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First NameLast NameUniversityPhDCountry FocusKeywordsAvailability
Brooke Ackerly Vanderbilt University PhD Global, Bangladesh Bangladesh, climate change, climate justice, labor rights, garment workers, worker safety, worker rights Media Contact
Emily Beausoleil Massey University PhD Political theory, democratic theory, multicultural theory, politics of difference, receptivity, embodiment, affect, aesthetics, performance, political communication. Media Contact
Deborah Beim Yale University PhD Media Contact
Sigal Ben-Porath University of Pennsylvania PhD Israel, United States education policy, civic education, youth political engagement, school choice Media Contact
Angelica Bernal University of Massachusetts Amherst PhD Ecuador Latin America, Political Theory, Indigenous Rights, Indigenous Social Movements, Constitution-Making, Extractivism, Popular Power, Populism, Revolutions Media Contact
Susan Bickford University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill PhD democratic theory, feminist theory, inequality, gender, ancient Greek political thought, reason and emotion, listening, cities No Media Contact
Christine Bird University of Texas at Austin PhD Candidate Public Law, American Politics, Civil Rights Law, Constitutional Law, American Political Development, Nonprofit Organizations, Equal Protection, Judicial Politics, Law and Courts No Media Contact
Yuna Blajer de la Garza University of Chicago PhD Candidate Mexico, France citizenship, belonging, democratic theory, political identities, political theory, nationalism, trust, comparative politics, judicial politics, punitive state, critical theory, critical race theory Media Contact
Jessica Blankshain U.S. Naval War College PhD United States foreign policy, civil-military relations, bureaucratic politics Media Contact
Olga Chyzh Iowa State University PhD International networks; indirect trade; repression; human rights; authoritarian regimes No Media Contact
Alyson Cole Queens College & The Graduate Center, City University of New York PhD Media Contact
Chiara Cordelli University of Chicago PhD Economic justice, inequality, philanthropy, privatization, nonprofits, relational resources. Media Contact
Emine Deniz New York University PhD Candidate Turkey,Turkish Kurdistan Conflict, education, healthcare,justice system, urban politics Media Contact
Suzanne Dovi University of Arizon PhD Representation of women and historically disadvantaged groups, ICC, democracy, American Political Thought, Media Contact
Loubna El Amine Georgetown University PhD China Media Contact
Charlotte Epstein The University of Sydney PhD Australia, France surveillance, privacy, discourse, whaling Media Contact
Chelsea Estancona University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill PhD Candidate civil war, rebel groups, natural resources, terrorism, militias Media Contact
Sandra Leonie Field Yale-NUS College PhD early modern philosophy, democratic theory, concepts of power. No Media Contact
Kathryn Fisher National Defense University PhD International Relations, security studies, insecurity, discourse, identity construction, international political sociology, critical security studies, relational/interpretive research methodologies, poststructural discourse analysis, boundaries, critical terrorism studies, counterterrorism, British counterterrorism law, pedagogy/andragogy, language, legitimacy. Media Contact
Jennifer Forestal Stockton University PhD Social media, political theory, American political thought, technology, architecture, software design, public sphere, civic education, civic engagement No Media Contact
Megan Gallagher Vanderbilt University PhD democratic theory, early modern, enlightenment, emotions, feminist political theory, history of political thought, politics and literature No Media Contact
Katie Glanz Johns Hopkins University PhD Candidate psychoanalysis, feminism, political theory, queer theory, feminist theory Media Contact
Marlies Glasius University of Amsterdam PhD Global Civil Society, Authoritarianism, International Criminal Justice, Human Security Media Contact
Lilly Goren Carroll University PhD United States Women and the White House Gender and Politics 2016 Presidential Election Popular Culture Anger, Emotions and the Electorate Television and Politics Media Contact
Judith Grant Ohio University PhD France Feminist theory, Marxism, cultural studies, France, Frankfurt School, critical theory, European theory No Media Contact
Amanda Grigg University of Michigan PhD United States health politics, feminist theory, race, gender, and political representation, welfare politics, poverty, wrongful conviction, exonerations, the death penalty Media Contact
Ayten Gundogdu Barnard College-Columbia University PhD human rights, migration, refugees, Hannah Arendt No Media Contact
Renee Heberle University of Toledo PhD Media Contact
Nancy Hirschmann The University of Pennsylvania PhD Women's rights, disability rights, gender in the 2016 election, race in the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Media Contact
Kelly Kadera University of Iowa PhD Media Contact
Georgia Kernell University of California, Los Angeles PhD political parties, elections, Europe, communication, formal and quantitative methods Media Contact
Katherine Kidder Kansas State University PhD Candidate South Asia congressional-executive relations, presidential politics, defense, military, national security policy, foreign assistance policy Media Contact
Helen Kinsella University of Wisconsin Madison, Department of Political Science PhD Afghanistan armed conflict, humanitarian law, human rights law, refugee law, contemporary political theory, feminist theory, drones, counterinsurgency, gender Media Contact
Neveser Koker Arizona State University PhD Turkey, France Citizenship, inclusion and exclusion, politics of belonging, imperialism and colonialism, cosmopolitanism, transnational feminism(s), politics of language, politics and literature, Turkey, France, feminist political theory, 18th and 19th century political thought, comparative political theory Media Contact
Stacy J. Kosko University of Maryland PhD development ethics, human rights, capability approach, multiculturalism, minority rights, group rights, agency, recognition, international development, indigenous peoples, Roma Media Contact
Dianne Lalonde Western University PhD Candidate Canada Cultural Appropriation, Culture, Multiculturalism, Feminism Media Contact
Jennifer Larson New York University PhD Social Networks, Cooperation, Norms Media Contact
Liron Lavi Tel Aviv University PhD Candidate Israel Media Contact
Rebecca LeMoine Florida Atlantic University PhD Plato, ancient Greece, ancient political thought, multiculturalism, virtue, education Media Contact
Bahar Leventoglu Duke University PhD No Media Contact
Jinee Lokaneeta Drew University PhD India, United States Torture, Law and Violence, human rights, liberal democratic states, state violence, Interrogations, Policing, state theory, Law and Science. Media Contact
Elizabeth Markovits Mount Holyoke College PhD feminist theory, feminism, future, justice, intergenerational justice, ancient Greece, Plato, Socrates, Greek tragedy, democratic theory, mothers, carework, children, sincerity, authenticity, rhetoric Media Contact
Briana McGinnis McGill University PhD USA Political theory, exclusion, exile, banishment, citizenship, punishment, mass incarceration, collateral consequences, criminalization, democratic theory, law and society Media Contact
Alison McQueen Stanford University PhD apocalypse, catastrophe, history of political thought, methods of textual interpretation, political realism, political theory, religion, religious violence Media Contact
Susan McWilliams Pomona College PhD education, liberal arts, literature, pop culture, television Media Contact
Rupal Mehta University of Nebraska-Lincoln PhD International security, nuclear weapons, deterrence, US foreign policy, research design, formal theory, quantitative methods Media Contact
Kristina Meshelski California State University, Northridge PhD Media Contact
Audra Mitchell Balsillie School of International Affairs, Wilfrid Laurier University PhD global ethics, security studies, geopolitics, environment, extinction, global political ecology, technology and disruptive technology, decolonisation, Indigenous research, space colonisation and security, political philosophy Media Contact
Colleen Murphy University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign PhD transitional justice, political reconciliation, natural disasters, ethics of development Media Contact
Emily Nacol Vanderbilt University PhD Media Contact
Monika Nalepa The University of Chicago PhD Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia. Transitional Justice, Political Organizations and Parties, Legislatures, Comparative Political Institutions, Lustration. Media Contact
Jennifer Page University of Zurich PhD United States reparations, political apologies, restorative justice, official wrongdoing, ethics of policing / the police use of force, philosophy of race, race & ethnicity, philosophy of law, philosophy of criminal law Media Contact
Mindy Peden John Carroll University PhD Media Contact
Menaka Philips Tulane PhD Late-modern political thought (JS Mill), feminist and gender studies, contemporary democratic theory, postcolonial politics and studies of empire No Media Contact
Heather Pool Denison University PhD United States race, death, mourning, law, responsibility, identity, belonging, racial formation in the United States Media Contact
Claire Rasmussen University of Delaware PhD United States reproductive rights, women's rights, gender and sexuality, LGBTQ politics, marriage equality, animal rights Media Contact
Melanie Richter-Montpetit University of Sheffield (UK) PhD USA International Relations; War and Security Studies; Feminist, Queer and Decolonial theory and politics. Media Contact
Emily Ritter University of California, Merced PhD Repression, Dissent, Human Rights, International Organizations, Political Violence, Formal Theory No Media Contact
Heather Roff University of Oxford and Arizona State University PhD USA autonomous weapons, artificial intelligence, robotics, cybersecurity, emerging technology, international law, human rights, just war theory Media Contact
Julie Rose Dartmouth College PhD political theory, economic justice, economic growth, inequality, work, free time, work-life balance Media Contact
Sara Rushing Montana State University, Bozeman PhD Media Contact
Michelle Schwarze University of Wisconsin, Madison PhD Scotland political theory, moral philosophy, modern political thought, liberalism, Scottish Enlightenment, economic inequality, Adam Smith, David Hume, political right Media Contact
Jacqueline Sievert Bowling Green State University PhD Middle East and North Africa Comparative Courts, Formal Theory, Authoritarian Institutions, Bargaining, Civil War, Judicial Politics, Repression Media Contact
Sarah Song U.C. Berkeley PhD Immigration and Citizenship; Gender and Politics; Political Theory; Refugees; Race, Ethnicity and Politics; Religion and Politics Media Contact
Wendy Stokes London Metropolitan University PhD Women, gender, democracy, social movements, representation, human security Media Contact
Kirstine Taylor Ohio University PhD No Media Contact
Linnea Turco The Ohio State University PhD Candidate International Relations theory, social theory, ethics of international politics, security studies, moral discourse in international politics, international theory No Media Contact
Nina Valiquette Moreau University of Chicago PhD political judgment; aesthetics and politics; affect; emotions; jurisprudence; music; ancient Greece, Plato Media Contact
Denise Walsh University of Virginia PhD South Africa, Chile, Poland, Canada, France Women's rights in the global South, democratization, identity politics, quotas, feminism and feminist theory, multiculturalism, customary law, polygamy, South African politics, women's movements and non-governmental organizations, indigenous politics in Canada, Muslim women in Europe, the European Court of Human Rights, diversity and discrimination in political science and the academy, gender-based violence Media Contact
Deva Woodly New School PhD USA political discourse, public opinion, democratic theory, political economy, social movements Media Contact
Gina Yannitell Reinhardt University of Essex PhD Emergency Management, Development Assistance, Elections, Natural Disasters, Foreign Aid, Discrimination, NGOs, Political Economy, Decision-making Under Uncertainty, Humanitarian Assistance, International Development Media Contact
Jasmine Yarish University of California, Santa Barbara PhD Candidate Abolitionist Politics, Intersectionality, Philadelphia, Black Studies, Democratic Theory Media Contact
Carla Yumatle Brown PhD Media Contact
Veronica Zebadua Yanez New School for Social Research PhD Candidate feminist theory, political theory, gender violence, gender justice, women's rights, human rights, gender policy. No Media Contact
Alexa Zellentin University College Dublin PhD Climate Change, Human Rights, Cultural Rights, Liberal Neutrality Media Contact
Susanne Zwingel Florida International University PhD Women’s rights, norm translation, gender equality advocacy around the world, global governance and gender, feminist, constructivist and post-colonial IR theories, gender and armed conflict Media Contact