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First NameLast NameUniversityPhDCountry FocusKeywordsAvailability
Janni Aragon University of Victoria PhD USA and Canada 2016 Election, gender and politics, social media, technology, Canada Media Contact
Celeste Arrington George Washington University PhD Korea (North and South), Japan Media Contact
Amina Asim Northwestern University PhD Political communication, transnational media, politics, history, film, feminism, news, network theory, new media, technology, mass media, social networks, communication, documentary Media Contact
Mary Layton Atkinson University of North Carolina, Charlotte PhD United States Congressional policy making, issue framing, public opinion, policy agendas, media agendas, media coverage of politics, political conflict, women in Congress. Media Contact
Jessica Baldwin-Philippi Fordham University PhD USA 2016 election, social media, campaigns and elections, civic technology, e-governance Media Contact
Berta Barbet University of Barcelona PhD Spain, United Kingdom Elections, Political Parties, Public Opinion Media Contact
Nichole Bauer Louisiana State University PhD USA Gender, Elections, Voting, Campaigns, Political Psychology, Political Communication, Experimental Methodology, 2016 elections, female candidates, stereotypes, women in politics Media Contact
A. Burcu Bayram University of Arkansas at Fayetteville PhD International cooperation, international negotiations, diplomacy, compliance with international law, foreign policy decision-making, nationalism/cosmopolitanism, political psychology Media Contact
Emily Beausoleil Massey University PhD Political theory, democratic theory, multicultural theory, politics of difference, receptivity, embodiment, affect, aesthetics, performance, political communication. Media Contact
Amy Becker Loyola University Maryland PhD USA Political comedy, public opinion, LGBT, elections, engagement, participation, media effects, social media, new media, popular culture, entertainment, political tolerance, networks, big data Media Contact
Eri Bertsou University of Zurich PhD Candidate Greece, Italy, UK political trust, technocratic politics, impact of Eurocrisis, Greece, Europe Media Contact
Jessica Beyer University of Washington PhD Internet politics, social movements, Anonymous, hacktivists, piracy, cybersecurity, ICT for development, online communities (e.g., 4chan, reddit), online culture (e.g., trolling) Media Contact
Leticia Bode Georgetown Univeristy PhD 2016 election, social media, Twitter, Facebook, voting, digital media, political socialization, youth voting, political participation, misinformation Media Contact
Lakeyta Bonnette-Bailey Georgia State University PhD Black Lives Matter, Rap Music, Popular Culture, Black Politics, Race and Politics, Political Psychology, Gender and Politics. Media Contact
Angie Bos College of Wooster PhD US gender & politics, political communication, political psychology, public opinion Media Contact
Amber Boydstun University of California, Davis PhD United States media, news, issue framing, agenda setting, public policy, experiments, political psychology No Media Contact
Anne-Marie Brady University of Canterbury PhD China; Arctic and Antarctic geopolitics; New Zealand foreign policy China--domestic and foreign policy; Arctic and Antarctic geopolitics; New Zealand foreign policy Media Contact
Shawna Brandle City University of New York- Kingsborough Community College PhD Political Communication, Human Rights, US, UK, Refugees, International Organizations, International Law Media Contact
Emma Briant University of Sheffield PhD UK, USA Propaganda, Political communication, Counter-terrorism, media, conflict, disability, journalism, asylum, migration, refugees. Media Contact
Stephanie Brookes Monash University PhD Australia, United States political communication, political journalism, political science, election campaigns, Australian elections, Australian journalim Media Contact
Alison Brysk UCSB PhD Media Contact
PatrĂ­cia Calca Technical University of Kaiserslautern (Germany) PhD Portugal, European Union Legislative behaviour, executives, rational-choice, comparative politics, public policy, political accountability, corruption and political communication Media Contact
Leslie Caughell Virginia Wesleyan College PhD Public opinion, women in politics, political behavior, political information/misinformation, political communication Media Contact
Meredith Conroy California State University, San Bernardino PhD Media, Gender, Masculinity Studies, American Presidency, Social Networking, Sexism, Media Framing, Political Communication, Public Opinion Media Contact
Lauren Copeland Baldwin Wallace University PhD U.S. American politics, political behavior, public opinion, political communication, digital media use, social media use, political participation, civic engagement, political consumerism (i.e., boycotts and buycotts), public opinion polls, survey research, citizenship norms, elections, environmental politics, ohio politics Media Contact
Katherine Cramer University of Wisconsin-Madison PhD USA 2016 Election, resentment, rural, Wisconsin Media Contact
Alison Dagnes Shippensburg University PhD United States Media Contact
Elizabeth Dubois University of Ottawa PhD political engagement, political bots, personal influence, journalism, social network analysis, mixed-methods, Canada Media Contact
Elizabeth Dudash-Buskirk Missouri state university PhD United States Politics, participation, rhetoric, president, POTUS, race, ethnicity, gender, generations, political talk Media Contact
Lauren Elliott-Dorans Ohio University PhD United States American politics, public opinon, political values, political psychology, voter decision-making Media Contact
Heather Evans Sam Houston State University PhD American Politics, Twitter, Elections, Political Communication Media Contact
Jessica Feezell University of New Mexico PhD Political communication, youth, digital media, public opinion, political behavior Media Contact
Laura L. Frankel Duke University PhD Gender, Socialization, Surveys, Media, Political Ambition, Survey Methods, Political Behavior, Polling, Public Opinion, Political Communication, Identity Media Contact
Erika Franklin Fowler Wesleyan University PhD US Campaign advertising, news media, local news, political communication, elections, campaign finance, health politics, public opinion Media Contact
Kim Fridkin Arizona State University PhD Media Contact
Charlotte Galpin University of Copenhagen PhD United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, EU Euroscepticism, European identity, the Eurozone crisis, European solidarity, European public sphere, EU democracy, social media, European parliament elections, Germany, UK. Media Contact
Katjana Gattermann University of Amsterdam PhD European Union, Germany, Netherlands, UK European Union, political communication, personalization of politics, journalism, European Parliament, elections Media Contact
Sarah Gershon Georgia State University PhD United States Campaigns and Elections, Women and Politics, Race, ethnicity and gender, media and politics Media Contact
Lilia Giugni University of Cambridge PhD Candidate United Kingdom, Italy British Politics, Italian Politics, British Labour Party, Italian Democratic Party, European left, European populism, British think-tanks, intellectuals and politics, women's activism, British feminist movement, Italian feminist movement Media Contact
Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant Queen's University PhD Canada Political behaviour, elections, gender and politics, political communication, representation Media Contact
Lilly Goren Carroll University PhD United States Women and the White House Gender and Politics 2016 Presidential Election Popular Culture Anger, Emotions and the Electorate Television and Politics Media Contact
Patricia Gouzien University of Missouri-St. Louis PhD Candidate United States No Media Contact
Jane Green University of Manchester, UK PhD UK Elections British elections Brexit British Election Study Partisanship Campaigns Voting behavior No Media Contact
Kimberly Gross George Washington University PhD
Loubna H. Skalli University of California Washington Center PhD Gender, Youth, Empowerment, Media, Middle East and North Africa Media Contact
Alex Hanna University of Wisconsin-Madison PhD Candidate Egypt social movements, social media, political event data, computational social science, text analysis, transgender politics Media Contact
Erin Hennes Purdue University PhD Media Contact
Jennifer Hoewe University of Alabama PhD USA media, news, journalism, political communication, psychology, stereotypes, cognitive processing, political party, political ideology Media Contact
Lindsay Hoffman University of Delaware PhD USA political communication, 2016 election, technology and politics, social media, political participation, public opinion, perceptions of public opinion, Media coverage of politics, debates, Black Lives Matter, race and diversity, gender, political knowledge Media Contact
Jennifer Jerit Stony Brook University No Media Contact
Karen Kedrowski Winthrop Univeresity PhD USA US Politics and government, women and politics, health policy, breastfeeding, breast cancer. Media Contact
Marisa Kellam Waseda University PhD Latin America, media freedom, democracy, political parties, presidents Media Contact
Georgia Kernell University of California, Los Angeles PhD political parties, elections, Europe, communication, formal and quantitative methods Media Contact
Eunji Kim University of Pennsylvania PhD Candidate Media Contact
Samara Klar University of Arizona PhD independent voters, polling, elections, partisanship, identity politics, political psychology Media Contact
Autoosa Kojoori University of Nevada Las Vegas PhD Iran MENA MENA, Political Instability, Political Conflict, Terrorism, Inequality, Development, Social media and mobilization, Revolutions, Human Rights, Islam, Religion, factionalism Media Contact
Petia Kostadinova University of Illinois at Chicago PhD Media Contact
Jeanine Kraybill California State University, Bakersfield PhD United States of America religion and politics, the presidency, the courts/judicial politics, political and religious rhetoric, gender and politics Media Contact
Yanna Krupnikov Stony Brook University PhD USA Parties, independent voters, advertising
Nazita Lajevardi University of California, San Diego PhD Candidate USA Race, Turnout, Voter ID Laws, Muslim Americans, Political Representation, Political Behavior Media Contact
Liron Lavi Tel Aviv University PhD Candidate Israel Media Contact
Eva Lebedova Palacky University, Olomouc PhD Czech Republic, Central Europe Political Communication, Political Marketing, Elections and Election campaigning, Czech Politics Media Contact
Keena Lipsitz Queens College and The Graduate Center, CUNY PhD United States Campaigns, elections, 2016 elections, political advertising, ideology, campaign finance Media Contact
Shan-Jan Sarah Liu Newcastle University PhD SJSarahLiu gender, immigration, social movements, women's political representation, women's political participation, media, Asian politics Media Contact
Elizabeth Markovits Mount Holyoke College PhD feminist theory, feminism, future, justice, intergenerational justice, ancient Greece, Plato, Socrates, Greek tragedy, democratic theory, mothers, carework, children, sincerity, authenticity, rhetoric Media Contact
Caitlin McCulloch University of Maryland PhD Candidate Georgia, China Media Contact
Shannon McGregor University of Texas - Austin PhD Candidate social media, 2016 election, candidate communication, gender in politics, second screening, dual screening Media Contact
Tali Mendelberg Princeton PhD Media Contact
Ines Mergel University of Konstanz PhD Public Sector Innovation, Social Media Media Contact
Melissa Merry University of Louisville PhD gun control, environmental policy, social media, Twitter, information technology, interest groups, framing, public policy No Media Contact
Ashley Muddiman University of Kansas PhD USA Political Communication, News/Journalism, Incivility, Digital News, Media Effects Media Contact
Kim Nalder California State University, Sacramento PhD USA 2016 Election, California Politics, Public Opinion, Voting Behavior, Misinformation, Political Behavior, Voting Behavior, Term Limits, Political Psychology, Women and Politics, Political Communication, Political Knowledge, Voter Information, Media and Politics Media Contact
Jayme Neiman University of Northern Iowa PhD Biopolitics; Biology and politics; political psychology; language and politics; state politics; American politics; political physiology; public policy; public administration Media Contact
Mara Ostfeld University of Michigan PhD No Media Contact
Gabriella Paar-Jakli Kent State University PhD Media Contact
Jennifer Pan Stanford University PhD China, censorship, digital technology, government responsiveness No Media Contact
Anne Pluta Rowan University PhD presidents, media, popular communication Media Contact
Kira Pronin University of Pittsburgh PhD Candidate Sweden, Norway, Finland Scandinavian politics, policy making, legislative politics, interest groups, legislative deliberation Media Contact
Kannamma Raman University of Mumbai PhD India Social Media and Election, Pharmaceutical Policy, Women in Politics, Traditional Knowledge, Surveillance and Privacy. Media Contact
Sanne Rijkhoff Portland State University PhD United States, the Netherlands Attitudes, Cynicism, Political Communication, Political Rhetoric, Political Participation, Political Psychology, Public Opinion, Voting Behavior Media Contact
Margaret Roberts University of California, San Diego PhD Media Contact, No Media Contact
Claire Robinson Massey University PhD New Zealand New Zealand politics, election campaigning, media bias, visual bias, political communication, political marketing, leadership image, political advertising, voter advice applications, design and democracy Media Contact
Annelise Russell University of Texas PhD Candidate USA, Denmark Congress, Twitter, Policy, Media, Agenda Setting, Legislative Studies Media Contact
Virginia Sapiro Boston University PhD USA 2016 election, higher education, women and politics, gender, elections, voting, public opinion, political psychology, political socialization, age and politics Media Contact
Jen Schradie Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse, Toulouse School of Economics PhD Media Contact
Kathleen Searles Louisiana State University PhD United States Campaign Advertising, News Media, Partisan Media, Political Communication, Political Psychology, Public Opinion Media Contact
Jaime Settle College of William & Mary PhD American Politics Social media, genopolitics No Media Contact
Kelsey Shoub University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill PhD Candidate Issue Framing, Text as Data, Political Communications, Public Policy No Media Contact
Elizabeth Stoycheff Wayne State University PhD Large-N comparative media freedom, surveillance, NSA, censorship, democracy, democratization, public opinion Media Contact
Jennifer Stromer-Galley Syracuse University PhD United States Social Media, Campaigns, Trump, Clinton, Sanders, Decision-Making, Influence, Media Effects Media Contact
Emily Sydnor Southwestern University PhD political communication, political psychology, media effects, incivility, political disagreement, emotion, personality, conflict orientation, campaigns and elections Media Contact
Holly Teresi Georgia State University PhD Media Contact
Sarina Theys Newcastle University PhD Candidate Bhutan, Qatar International Relations, Foreign Policy, (Soft) Power, Strategic Narratives, Identity, Small States, Bhutan, Qatar, Gulf Arab States Media Contact
Emily Thorson Boston College PhD misinformation, information, learning, fact-checking, motivated reasoning Media Contact
Kristen Traynor Kent State University PhD Candidate Political Communication, Guantanamo Bay, Media Framing Media Contact
Rebekah Tromble Leiden University PhD United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan media and politics, digital media, social media, Twitter, digital research methods, public discourse, public spheres, Muslim politics, Western Europe, United States, Central Asia, comparative politics, international relations Media Contact
Heidi Tworek University of British Columbia PhD Germany, Europe, Canada, USA international organizations, communications, media, Germany, Canada, German-Canadian relations, Europe, United Nations, Google, intellectual property rights, copyright, international history, twentieth-century history, League of Nations, political communications Media Contact
Nikki Usher George Washington University PhD USA, UK future of Journalism, social media & politics and journalism, technology/information flows (including algorithms and automation), political communication, political economy, democratic implications for declines in news industry, media effects, media theory, communication theory, media literacy, media credibility Media Contact
Tammy Vigil Boston University PhD US presidential campaigns, political conventions, political rhetoric, candidate's spouses, women in politics, campaign speeches, presidential campaign history (primaries, conventions, etc.) Media Contact
Ariadne Vromen University of Sydney PhD Australia Political participation, digital movements, social media, young people, Media Contact
Carla Washbourne University College London PhD Environmental science and policy, science advice, science communication, urban green space, earth sciences No Media Contact
Deanna Watts Angelo State University PhD Media Contact
Jenifer Whitten-Woodring University of Massachusetts Lowell PhD media freedom, human rights, internet, censorship, journalism, democratization, repression and dissent Media Contact
Leah Windsor The University of Memphis PhD text-as-data, authoritarian regimes, governance, language, extremism, gender, dictatorships, populism Media Contact
Carla Winston University of Victoria PhD IR Theory, Norms, Non-State Actors, NGOs, Transitional Justice, Human Rights, Politics and Pop Culture Media Contact
Amanda Wintersieck University of Tennessee at Chattanooga PhD American Politics American Political Campaigns, media and politics, political behavior, public opinion Media Contact
Deva Woodly New School PhD USA political discourse, public opinion, democratic theory, political economy, social movements Media Contact
Julie Wronski University of Mississippi PhD American politics, political psychology, authoritarianism, social identity in partisanship, emotions (empathy), public opinion, political communication, experiments, survey & quantitative research Media Contact
Helen Yanacopulos The Open University PhD transnational NGOs, Social Movements, Transnational Advocacy Networks, Protest, Civil Society, International Development, Activism Media Contact
Dannagal Young University of Delaware PhD United States Public opinion, media effects, satire, late-night, entertainment, political psychology, elections Media Contact