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First NameLast NameUniversityPhDCountry FocusKeywordsAvailability
Carla Abdo University of Maryland PhD Candidate Media Contact
Martha Ackelsberg Smith College PhD Media Contact
Natália Aguiar Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil) PhD Candidate Brazil and Latin America in general Voting Behaviour, Political Participation, Mandatory Voting, Compulsory Voting Law, Non-Compulsory Voting, Brazilian Politics, Latin America, Brazilian Voting Behaviour, Voting Turnout, Electoral Abstention. Media Contact
Petra Ahrens University of Antwerp PhD Germany, European Union European Union, gender politics, intersectionality, women's movements, gender policy, comparative gender and politics, Germany, employment policies, social politics, civil society organisations Media Contact
Maria Antónia Almeida University Institute of Lisbon PhD Portugal mayors, local government, history, politics, gender, agrarian reform, memories, rural sociology Media Contact
Allison Anoll Stanford University PhD Candidate Political participation, voting, social movements, activism, racial and ethnic politics, felony disenfranchisement, racial segregation Media Contact
Celeste Arrington George Washington University PhD Korea (North and South), Japan Media Contact
Sharon Austin University of Florida PhD Media Contact
Berta Barbet University of Barcelona PhD Spain, United Kingdom Elections, Political Parties, Public Opinion Media Contact
Caglayan Baser Loyola University Chicago PhD Candidate Turkey Conflict Processes & War, Gender And Politics, Political Violence, Terrorism Media Contact
Nichole Bauer Louisiana State University PhD USA Gender, Elections, Voting, Campaigns, Political Psychology, Political Communication, Experimental Methodology, 2016 elections, female candidates, stereotypes, women in politics Media Contact
Emily Beausoleil Massey University PhD Political theory, democratic theory, multicultural theory, politics of difference, receptivity, embodiment, affect, aesthetics, performance, political communication. Media Contact
Amy Becker Loyola University Maryland PhD USA Political comedy, public opinion, LGBT, elections, engagement, participation, media effects, social media, new media, popular culture, entertainment, political tolerance, networks, big data Media Contact
Christina Bejarano University of Kansas PhD U.S. Latino Politics No Media Contact
Lindsay Benstead Portland State University PhD Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan Middle East and North Africa, Identity politics (religion, tribe, gender), women and politics, legislatures, public opinion, authoritarian regimes, democratization, clientelism, service provision, local governance. Media Contact
Eri Bertsou University of Zurich PhD Candidate Greece, Italy, UK political trust, technocratic politics, impact of Eurocrisis, Greece, Europe Media Contact
Rachel Bitecofer Christopher Newport University PhD U.S. Campaigns & Elections, Campaign Strategy, Political Behavior, Voting Behavior, Ideology, Political Polarization Media Contact
Leticia Bode Georgetown Univeristy PhD 2016 election, social media, Twitter, Facebook, voting, digital media, political socialization, youth voting, political participation, misinformation Media Contact
Angie Bos College of Wooster PhD US gender & politics, political communication, political psychology, public opinion Media Contact
Carew Boulding University of Colorado, Boulder PhD Bolivia Voting and Protest, Poverty, Political Participation, Quality of Democracy, Political Attitudes, NGOs, Civil Society No Media Contact
Khalilah Brown-Dean Quinnipiac University PhD 2016 election, public policy, race and politics, public opinion, criminal justice Media Contact
Lisa Bryant California State University, Fresno PhD United States Elections, Election Administration/Election Sciences, Political Behavior, Participation, Mobilization, Research Methods, Surveys, Experiments, Public Opinion, Identity Politics, Gender, Race Media Contact
Laura Bucci University of Pittsburgh PhD United States State politics, labor decline, labor unions, economic inequality, class politics, political behavior, political participation, voter turnout Media Contact, No Media Contact
Juliet Carlisle University of Idaho PhD No Media Contact
Niambi Carter Howard University PhD United States Black Politics, public opinion, race and American Politics, immigration, political behavior Media Contact
Sara Chatfield Tufts University PhD United States Media Contact
Suzanne Chod North Central College PhD United States 2016 congressional and presidential elections, civic engagement of Millennials, party polarization in the United States, congressional behavior, women in American politics Media Contact
Mollie Cohen Vanderbilt University PhD Candidate Peru, Chile Elections, public opinion, voting behavior, representation, invalid voting, null voting, turnout, party systems, Latin America Media Contact
Kimberly Conger University of Cincinnati PhD Evangelicals, interest groups, religion and politics, Republican party, Republican activists, Christian Right, Religious Left. Media Contact
Meredith Conroy California State University, San Bernardino PhD Media, Gender, Masculinity Studies, American Presidency, Social Networking, Sexism, Media Framing, Political Communication, Public Opinion Media Contact
Lauren Copeland Baldwin Wallace University PhD U.S. American politics, political behavior, public opinion, political communication, digital media use, social media use, political participation, civic engagement, political consumerism (i.e., boycotts and buycotts), public opinion polls, survey research, citizenship norms, elections, environmental politics, ohio politics Media Contact
Ivelisse Cuevas-Molina University of Massachusetts - Amherst PhD Candidate United States turnout, elections, latino/hispanic politics, representation, public opinion, survey methods, overreporting, socially desirable responding, social group identity, race and politics, Puerto Rico Media Contact
Jennifer Cyr University of Arizona PhD Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela political parties, political party resources, political identity, democracy, chavismo, fujimorismo, Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, MAS (Bolivia) , focus groups Media Contact
Kathleen Dolan University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee PhD USA women candidates, gender stereotypes, voting, gender gap Media Contact
Anne Dölemeyer Leipzig University, Germany PhD Candidate Germany Human trafficking, state ethnography, bureaucracy, citizen participation and representation, city planning No Media Contact
Elizabeth Dubois University of Ottawa PhD political engagement, political bots, personal influence, journalism, social network analysis, mixed-methods, Canada Media Contact
Elizabeth Dudash-Buskirk Missouri state university PhD United States Politics, participation, rhetoric, president, POTUS, race, ethnicity, gender, generations, political talk Media Contact
Dana El Kurd University of Texas, Austin PhD Candidate Palestine, Arab world repression, effect of international involvement on domestic politics, state-society relations, democratization, authoritarianism, political mobilization, civil-military relations, Arab world politics, experimental methods No Media Contact
Maria Veronica Elias Eastern Washington University PhD No Media Contact
Lauren Elliott-Dorans Ohio University PhD United States American politics, public opinon, political values, political psychology, voter decision-making Media Contact
Heather Evans Sam Houston State University PhD American Politics, Twitter, Elections, Political Communication Media Contact
Jessica Feezell University of New Mexico PhD Political communication, youth, digital media, public opinion, political behavior Media Contact
Laura L. Frankel Duke University PhD Gender, Socialization, Surveys, Media, Political Ambition, Survey Methods, Political Behavior, Polling, Public Opinion, Political Communication, Identity Media Contact
Amy Fried University of Maine PhD United States 2016 election, history of public opinion, polling, women and politics, political participation, gay and lesbian politics, race and politics, gender equity in the academy Media Contact
Diana Fu University of Toronto PhD China, civil society, labor politics, feminist movement, protest, contention, Media Contact
Charlotte Galpin University of Copenhagen PhD United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, EU Euroscepticism, European identity, the Eurozone crisis, European solidarity, European public sphere, EU democracy, social media, European parliament elections, Germany, UK. Media Contact
Laura Gamboa Utah State University PhD Colombia and Venezuela Regime and Regime Change, Political Parties, Voting Behavior, Experiments, Qualitative Methods, Mixed Methods Media Contact
Olivia Garcia University of Texas, El Paso PhD women of color, social movement groups, intimate partner violence, Violence Against Women Act, interdisciplinary, non-electoral politics Media Contact
Gema García-Albacete Universidad Carlos III de Madrid PhD Spain Political behavior, public opinion, young people's political engagement, political interest, political knowledge, gender gap in politics Media Contact
Tia Sheree Gaynor Marist College PhD United States LGBTQ, social policy, social equity, marginalization, people of color, social justice, political engagement, law enforcement, citizen participation, intersectionality, gender identity, sexual identity Media Contact
Marcia Godwin University of La Verne PhD Local elections, California politics, congressional elections, mayoral elections, local government, public administration, public policy, budgeting, public participation, civic engagement Media Contact
Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant Queen's University PhD Canada Political behaviour, elections, gender and politics, political communication, representation Media Contact
Kristin Goss Duke University PhD USA NGOs, Nonprofits, Gender and Politics, Philanthropy, Political Participation, Gun Politics, Public Policy, Interest Groups Media Contact
Jane Green University of Manchester, UK PhD UK Elections British elections Brexit British Election Study Partisanship Campaigns Voting behavior No Media Contact
Christina Greer Fordham University PhD USA Race, ethnicity, immigration, elections, New York City, New York, political parties, mayor, president, Congress, Black politics, women, gender, voting, 2016 election, urban, campaigns, public opinion, participation, Media Contact
Loubna H. Skalli University of California Washington Center PhD Gender, Youth, Empowerment, Media, Middle East and North Africa Media Contact
Hahrie Han University of California, Santa Barbara PhD Media Contact
Jo-Anne Hart Lesley University (Cambridge, MA); Brown University (Providence, RI) PhD Iran US-Iran, US-Iran politics, Iranian security politics, nuclear agreement, conflict resolution Iran, 2016 election, 2016 election learning activities, 2016 election youth engagement, 2016 election media literacy, youth vote, common ground, peacemaking, military conflict Media Contact
Erin Hern College of Idaho PhD Zambia political participation, democratization, development, service delivery, state-building Media Contact
Lindsay Hoffman University of Delaware PhD USA political communication, 2016 election, technology and politics, social media, political participation, public opinion, perceptions of public opinion, Media coverage of politics, debates, Black Lives Matter, race and diversity, gender, political knowledge Media Contact
Calla Hummel University of Miami PhD Bolivia, Brazil comparative politics, informal work, Latin America, Bolivia, Brazil, corruption Media Contact
Danielle Joesten Martin California State University, Sacramento PhD United States American politics, political behavior, campaigns and elections Media Contact
Kristine Kay University of California, Berkeley PhD Candidate Immigration, Race and Ethnic Politics, Political Psychology, Public Opinion, Partisanship, Surveys & Experiments No Media Contact
Friederike Luise Kelle University of Konstanz PhD self-determination, territory, political violence, nonviolence, secession, religion, sovereignty referendums Media Contact
Erin Kerrison University of California, Berkeley PhD United States Black politics, community action, corrections, courts, criminal justice reform, gender, inequality, legal epidemiology, mass criminalization, mass incarceration, policing, policy, race, rehabilitation, reintegration, restorative justice, sentencing, social movements Media Contact
Samara Klar University of Arizona PhD independent voters, polling, elections, partisanship, identity politics, political psychology Media Contact
Stacy J. Kosko University of Maryland PhD development ethics, human rights, capability approach, multiculturalism, minority rights, group rights, agency, recognition, international development, indigenous peoples, Roma Media Contact
Amy Krings Loyola University of Chicago PhD Environmental justice, Community organizing, Community benefits agreements, social welfare policy Media Contact
Yanna Krupnikov Stony Brook University PhD USA Parties, independent voters, advertising
Fanny Lauby William Paterson University PhD Media Contact
Jessica Lavariega Monforti California Lutheran University PhD U.S. Elections, women, Hispanic, Latinas, policy, immigration, Cuban Americans Media Contact
Jennifer Lawless American University PhD USA women and politics campaigns elections Congress gender stereotyping Media Contact
Ines Levin University of California, Irvine PhD research methods, public opinion, elections, political participation, data science Media Contact
Keena Lipsitz Queens College and The Graduate Center, CUNY PhD United States Campaigns, elections, 2016 elections, political advertising, ideology, campaign finance Media Contact
Shan-Jan Sarah Liu Newcastle University PhD SJSarahLiu gender, immigration, social movements, women's political representation, women's political participation, media, Asian politics Media Contact
Samantha Majic John Jay College-CUNY PhD USA sex work, gender, sexuality, institutions, public policy, civic engagement, social movements Media Contact
Alyssa Maraj Grahame University of Massachusetts Amherst PhD Candidate Iceland, Scotland, European Union Iceland, Scotland, financial crisis, austerity, political economy, protest, West Europe, European Union Media Contact
Lilliana Mason University of Maryland, College Park PhD United States Political psychology, partisanship, polarization, social identity, sorting, participation, elections, voting Media Contact
Gwyneth McClendon Harvard University PhD religion, ethnicity, political participation, political representation, Pentecostalism, political psychology, experiments No Media Contact
Susan McWilliams Pomona College PhD education, liberal arts, literature, pop culture, television Media Contact
Jennifer Merolla University of California, Riverside PhD U.S. 2016 Election, terrorism, public opinion, immigration, women and politics Media Contact
Melissa Michelson Menlo College PhD United States Elections, Race, Ethnicity, Latinos, Immigration, LGBT Rights, Gay Rights, Transgender Rights, California Politics Media Contact
Jamila Michener Cornell University PhD United States Poverty, race, social policy, public policy, urban politics, health policy, Medicaid Media Contact
Kim Nalder California State University, Sacramento PhD USA 2016 Election, California Politics, Public Opinion, Voting Behavior, Misinformation, Political Behavior, Voting Behavior, Term Limits, Political Psychology, Women and Politics, Political Communication, Political Knowledge, Voter Information, Media and Politics Media Contact
Jayme Neiman University of Northern Iowa PhD Biopolitics; Biology and politics; political psychology; language and politics; state politics; American politics; political physiology; public policy; public administration Media Contact
Barbara Norrander University of Arizona PhD presidential primaries, presidential nominations, gender gap Media Contact
Angela Ocampo University of California, Los Angeles PhD Candidate USA Latino politics, racial and ethnic politics, identity, political participation, minority representation, political parties Media Contact
Virginia Oliveros Tulane University PhD Latin America, Argentina Clientelism, Patronage, Corruption, Elections Media Contact
Carah Ong Whaley University of Virgina PhD United States 2016 Election, nuclear weapons, non-governmental organizations, environmental politics Media Contact
Janine Parry University of Arkansas PhD Arkansas/Southern Politics, Women in Politics, Gender and Public Policy, Polling, Voting and Public Opinion, Direct Democracy Media Contact
Brittany Perry Texas A&M University PhD Media Contact
Ngoc Phan University of Southern Mississippi PhD No Media Contact
Tasha Philpot University of Texas at Austin PhD American Politics, Public Opinion, Black Politics, Political Psychology, Political Parties, Political Communication Media Contact
Lori Poloni-Staudinger Northern Arizona University PhD France, Spain, Germany, US Terrorism, Women and Terrorism, Women in Politics, Social Movements, Political Participation, Europe Media Contact
Leesa Rasp University of Missouri - St. Louis PhD Candidate Chile Chile, U.S. presidents, presidency, social mobilization, student movement, student protests, political institutions, comparative politics, the Chilean Winter, Chile 2012 protests, Chilean Penguin Revolution Media Contact
Theresa Reidy University College Cork PhD Ireland Irish politics, voting, elections, referendums Media Contact
Laurie Rhodebeck University of Louisville PhD U.S. equal rights, religious liberty, moral tolerance, gay rights policy, value framing, experimental designs Media Contact
Sanne Rijkhoff Portland State University PhD United States, the Netherlands Attitudes, Cynicism, Political Communication, Political Rhetoric, Political Participation, Political Psychology, Public Opinion, Voting Behavior Media Contact
Danielle Roberts Ulster University PhD Candidate Northern Ireland Gender and politics, Women's Political Participation, Northern Ireland, Unionism, Northern Ireland women's movement, feminism in Northern Ireland. Media Contact
Jennifer Robinson University of Utah PhD Media Contact
Claire Robinson Massey University PhD New Zealand New Zealand politics, election campaigning, media bias, visual bias, political communication, political marketing, leadership image, political advertising, voter advice applications, design and democracy Media Contact
Sarah Romano University of Northern Colorado PhD Nicaragua Water governance, community-based resource management, social movements, collective action, Central America, Nicaragua. No Media Contact
Kimberly Saks McManaway University of Michigan-Flint PhD Candidate Media Contact
Diana Santiago King's College London PhD No Media Contact
Virginia Sapiro Boston University PhD USA 2016 election, higher education, women and politics, gender, elections, voting, public opinion, political psychology, political socialization, age and politics Media Contact
Hindy Schachter New Jersey Institute of Technology PhD citizen participation and productive public management citizen participation and transportation agencies Media Contact
Jen Schradie Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse, Toulouse School of Economics PhD Media Contact
Helena Seibicke University of Oslo PhD Candidate No Media Contact
Rumela Sen Cornell University PhD Candidate India, Nepal, South Asia Insurgency, South Asia, Maoist, Peacebuilding, Peace, Conflict, India, Surrender, Rehabilitation Media Contact
Shauna Shames Rutgers-Camden PhD women, gender, race, ethnicity, immigration, identity, feminism, abortion, reproductive rights, reproductive justice, American politics, presidential power, dystopian government, public opinion Media Contact
Jill Sheppard The Australian National University PhD Media Contact
Victoria Shineman University of Pittsburgh PhD Media Contact
Amy Erica Smith Iowa State University PhD Brazil Latin American politics, religion and politics, evangelicals in Brazil, social networks, voters and elections Media Contact
Brianna Smith University of Minnesota PhD Candidate USA decision making, campaigns, political networks, survey methods, political psychology, threat, participation, public opinion, experimental methods Media Contact
Irina Soboleva Columbia University PhD Candidate Russia, Ukraine, China, India political protest, civi war, contentious politics, revolution, political violence, contested sovereignty, political mobilization, frustration, deprivation, social pressure Media Contact
Mallory SoRelle Lafayette College PhD United States public policy, social policy, regulation, consumer finance, bureaucracy, political engagement, inequality Media Contact
Carole Spary University of Nottingham PhD India Gender, feminism, representation, democracy, parliament, development, politics, policy, empowerment, equality, inequality, federalism. Media Contact
Laura Stephenson University of Western Ontario (Western University) PhD Canada, North America, advanced industrial democracies political behaviour, institutions, electoral systems, Canadian politics, party cues, voting Media Contact
Hayley Stevenson Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Buenos Aires PhD global international environmental policy, climate change, UNFCCC Media Contact
Wendy Stokes London Metropolitan University PhD Women, gender, democracy, social movements, representation, human security Media Contact
Jennifer Stromer-Galley Syracuse University PhD United States Social Media, Campaigns, Trump, Clinton, Sanders, Decision-Making, Influence, Media Effects Media Contact
Celina Su City University of New York PhD United States, Thailand, Burma/ Myanmar voting, political participation, community organizing, youth empowerment, education policy, health, community development, cities, participatory budgeting, participatory democracy, civil society, social movements, nonprofits, NGOs Media Contact
Mona Tajali Agnes Scott College PhD Iran and Turkey Gender and Politics, Women's Political Participation and Representation in MENA region, Human Rights, Gender Quotas Media Contact, No Media Contact
Geneviève Tellier University of Ottawa PhD Canada Budgeting, public finances, fiscal policy, parliamentarism, elections, opinion polls, canadian politics Media Contact
Erin Tolley University of Toronto PhD Canada Canadian politics, electoral representation, women, gender, race Media Contact
Nikki Usher George Washington University PhD USA, UK future of Journalism, social media & politics and journalism, technology/information flows (including algorithms and automation), political communication, political economy, democratic implications for declines in news industry, media effects, media theory, communication theory, media literacy, media credibility Media Contact
Cheryl Van Den Handel Northeaatern State University PhD No Media Contact
Ariadne Vromen University of Sydney PhD Australia Political participation, digital movements, social media, young people, Media Contact
Nancy J. Walker Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University PhD Civil Military Relations; Security Sector Governance; Women and Leadership; National Security Decision Making; Peace Support Operations; United Nations; Inter Agency Coopertion Media Contact
Hannah Walker Georgetown University PhD mass incarceration, race, protest politics, immigrant detention, community policing Media Contact
Denise Walsh University of Virginia PhD South Africa, Chile, Poland, Canada, France Women's rights in the global South, democratization, identity politics, quotas, feminism and feminist theory, multiculturalism, customary law, polygamy, South African politics, women's movements and non-governmental organizations, indigenous politics in Canada, Muslim women in Europe, the European Court of Human Rights, diversity and discrimination in political science and the academy, gender-based violence Media Contact
Vesla Mae Weaver Yale University PhD criminal justice, incarceration, policing, race, inequality, marginality, black politics, American politics, colorist Media Contact
Bozena Welborne Smith College PhD Media Contact
Emily West New York University PhD Candidate American Politics, Comparative Politics, Political Psychology, Identity Politics, Race and Ethnic Politics, Gender Politics, Descriptive Representation, Identity and Inequality, Experimental Methods. Media Contact
Amber Wichowsky Marquette University PhD United States Media Contact
Deva Woodly New School PhD USA political discourse, public opinion, democratic theory, political economy, social movements Media Contact
Carla Xena University of Oxford PhD Political Behaviour, Public Opinion, Political Attitudes, Survey Methodology, Structural Equation Modelling, Measurement Modelling Media Contact
Anaid Yerena University of Washington Tacoma PhD United States, Mexico affordable housing, resident participation, civic engagement, e-governance, social media, housing search, advocacy organizations, homelessness, housing policies Media Contact
Dannagal Young University of Delaware PhD United States Public opinion, media effects, satire, late-night, entertainment, political psychology, elections Media Contact