philanthropy, Political Participation, Gun Politics, Public Policy, Interest Groups Media Contact
Jessica Gracey Northwest Missouri State University PhD elections, political behavior, voting behavior, LGBTQ, sexuality, direct democracy, ballot initiatives, ballot measures, priming Media Contact
Jane Green University of Manchester, UK PhD UK Elections British elections Brexit British Election Study Partisanship Campaigns Voting behavior No Media Contact
Jill Greenlee Brandeis University PhD US Motherhood and politics, political socialization, political generations, racial attitudes, gender and politics Media Contact
Anna Grzymala-Busse Stanford University PhD Poland, Eastern Europe church and state, authoritarian politics, political parties, nationalism, state building Media Contact
Hahrie Han University of California, Santa Barbara PhD Media Contact
Renee Heberle University of Toledo PhD Media Contact
Verónica Hoyo UC San Diego PhD France, Mexico, Outsider parties, Front National (FN), party strategies, Western Europe, Latin America, France, Mexico Media Contact
Kristin Kanthak University of Pittsburgh PhD USA gender, representation, U.S. Congress, elections, parties, campaign finance Media Contact
Marisa Kellam Waseda University PhD Latin America, media freedom, democracy, political parties, presidents Media Contact
Meryl Kenny University of Edinburgh PhD United Kingdom gender, women, elections, political parties, gender quotas, gender equality, United Kingdom, Scotland Media Contact
Georgia Kernell University of California, Los Angeles PhD political parties, elections, Europe, communication, formal and quantitative methods Media Contact
Jaclyn Kettler Boise State University PhD American politics, state politics, political parties & interest groups, campaign finance, gender and politics Media Contact
Esen Kirdis Rhodes College PhD Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, democratization, Islamic movements, Islamic parties, judicial politics No Media Contact
Heike Klüver Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin PhD Interest groups, Political Parties, Coalition Governments Media Contact
Petia Kostadinova University of Illinois at Chicago PhD Media Contact
Katherine Krimmel Boston University PhD Media Contact
Yanna Krupnikov Stony Brook University PhD USA Parties, independent voters, advertising
Robynn Kuhlmann University of Central Missouri PhD United States Elections, state politics, voter turnout, voting behavior, state legislatures, political parties. Media Contact
Kathleen Marchetti Dickinson College PhD political representation, gender and politics, lobbying, interest groups, intersectionality Media Contact
Lilliana Mason University of Maryland, College Park PhD United States Political psychology, partisanship, polarization, social identity, sorting, participation, elections, voting Media Contact
Clare McGovern Quest University PhD UK, Canada UK, Canada, separatist parties, Scottish National Party, Bloc Quebecois, Irish Nationalists, Parliament, political parties, law and politics No Media Contact
Carol Mershon University of Virginia PhD No Media Contact
Kerri Milita Illinois State University PhD Direct democracy, elections, interest groups, public policy Media Contact
Erika Moreno Creighton University PhD Media Contact
Jana Morgan University of Tennessee PhD Latin America, Venezuela political parties, political behavior, public opinion, income inequality, representation, social exclusion, women's representation, race and ethnicity in Latin America Media Contact
Sarah Niebler Dickinson College PhD 2016 Election, Public Opinion, Political Behavior Media Contact
Barbara Norrander University of Arizona PhD presidential primaries, presidential nominations, gender gap Media Contact
Diana O'Brien Indiana University PhD Established democracies; Western Europe women and politics; gender and politics; political parties; party leadership; cabinets; executive branch; policy representation; party manifestos; gender quotas Media Contact
Angela Ocampo University of California, Los Angeles PhD Candidate USA Latino politics, racial and ethnic politics, identity, political participation, minority representation, political parties Media Contact
Kathryn Pearson University of Minnesota PhD U.S. Congress, congressional elections, women in politics, 2016 Election, Minnesota politics, political parties Media Contact
Jelena Pesic University of Belgrade PhD Serbia social classes, elites, value orientations, post-socialist countries, Serbia, clientelism, party patronage No Media Contact
Margaret Peters UCLA PhD US, Singapore, the Netherlands, Syria, Iraq immigration, emigration, migration, trade, new new trade theory, foreign direct investment, autocracies, international political economy, gender Media Contact
Ngoc Phan University of Southern Mississippi PhD No Media Contact
Amanda Pinkston Harvard University PhD Candidate Benin, Ghana, Togo Media Contact
Jennifer Piscopo Occidental College PhD Mexico gender, women, elections, parity, gender quotas, democracy, democratization, Latin America, equality Media Contact
Carolina Plaza Colodro University of Salamanca PhD Candidate Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Ireland (PIIGS) Electoral competition, party politics, electoral behavior, cleavages, economic crisis, Great Recession, Europe, social groups Media Contact
Lori Poloni-Staudinger Northern Arizona University PhD France, Spain, Germany, US Terrorism, Women and Terrorism, Women in Politics, Social Movements, Political Participation, Europe Media Contact
Eleanor Powell University of Wisconsin-Madison PhD United States Legislative Politics, Campaign Finance, Class Inequality and Labor Politics, Political Parties and Interest Groups, Research Methods/Research Design Media Contact
Kira Pronin University of Pittsburgh PhD Candidate Sweden, Norway, Finland Scandinavian politics, policy making, legislative politics, interest groups, legislative deliberation Media Contact
Helena Seibicke University of Oslo PhD Candidate No Media Contact
Rumela Sen Cornell University PhD Candidate India, Nepal, South Asia Insurgency, South Asia, Maoist, Peacebuilding, Peace, Conflict, India, Surrender, Rehabilitation Media Contact
Jill Sheppard The Australian National University PhD Media Contact
Gisela Sin University of Illinois PhD USA, Latin America Media Contact
Maria Snegovaya Columbia University PhD Candidate Eastern Europe (Hungary, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine) Russia, Ukraiine, radical right, comparative politics, autocracies, foreign policy Media Contact
Zeynep Somer-Topcu University of Texas at Austin PhD Europe European politics, political parties, party leadership, elections, public opinion, representation Media Contact
Leah Stokes University of California Santa Barbara PhD Canada, USA climate change, environment, energy, mercury, public policy, interest groups, public opinion Media Contact
Wendy Stokes London Metropolitan University PhD Women, gender, democracy, social movements, representation, human security Media Contact
Sherrill Stroschein University College London PhD Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia, Eastern Europe generally Ethnicity, nationalism, democracy, divided societies, ethnic conflict, ethnic parties, ethnic fragmentation, federalism, ethnic mobilization No Media Contact
Michele Swers Georgetown University PhD Congress, elections, women and politics, gender gap, women in Congress, women voters, parties in Congress, Congressional leadership, Congressional policy making, judicial nominations, campaign finance. Media Contact
Netina Tan McMaster University PhD East and Southeast Asia No Media Contact
Gabriela Tarouco Universidade Federal de Pernambuco PhD Latin America electoral governance, political parties, party systems, party regulation, electoral competition, elections No Media Contact
Nikki Usher George Washington University PhD USA, UK future of Journalism, social media & politics and journalism, technology/information flows (including algorithms and automation), political communication, political economy, democratic implications for declines in news industry, media effects, media theory, communication theory, media literacy, media credibility Media Contact
Julie VanDusky-Allen Boise State University PhD No Media Contact
Sofia Vera Rojas University of Pittsburgh PhD Candidate Media Contact
Jennifer Victor George Mason University PhD 2016 Election, congressional politics, political parties, campaign finance, political networks, lobbying, Congress Media Contact
Ariadne Vromen University of Sydney PhD Australia Political participation, digital movements, social media, young people, Media Contact
Ana Catalano Weeks Harvard University PhD Italy, Portugal, Belgium gender and politics, gender quotas, political parties, gender gaps in policy preferences, political representation, party manifestos, legislative behavior, Italy, Portugal, Belgium Media Contact
S. Laurel Weldon Purdue PhD No Media Contact
Anne Whitesell Penn State PhD Candidate United States gender and politics, state politics, welfare policy, representation, interest groups Media Contact
Christina Wolbrecht University of Notre Dame PhD United States women's suffrage, women, gender, political parties Media Contact
Anne Wolf University of Oxford PhD Candidate Tunisia, Morocco political Islam, terrorism, Ansar al-Sharia, Tunisia's Ennahda, Tunisia's Nidaa Tounes and secular party politics, elections, democratization, Moroccan foreign policy, Moroccan religious reforms, religious education in Morocco Media Contact
Leah Wright Rigueur Harvard University PhD USA race, 2016 election, GOP, Republican Party, Democratic Party, civil rights, black voters, presidency, social movements Media Contact
Emilia Zankina American University in Bulgaria PhD Media Contact