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First NameLast NameUniversityPhDCountry FocusKeywordsAvailability
Mary Beth Altier New York University PhD Terrorism, radicalization, disengagement, political violence, political behavior, elections, voting, ethnic conflict, nationalism, civil conflict, international security, foreign policy. Media Contact
Camila Andrade Gripp The New School PhD Candidate Media Contact
Deborah Avant Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver PhD Private security, private military, global governance, non-state actors, civil-military relations, control of violence Media Contact
Kristin M. Bakke University College London PhD Russia, Eurasian de facto states (Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Transdniestria), some work on India, Canada (Quebec), Northern Ireland, and Guatemala Political violence, civil war, self-determination conflicts, post-conflict societies, de facto states, foreign fighters, civil society Media Contact
Caglayan Baser Loyola University Chicago PhD Candidate Turkey Conflict Processes & War, Gender And Politics, Political Violence, Terrorism Media Contact
Laura Bell West Texas A&M University PhD Lebanon assassination, terrorism, political violence, the Middle East and North Africa, repression Media Contact
Marie Berry Josef Korbel School, University of Denver PhD Rwanda, Bosnia-Herzegovina war, political violence, gender, women, politics, genocide, Rwanda, Bosnia Media Contact
Yelena Biberman Skidmore College PhD Pakistan, India unconventional warfare, militias, terrorism, counterinsurgency Media Contact
Amanda H. Blair University of Chicago PhD Candidate Uganda, Sierra Leone, Rwanda armed conflict, sexual and gender-based violence, african politics, feminist theory Media Contact
Inken Borzyskowski Florida State University PhD International organizations, election assistance, election violence, conflict management, democratization No Media Contact
Jessica Maves Braithwaite University of Arizona PhD civil war, nonviolent resistance, repression, democratization, coups, conflict diffusion Media Contact
Susanna Campbell Graduate Institute, Geneva/ American University PhD Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nepal, Sudan, South Sudan Peacebuilding, Peacekeeping, Development, Humanitarian Aid, International Organizations, International Non-Governmental Organizations, Foreign Aid Donors, United Nations Media Contact
Erica Chenoweth University of Denver PhD political violence, terrorism, nonviolent resistance, protest, counterterrorism, democratization, foreign policy Media Contact
Julie Chernov Hwang Goucher College PhD Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey Terrorism, disengagement, political violence, Islamist parties, political Islam, Indonesia, Malaysia Media Contact
Amanda Chisholm Newcastle University PhD private military and security companies, security studies, international political economy, feminism, labour chains, migration, household, military, militarism, masculinities, postcolonialism Media Contact
Deniz Cil University of Maryland PhD Candidate Implementation of Peace Agreements, Conflict Termination, Civil War, Peacekeeping, Civil Community Organizations, Aid and Conflict No Media Contact
Bridget Coggins University of California, Santa Barbara PhD Somalia, Northeast Asia Secession, civil war, diplomatic recognition, rebel diplomacy, terrorism, maritime piracy, illicit trafficking, state failure Media Contact
Courtenay Conrad University of California, Merced PhD Human rights, state repression, international organizations, torture Media Contact
Rebecca Cordell Arizona State University PhD international conflict and cooperation, international security, political violence, state repression, human rights, secrecy No Media Contact
Kathleen Gallagher Cunningham University of Maryland PhD political violence, nonviolence, secession, self-determination, nationalism Media Contact
Sarah Zukerman Daly University of Notre Dame PhD Media Contact
Erica De Bruin Hamilton College PhD civil-military relations, coups d'etat, civil-war, militas Media Contact
Jacqueline DeMeritt University of North Texas PhD Media Contact
Priya Dixit Virginia Tech PhD South Asia, United States Terrorism and counterterrorism, causes of war, identity politics Media Contact
Cassy Dorff University of Denver PhD Mexico conflict evolution, political violence, civilian survival, nonviolent action, resistance strategies,criminal conflicts Media Contact
Mila Dragojevic Sewanee, the University of the South PhD political violence, immigration and citizenship, refugees, identity formation, race and ethnicity politics No Media Contact
Oya Dursun-Ozkanca Elizabethtown College PhD Turkey, Kosovo, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro Transatlantic security, security sector reform, NATO, EU Foreign Policy, Turkish foreign policy No Media Contact
Kristine Eck Uppsala University PhD civil war, human rights, state repression, violence against civilians, rebel recruitment Media Contact
Jennifer Philippa Eggert University of Warwick PhD Candidate Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Israel, Germany, UK, France Terrorism, extremism, political violence, war, civil war, conflict, migration, integration, diversity, women, gender, culture, Islam, intercultural relations, interfaith dialogue, Islam in Europe, Islam in the West, ISIS, IS, Islamic State, Daesh, foreign fighters, terrorist organisations, militias, Lebanese Civil War, Islamism Media Contact
Dana El Kurd University of Texas, Austin PhD Candidate Palestine, Arab world repression, effect of international involvement on domestic politics, state-society relations, democratization, authoritarianism, political mobilization, civil-military relations, Arab world politics, experimental methods No Media Contact
Emma Elfversson Uppsala University PhD Candidate Kenya communal conflict, conflict resolution, mediation, land conflict, governance, political violence, African politics Media Contact
Kathryn Fisher National Defense University PhD International Relations, security studies, insecurity, discourse, identity construction, international political sociology, critical security studies, relational/interpretive research methodologies, poststructural discourse analysis, boundaries, critical terrorism studies, counterterrorism, British counterterrorism law, pedagogy/andragogy, language, legitimacy. Media Contact
Valerie Freeland Simon Fraser University PhD Peripheral state strategies, political patronage, human rights, transitional justice, socialization, international relations theory Media Contact
Emily Kalah Gade University of Washington PhD Candidate Political Violence, Conflict, Non-violent Resistance, Civilians in Conflict, Terrorism, Civil War, Insurgency, Peacekeeping, Noncombatant immunity, Text as Data Media Contact
Carolyn Gallaher American University PhD United States, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Political violence, , conflict processes and war, Loyalist Paramilitaries in Northern Ireland, Militias in the United States, Religious Right in the U.S., Narcotraffickers in Mexico, Urban Politics, gentrification Media Contact
Carol Jean Gallo Cambridge University PhD Candidate Democratic Republic of the Congo DDR; peacebuilding; postcolonialism; feminism; ethnography No Media Contact
Caron Gentry University of St Andrews PhD gender, terrorism, political violence, women Media Contact
Anne Marie Goetz New York University PhD ethnic conflict, women and peace and security, gender and development, corruption and accountability, democratization, fragile states, mediation and conflict resolution, micro-finance, peacebuilding Media Contact
Anita Gohdes Harvard University PhD Human rights, political violence, civil war, data analysis, New media and conflict No Media Contact
Margaret Gonzalez-Perez Southeastern Louisiana University PhD Terrorism, female suicide bombers, Middle East politics, international relations, religion and politics, political violence Media Contact
Sheena Chestnut Greitens University of Missouri / Brookings Institution PhD China, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines East Asia, China, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, security, authoritarian, democratization, dictatorship, repression Media Contact
Meg Guliford Tufts University PhD Candidate Military Intervention, Civilian Violence, Political Violence, Counterinsurgency Media Contact
Vannessa Hearman University of Sydney PhD Indonesia 1965 killings, Indonesia, East Timor, human rights, justice, accountability, Indonesia-Australia relations Media Contact
Renee Heberle University of Toledo PhD Media Contact
Alexis Henshaw Bucknell University PhD Civil conflict, insurgency, sexual violence Media Contact
Jean Hong Hong Kong University of Science and Technology PhD China, Korea, Taiwan Political science, comparative politics, political economy, authoritarian regime, China, Korea Media Contact
Reyko Huang Texas A&M University PhD rebel governance, religion and violence, democratization, statebuilding, interventions Media Contact
Jaime Jackson University of California, Davis PhD Candidate civil conflict, external support, strategic nonviolence, social network analysis, research methods No Media Contact
Corinna Jentzsch Leiden University PhD Mozambique civil war; militias; Media Contact
Kelly Kadera University of Iowa PhD Media Contact
Sabrina Karim Cornell University PhD Liberia, Peru, Bangladesh Conflict, Political Violence, Peacekeeping, Security Sector Reform, Gender, Policing, International Security, International Politics, United Nations, African Politics Media Contact
Erin Kearns University of Alabama PhD Terrorism, counterterrorism, media, public perception Media Contact
Friederike Luise Kelle University of Konstanz PhD self-determination, territory, political violence, nonviolence, secession, religion, sovereignty referendums Media Contact
Helen Kinsella University of Wisconsin Madison, Department of Political Science PhD Afghanistan armed conflict, humanitarian law, human rights law, refugee law, contemporary political theory, feminist theory, drones, counterinsurgency, gender Media Contact
Shanna Kirschner Allegheny College PhD Civil wars, ethnic politics, political violence, Middle Eastern politics, conflict Media Contact
Kathleen Klaus Northwestern University PhD Kenya, Ghana Political Violence, electoral violence, African elections, land rights, post-conflict politics, internal migration, identity politics Media Contact
Autoosa Kojoori University of Nevada Las Vegas PhD Iran MENA MENA, Political Instability, Political Conflict, Terrorism, Inequality, Development, Social media and mobilization, Revolutions, Human Rights, Islam, Religion, factionalism Media Contact
Krystin Krause Emory & Henry College PhD Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras crime, public security, police reform, political violence, rule of law, corruption, Latin America, organized crime Media Contact
Roxanne Krystalli The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy PhD Candidate Colombia, Greece Gender-based violence in war, transitions from conflict to peace, transitional justice, gender and politics, Colombia, victims, reparations, enforced disappearance, sexual violence Media Contact
Milli Lake Arizona State University PhD East/Central Africa Rule of law, state building, gender, NGOs, civil conflict, political violence, human rights No Media Contact
Adrienne LeBas American University PhD Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe African elections, political violence, electoral violence, political parties, social movements, protest, urban politics, Boko Haram, terrorism, public opinion, Lagos, taxation, rule of law Media Contact
Janet Lewis US Naval Academy PhD Uganda Insurgency, civil war, tribal and ethnic politics, intergovernmental balance of power, Sub-Saharan Africa, Uganda Media Contact
Mathilda Lindgren Uppsala University PhD Candidate conflict resolution, mediation, armed conflict, nonviolence, sexual violence No Media Contact
Aditi Malik Penn State University PhD Kenya, India, Rwanda Electoral Violence, Political Parties, Ethnic Politics, Post-Conflict Reconstruction. Media Contact
Andrea Malji Transylvania University PhD India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nigeria ISIS, Al Qaeda, terrorism, political violence, suicide terrorism, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Islam, Boko Haram Media Contact
Zoe Marks University of Edinburgh PhD Sierra Leone Conflict, Civil War, Rebel Groups, Sexual Violence, Political Violence, Gender, Peacebuilding, Transitional Justice, Development, Africa Media Contact
Aila Matanock University of California, Berkeley PhD Media Contact
Ioana Emy Matesan Wesleyan University PhD Egypt, Indonesia Political violence, terrorism, deradicalization, comparative democratization, political Islam, Middle East politics Media Contact
Eleonora Mattiacci Amherst College PhD nuclear reversal, nuclear disarmament, 2011 Libyan civil war Media Contact
Sara Meger Central European University PhD Democratic Republic of Congo international relations, international security, feminism, sexual violence, war, political violence Media Contact
Claire Metelits American University PhD Eastern Africa; Western Sahara Conflict, security studies, Africa, Armed groups, Critical Security Studies Media Contact
Dipali Mukhopadhyay Columbia University PhD Afghanistan, Syria No Media Contact
Susan Norman Hobart and William Smith Colleges PhD Colombia, Bolivia, Conflict, Drugs, Development Media Contact
Jennifer Page University of Zurich PhD United States reparations, political apologies, restorative justice, official wrongdoing, ethics of policing / the police use of force, philosophy of race, race & ethnicity, philosophy of law, philosophy of criminal law Media Contact
Sarah Parkinson University of Minnesota PhD Media Contact
Elizabeth Pearson King's College London PhD Candidate Nigeria, UK extremism, gender, women, Jihad, counter-Jihad, Boko Haram, ISIS, radicalisation, violent extremism, CVE, terrorism Media Contact
Andrea Peto Central European University PhD Hungary, Eastern Europe, Central Europe gender, politics, illiberalism, gender studies, Hungary, cultural history, memory, cultural memory, memory politics, Holocaust, qualitative methods, sociali history, Central Europe, far right politics, political extremism, fascism, gender history, women's history, oral history, Media Contact
Katharine Petrich Northeastern University PhD Candidate Terrorism, Transnational Crime, South Asia, Latin America, Africa Media Contact
Marina Petrova University of Essex PhD Candidate Yemen intrastate conflict, contentious politics, quantitative methods, violent and nonviolent dissent, non-state actors, international relations Media Contact
Melanie Richter-Montpetit University of Sheffield (UK) PhD USA International Relations; War and Security Studies; Feminist, Queer and Decolonial theory and politics. Media Contact
Emily Ritter University of California, Merced PhD Repression, Dissent, Human Rights, International Organizations, Political Violence, Formal Theory No Media Contact
Belgin San-Akca Koc University PhD Media Contact
Livia Schubiger London School of Economics and Political Science PhD State Violence, Organized Crime, Wartime Collective Action, Civilian Mobilization, Armed Groups No Media Contact
Rumela Sen Cornell University PhD Candidate India, Nepal, South Asia Insurgency, South Asia, Maoist, Peacebuilding, Peace, Conflict, India, Surrender, Rehabilitation Media Contact
Kathryn Sikkink Harvard PhD Argentina, Uruguay, International Relations, Human Rights, International Organizations and Law, Transitional Justice, International Norms, Transnational Issue Networks, Transnational Social Movements, Women's Rights Media Contact
Christine Sixta Rinehart University of South Carolina PhD Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Iran, Columbia, Mexico International Terrorism Counterterrorism and Security Female Terrorism United States' Foreign Policy Media Contact
Laura Sjoberg University of Florida PhD feminist theory, gender studies, international security No Media Contact
Irina Soboleva Columbia University PhD Candidate Russia, Ukraine, China, India political protest, civi war, contentious politics, revolution, political violence, contested sovereignty, political mobilization, frustration, deprivation, social pressure Media Contact
Cecilia Emma Sottilotta LUISS University, Rome PhD Italy political risk, southern europe Media Contact
Lisa Stampnitzky University of Sheffield PhD USA terrorism, political violence, war on terror, expertise, terrorism experts, torture, human rights, international law, international norms, political discourse Media Contact
Abbey Steele University of Amsterdam PhD Colombia civil war, refugees, state-building, counter-insurgency, research design Media Contact
Izabela Steflja Tulane University, New Orleans PhD Rwanda, Bosnia, Serbia transitional justice, reconciliation, international criminal tribunals, international criminal justice, civil war, ethnic conflict, genocide Media Contact
Megan Stewart American University PhD East Timor, Eritrea, Lebanon Insurgencies, civil war, state-building, state formation, political violence, post-conflict reconstruction, governance, secession Media Contact
Sherrill Stroschein University College London PhD Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia, Eastern Europe generally Ethnicity, nationalism, democracy, divided societies, ethnic conflict, ethnic parties, ethnic fragmentation, federalism, ethnic mobilization No Media Contact
Carla Suarez Dalhousie University PhD Candidate Democratic Republic of the COngo Political Violence, Non-State Governance, Rebel Groups, State-Civil-Rebel Relations, Civilian Agency, African Politics, Transitional Justice, Contentious Politics, Human Rights, Qualitative Methods, Latin America Politics Media Contact
Patricia Sullivan University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill PhD military intervention, military aid, war outcomes, public support Media Contact
Ora Szekely Clark University PhD Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Jordan Non-state military actors, Middle East, civil war, political violence. Media Contact
Courtney Thomas Virginia Tech PhD United States food safety, food security, hunger, food labeling Media Contact
Alana Tiemessen Endicott College PhD International justice, international courts, International Criminal Court, human rights, humanitarian intervention, failed states Media Contact
Lucia Tiscornia University of Notre Dame PhD Candidate violence, police reform No Media Contact
Risa Toha Yale-NUS PhD Indonesia Ethnic politics, political violence, new democracies, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, distributive politics, political economy of development No Media Contact
Laura Vinson Oklahoma State University PhD Nigeria African politics, Nigeria, ethnic and religious conflict, power-sharing institutions, Pentecostal-charismatic resurgence, humanitarianism Media Contact
Christine Wade Washington College PhD El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica Central America, peace building, peace processes, revolutions, democratization, human rights Media Contact
Beth Elise Whitaker University of North Carolina, Charlotte PhD Kenya, Tanzania Migration and security in Africa, funding of rebel groups, politics of immigration, refugees, counter-terrorism, diaspora politics Media Contact
Jenifer Whitten-Woodring University of Massachusetts Lowell PhD media freedom, human rights, internet, censorship, journalism, democratization, repression and dissent Media Contact
Annick T.R. Wibben University of San Francisco PhD Media Contact
Krista Wiegand University of Tennnessee PhD territorial disputes, maritime disputes, political violence, terrorism, South China Sea Media Contact
Leah Windsor The University of Memphis PhD text-as-data, authoritarian regimes, governance, language, extremism, gender, dictatorships, populism Media Contact
Anne Wolf University of Oxford PhD Candidate Tunisia, Morocco political Islam, terrorism, Ansar al-Sharia, Tunisia's Ennahda, Tunisia's Nidaa Tounes and secular party politics, elections, democratization, Moroccan foreign policy, Moroccan religious reforms, religious education in Morocco Media Contact
Yael Zeira University of Mississippi PhD Comparative politics, international relations, political conflict and violence, authoritarian regimes, Middle East politics, international public opinion No Media Contact
Corri Zoli Syracuse University PhD Quantitative Conflict, Laws of Armed Conflict, International Humanitarian Law, International Law, International Security, Security Studies, Terrorism, Islamic Studies, Mixed Methods, Qualitative Methods, U.S. Military and Defense Policy, U.S. Servicemembers and Veterans Media Contact
Sherifa Zuhur University of California, Berkeley PhD Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen Government/policy in Arab states U.S. Middle East foreign policy U.S. defense policy in the Middle East Counterterrorism in the Middle East Political development in the Middle East Media Contact