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First NameLast NameUniversityPhDCountry FocusKeywordsAvailability
Alero Akporiaye Rhode Island School of Design PhD International political economy, comparative political economy, political risk and multinational corporations, politics of foreign direct investment, political economy of energy extraction, and corporate social responsibility. No Media Contact
Puspa Amri Ithaca College PhD Indonesia Financial crises, monetary policy, financial regulation and supervision, international capital flows, financial markets and elections. Media Contact
Merih Angin University of Oxford PhD Turkey International Political Economy, International Monetary Fund, Investment Arbitration, Computational Simulation in Social Sciences Media Contact
Maha Rafi Atal University of Cambridge PhD Candidate India, Kenya, South Africa development, business, globalization, political economy, mining, oil and gas, agribusiness, corporations, history, colonialism, empire, industrial revolution, economic history Media Contact
Nicole Rae Baerg University of Mannheim PhD central banking, inflation, machine learning, text analysis Media Contact
Katherine Barbieri University of South Carolina PhD International Trade, Trade Statistics, Trade & Conflict, Interdependence, War, International Political Economy, Development, Economic Incentives, Counterinsurgency, Behavioral Economics, Trade between enemies, Economic Activities in War Zones, Illegal Trade Media Contact
Naazneen Barma Naval Postgraduate School PhD Afghanistan, Cambodia, East Timor, Laos, Mongolia political economy of development, peacebuilding, statebuilding, political order, institutional reform, governance, aid, post-conflict, natural resource governance, international political economy Media Contact
Sarah Bauerle Danzmon Indiana University, Bloomington PhD Multinational Enterprise, International Trade and Investment Treaties, Investment Promotion, Financial Crises Media Contact
Elizabeth Bennett Lewis & Clark College PhD fair trade, Fairtrade, Fairtrade International, voluntary sustainability standards, voluntary standards setting, VSS, certification systems, eco labels, labeling, private governance, organizational governance, ethical supply chains, ethical sourcing, labor standards, producers, multi-stakeholder standards-setting, multi-stakeholder governance, cannabis, marijuana, recreational drugs, recreational marijuana Media Contact
Twyla Blackmond Larnell Loyola University Chicago PhD U.S. No Media Contact
Sarah Bouchat University of Wisconsin-Madison PhD Candidate Myanmar, Southeast Asia Authoritarianism, political economy, methodology Media Contact
Carla Bringas Osaka University PhD Japan, Mozambique, Peru Media Contact
Marissa Brookes University of California, Riverside PhD No Media Contact
Sarah Brooks Ohio State University PhD Brazil, South Africa comparative political economy, international political economy, Latin American politics, South African politics Media Contact
Claire Brunel American University PhD Environmental economics, international economics No Media Contact
Patrícia Calca Technical University of Kaiserslautern (Germany) PhD Portugal, European Union Legislative behaviour, executives, rational-choice, comparative politics, public policy, political accountability, corruption and political communication Media Contact
Daniela Campello Getulio Vargas Foundation PhD Media Contact
Rosella Cappella Zielinski Boston University PhD Media Contact
Charlotte Cavaillé Institute for Advanced Study In Toulouse PhD Media Contact
Amanda Chisholm Newcastle University PhD private military and security companies, security studies, international political economy, feminism, labour chains, migration, household, military, militarism, masculinities, postcolonialism Media Contact
Olga Chyzh Iowa State University PhD International networks; indirect trade; repression; human rights; authoritarian regimes No Media Contact
Alexandra Cirone London School of Economics, Columbia University PhD Candidate Western Europe, EU European politics, political economy, legislatures, parties, historical political economy, EU, comparative politics, quantitative methods Media Contact
Mallory Compton Utrecht University PhD public policy, comparative politics, bureaucracy, social welfare policy, economic insecurity, social capital, political economy Media Contact
Cesi Cruz University of British Columbia PhD Media Contact
Carrie Currier Texas Christian University PhD China Media Contact
Emine Deniz New York University PhD Candidate Turkey,Turkish Kurdistan Conflict, education, healthcare,justice system, urban politics Media Contact
Joelle Dumouchel University of Copenhagen PhD International Finance, Central Banks, European banking union, The historical transformation of market representations, International Political Economy, Sociology of International Relations No Media Contact
Michelle Egan American University and Wilson Center PhD Britain, UK, EU, US-EU, Europe Trade, TTIP, political economy, Europe, British politics, UK. EU, single market, regulatory issues, CETA, European Union, Trade Agreements, business, European politics, right wing populism in Europe, trade agreements, transatlantic relations. Media Contact
Deborah Farias University of British Columbia PhD Brazil, BRICS Renewable energies, biofuels, Brazil, development assistance, South-South Cooperation, BRICS, emerging countries Media Contact
Christina Fattore West Virginia University PhD International political economy, international trade, preferential trading agreements, NAFTA, European Union, US trade policy, World Trade Organization Media Contact
Ana Carolina Garriga Center for Research and Teaching in Economics (CIDE) PhD Argentina Foreign direct investment, Central banks, International institutions Media Contact
Federica Genovese University of Essex PhD European Union Cooperation, international interdependence, climate change, European politics, crises Media Contact
Alexandra Gillies Natural Resource Governance Institute PhD Nigeria, other oil rich countries Oil, transparency, Nigeria, oil sector corruption, EITI, commodity trading, resource curse, natural resource governance, national oil companies Media Contact
Kristi Govella University of Hawaii at Manoa PhD Japan Japanese politics, Asian regionalism, political economy, multinational corporations, lobbying, the relationship between economics and security, regional institutional architecture Media Contact
Jana Grittersova UC Riverside PhD Eastern Europe, European Union Media Contact
Shelby Grossman Harvard University PhD Candidate Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea informal trade, political economy Media Contact
Surupa Gupta University of Mary Washington PhD India, trade politics, agricultural politics, foreign policy, global governance, WTO, RCEP, multilateral trade negotiations, BRICS Media Contact
Kathleen J. Hancock Colorado School of Mines PhD South Africa, Russia, Eurasia, West Africa energy, regionalism, resources, Africa, Eurasia No Media Contact
Niamh Hardiman University College Dublin PhD Ireland, EU, European periphery Eurozone crisis, political economy of growth, fiscal politics, state structure and organization, budgetary policy, austerity and its consequences No Media Contact
Pascale Hatcher Ritsumeikan University PhD Mongolia, Asia Political Economy, Mining in Mongolia, Mining in Laos, Mining in Asia, Extractive industries, World Bank Group, IFC, MIGA Media Contact
Virginia Haufler University of Maryland College Park PhD global governance, international organization, non-state actors, transnational activism, anti-corporate campaigns, corporate social responsibility, socially responsible investment, environment, industry self-regulation, conflict minerals, natural resource governance, transparency, UN Global Compact, Business4Peace, Kimberley Process, Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, Dodd-Frank Section 1502 Media Contact
Shareen Hertel University of Connecticut PhD Human rights, economic development, social movements Media Contact
Halimatou Hima Moussa Dioula University of Cambridge PhD Candidate Niger Education, Niger, Africa, Economics, Development, Political economy, Gender Media Contact
Emily Holland Columbia University PhD Candidate Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania Energy Politics, Russia, Gas, Gazprom, Ukraine, Oligarchs, Corruption, Trade, Oil, Foreign Policy Media Contact
Jean Hong Hong Kong University of Science and Technology PhD China, Korea, Taiwan Political science, comparative politics, political economy, authoritarian regime, China, Korea Media Contact
Roselyn Hsueh Temple University PhD China/ East Asia, India, Russia, developing countries market reform, globalization, comparative capitalism, industrial policy, development, institutions, regulation, governance, political economy, China, India, Russia, developing countries Media Contact
Jennifer Hunt University of Sydney PhD Oman, Saudi Arabia International Security, Energy Security, US National Security, US Foreign Policy in the Gulf, Gulf Cooperation Council, Saudi Arabia, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Oman Media Contact
Jacqueline Ignatova Appalachian State University PhD the politics of food and agriculture, the debate over the cultivation of genetically modified crops, Ghana, interpretive methods, the politics of sustainable development, food sovereignty Media Contact
Manal Jamal James Madison University PhD Palestinian territories; United Arab Emirates; MENA comparative democratization, civil society, social movements, conflict to peace and the political economy of transitions, Middle East politics, the Arab-Israeli conflict Media Contact
Tana Johnson Duke University PhD United Nations, climate, energy, international organizations, trade, development, institutional design, bureaucracy, civil society, NGOs, public-private partnerships, foreign policy No Media Contact
Juliet johnson McGill University PhD Media Contact
Alison Johnston Oregon State University PhD European Union, the UK, the Netherlands The Euro Crisis, the European Union, general strikes, housing bubbles, labor markets Media Contact
Karen Jusko Stanford University PhD Media Contact
Anita Kellogg University of California, Los Angeles PhD Candidate Venezuela economic interdependence, international trade, military conflict, international security, foreign policy, business interest groups, economic elites, petro-states, oil dependence Media Contact
Chia-yi Lee Nanyang Technological University PhD international political economy, energy and resource politics, foreign direct investment, terrorism, political methodology No Media Contact
Margaret Levi Stanford University PhD trust in government, future of work and workers, supply chains Media Contact
Sarah Lieberman canterbury christ church university PhD UK, USA, France Europe, decision making, international political economy, science and society, space, policy, policy making, genetic modification, technology, international relations of space, Media Contact
Christine Lipsmeyer Texas A&M University PhD public policy, political economy, political institutions, political preferences No Media Contact
Erin Lockwood University of California, Irvine PhD international political economy, global financial politics, derivatives, financial regulation, risk and uncertainty, authority and legitimacy in international politics Media Contact
Mariely Lopez-Santana George Mason University PhD Spain, Italy, European Union Social Democracy, Welfare States, social policy, comparative politics, devolution Media Contact
Julie MacArthur University of Auckland PhD environmental politics, energy and climate policy, social economy, community energy, Canadian political economy; New Zealand energy policy No Media Contact
Mary Anne Madeira Queens College, City University of New York PhD European Union, United States Media Contact
Janica Magat Texas A&M University PhD Candidate Philippines development, political economy, impact evaluation, policy, conflict Media Contact
Kristin Makszin Central European University PhD Hungary Media Contact
Kristina Mani Oberlin College PhD Argentina, Chile. armed forces, Latin America, civil-military relations, defense, military entrepreneurship Media Contact
Alyssa Maraj Grahame University of Massachusetts Amherst PhD Candidate Iceland, Scotland, European Union Iceland, Scotland, financial crisis, austerity, political economy, protest, West Europe, European Union Media Contact
Lucy Martin University of North Carolina -- Chapel Hill PhD No Media Contact
Elsa Massoc UC Berkeley PhD Candidate France, Germany, the UK, Western Europe Comparative Political Economy, Financial regulation, Banking, Western Europe, Comparative capitalism, institutions, Euro-crisis. Media Contact
Elena McLean University at Buffalo, SUNY PhD International institutions, economic sanctions, foreign aid, World Bank, environmental politics Media Contact
Kathleen McNamara Georgetown University PhD European Union European union, central banks, exchange rates, currency, political development, financial crises, European foreign policy, Media Contact
Sara Meger Central European University PhD Democratic Republic of Congo international relations, international security, feminism, sexual violence, war, political violence Media Contact
Carol Mershon University of Virginia PhD No Media Contact
Sarah Milov University of Virginia PhD United States tobacco, lobbying, smoking, farm policy, food policy, history, political history, southern history Media Contact
Kristina Mitchell Texas Tech University PhD international political economy, international trade, gender, teaching & learning, online teaching, assessment, research methods, research design Media Contact
Jocelyn Sage Mitchell Northwestern University in Qatar PhD Qatar, Persian Gulf political economy, authoritarianism, state-society relations, nation-building, Qatar, Persian Gulf, rentierism Media Contact
Cassandra Moseley University of Oregon PhD Natural resource policy, forest policy, wildfire, federal land management, governance, collaboration, resilience, political institutions, bioenergy, U.S. West, rural development. Media Contact
Layna Mosley University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill PhD sovereign debt, labor rights, human rights and trade, trade agreements, multinational corporations, foreign direct investment Media Contact
Peg Murray-Evans University of York PhD South Africa Development, Global Governance, South Africa, Rising Powers, Trade, Brexit Media Contact
Sara Newland Villanova University PhD China, Taiwan China, Taiwan, ethnic politics, public service provision, local governance, civil society, authoritarianism, Media Contact
Elena Nikolova Institute for East and Southeast European Studies - Regensburg; European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Central European Labor Studies Institute PhD Bulgaria, Greece, Ukraine, post-communist region political economy, comparative political institutions, democracy and democratization, politics of transition region, corruption, public policy Media Contact
KIMBERLY NOLAN GARCIA Centro de Investigación y Docencia Economicas (CIDE), Mexico City PhD MEXICO NAFTA, north american integration,International Labor rights protection,US trade policy, transational politics Media Contact
Tricia Olsen University of Denver PhD Brazil, Mexico Political Economy, Business Ethics, Comparative Politics, Human Rights, Latin America, Transitional Justice, Global Governance, Non-State Actors, Corporate Social Responsibility, Self-Regulation, Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives, Mining, Extractive, UNGPs, UN Global Compact, Microfinance, Collective Action, Protest, State and Society, Corporate Community Relations, Multinational Corporations (MNCs) Media Contact
Erica Owen Texas A&M University PhD Media Contact
June Park National University of Singapore PhD Media Contact
Ausra Park Siena College PhD Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus Political leadership, foreign policy, migration, human trafficking, female executives, political economy Media Contact
Julia Payson NYU PhD state and local politics, urban government, public service provision, political economy No Media Contact
Mindy Peden John Carroll University PhD Media Contact
Margaret Peters UCLA PhD US, Singapore, the Netherlands, Syria, Iraq immigration, emigration, migration, trade, new new trade theory, foreign direct investment, autocracies, international political economy, gender Media Contact
Amanda Pinkston Harvard University PhD Candidate Benin, Ghana, Togo Media Contact
Angela Pool-Funai Southern Utah University PhD philanthropy, charitable giving, virtual currency, virtual worlds, Bitcoin, public sector economics, experiential learning, project based learning No Media Contact
Alison Post University of California, Berkeley PhD Argentina urban politics, infrastructure, water and sanitation, mass transit, electricity, Latin America No Media Contact
Stephanie Rickard London School of Economics PhD political, economy, IPE, international trade, WTO, IMF, international finance, subsidies, procurement, trade disputes, elections, electoral institutions, economic geography Media Contact
Melissa Rogers Claremont Graduate University PhD Argentina Political Economy, Redistribution, Regional Inequality, Inequality, Spatial Inequality, Taxation, Government Spending, Research Design, Federalism, Public Choice, Political Institutions, Representation and Electoral Systems Media Contact
Rachel Salzman Georgetown University PhD Russia Russia, BRICS, US-Russian relations, international economics. political rhetoric No Media Contact
Kaija Schilde Boston University PhD European Union European Union, European security, EU foreign policy, political economy of security, EU internal and border security, EU immigration and asylum policy, EU border security, defense industry, defense spending, defense acquisition and technology, transnational interest groups, transnational private authority, bureaucracy, EU lobbying, defense and security interest groups, EU public opinion, European identity, European refugee crisis, Schengen, FRONTEX, European Defence Agency, state capacity, international organization capacity, governing capacity, EU information security, EU security clearance, EU information classification. Media Contact
Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey London School of Economics PhD Deliberations, monetary policy, select committees, accountability, political economy No Media Contact
Laura Seelkopf University of Bremen PhD Media Contact
Aseema Sinha Claremont McKenna College PhD India India as a Rising Power India's International Political Economy India's Political Economy The Politics of HIV AIDS in India and Brazil India and China Comparisons India and Brazil Comparisons Subnational Comparative Method Media Contact
Heidi Jane Smith Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) PhD Mexico, Argentina, United States Latin America, administrative structures, municipal debt, fiscal policy, public finances, local economic development Media Contact
Beth Smits Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) PhD Candidate geoeconomics, financial statecraft, financial services, cross-border financial integration, fintech, payment systems, China, EU-China, Belt and Road Initiative, SWIFT, financial sanctions, renminbi internationalization Media Contact
Maria Snegovaya Columbia University PhD Candidate Eastern Europe (Hungary, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine) Russia, Ukraiine, radical right, comparative politics, autocracies, foreign policy Media Contact
Erin Snider Texas A&M University PhD Egypt Middle East, Egypt, Foreign Aid, Democracy Aid, Democratization, Political Economy of Development in the Middle East Media Contact
Mallory SoRelle Lafayette College PhD United States public policy, social policy, regulation, consumer finance, bureaucracy, political engagement, inequality Media Contact
Jessica Steinberg Indiana University - Bloomington PhD Democratic Republic of Congo natural resources, development, governance, violent conflict, common pool resources Media Contact
Jane Lawrence Sumner University of Minnesota-Twin Cities PhD multinational corporations, foreign direct investment, MNCs, FDI, political economy No Media Contact
Haley Swedlund Radboud University Nijmegen & Yale University PhD Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, The Politics of Foreign Aid, Donor-Government Relations, Political Economy of Development, African Politics, Post-Conflict Peacebuilding Media Contact
Vaidehi Tandel University of Columbia PhD India Indian economy, political economy, public choice theory, public policy, urban studies Media Contact
Courtney Thomas Virginia Tech PhD United States food safety, food security, hunger, food labeling Media Contact
Anjali Thomas Bohlken University of British Columbia PhD India No Media Contact
Jennifer Tobin Georgetown University PhD Media Contact
Risa Toha Yale-NUS PhD Indonesia Ethnic politics, political violence, new democracies, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, distributive politics, political economy of development No Media Contact
Joannie Tremblay-Boire Georgia State University PhD Grantmaking foundations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), nonprofi ts, international political economy, international relations, voluntary self-regulation, transparency, accountability Media Contact
Robin Turner Butler University PhD South Africa Comparative politics, African Politics, state-society relations, political economy, rural politics, South Africa, politics of tradition, tourism, property rights, gender, representation, tourism studies, environmental justice No Media Contact
Nikki Usher George Washington University PhD USA, UK future of Journalism, social media & politics and journalism, technology/information flows (including algorithms and automation), political communication, political economy, democratic implications for declines in news industry, media effects, media theory, communication theory, media literacy, media credibility Media Contact
Kristin Vekasi University of Maine PhD Japan, China international political economy, foreign direct investment, trade, political risk, nationalism, politics of memory, firms, multinational firms, Japan, China Media Contact
Mayra Velez-Serrano University of Puerto Rico- Río Piedras PhD Latin America, Puerto Rico, China's Foreign Policy Comparative Institutions, International Institutions, Regionalization and Regional Integration, Latin America Politics, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rican politics and economics International Political Economy, Media Contact
Anne Visser University of California, Davis PhD United States, South Africa economic security, economic mobility, labor markets, employment opportunities, low wage work, poverty Media Contact
Stefanie Walter University of Zurich PhD Germany, Switzerland, Eurozone euro crisis, currency crises, globalization, offshoring, political economy, economic voting Media Contact
Georgina Waylen University of Manchester PhD Gender, democratization, politics, institutions, feminist institutionalism Media Contact
Bozena Welborne Smith College PhD Media Contact
Rachel Wellhausen University of Texas at Austin PhD Eastern Europe multinational corporations, FDI, trade treaties, investment treaties, sovereign debt Media Contact
Susanne Wengle University of Notre Dame PhD Russia Russia, economic reforms, political economy, energy, food systems, regulation, sustainability. Media Contact
Meredith Wilf University of Pittsburgh PhD No Media Contact
Deva Woodly New School PhD USA political discourse, public opinion, democratic theory, political economy, social movements Media Contact
Gina Yannitell Reinhardt University of Essex PhD Emergency Management, Development Assistance, Elections, Natural Disasters, Foreign Aid, Discrimination, NGOs, Political Economy, Decision-making Under Uncertainty, Humanitarian Assistance, International Development Media Contact