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First NameLast NameUniversityPhDCountry FocusKeywordsAvailability
Nelli Babayan Transatlantic Academy PhD Media Contact
Kristin M. Bakke University College London PhD Russia, Eurasian de facto states (Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Transdniestria), some work on India, Canada (Quebec), Northern Ireland, and Guatemala Political violence, civil war, self-determination conflicts, post-conflict societies, de facto states, foreign fighters, civil society Media Contact
Ingrid Bego Hastings College PhD Albania, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo democratization, state-building, equal employment, representation Media Contact
Lenka Bustikova Arizona State University PhD Czech Republic radical right parties No Media Contact
Licia Cianetti Canterbury Christ Church University PhD Estonia, Latvia minority politics comparative politics post-communist politics democracy urban politics Media Contact
Iza Ding University of Pittsburgh PhD China Environmental politics, Environmental policy, Political economy of development, Chinese politics, Politics of Eastern Europe, Political memory Media Contact
Mila Dragojevic Sewanee, the University of the South PhD political violence, immigration and citizenship, refugees, identity formation, race and ethnicity politics No Media Contact
Allison Evans Western New Mexico University PhD No Media Contact
Rebecca Fradkin University of Oxford PhD Candidate Kazakhstan, Russia Religion & Politics, Post-Communist Politics, Authoritarian Regimes, Nation Building, Kazakhstan, Russia Media Contact
Jacqueline Gehring University of California, Santa Cruz PhD Germany, France, Belgium racism, European Union, immigration, law, rights, Roma, Islam, Germany, France, sports, citizenship, nationalism, Media Contact
Julie George Queens College and The Graduate Center, CUNY PhD Georgia Georgia; Caucasus; former Communist region; democratization; ethnic conflict; state building Media Contact
Yana Gorokhovskaia Columbia University PhD Russia, former Soviet Union authoritarianism, Russia, protest, civil society, elections, voter turnout Media Contact
Jana Grittersova UC Riverside PhD Eastern Europe, European Union Media Contact
Anna Grzymala-Busse Stanford University PhD Poland, Eastern Europe church and state, authoritarian politics, political parties, nationalism, state building Media Contact
Emily Holland Columbia University PhD Candidate Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania Energy Politics, Russia, Gas, Gazprom, Ukraine, Oligarchs, Corruption, Trade, Oil, Foreign Policy Media Contact
Roselyn Hsueh Temple University PhD China/ East Asia, India, Russia, developing countries market reform, globalization, comparative capitalism, industrial policy, development, institutions, regulation, governance, political economy, China, India, Russia, developing countries Media Contact
Laura Jakli University of California, Berkeley PhD Candidate Media Contact
Juliet johnson McGill University PhD Media Contact
Sandra Joireman University of Richmond PhD Kosovo, Uganda, Liberia, Property Rights, development, migration, post-conflict, customary law, land rights, ethnic conflict, women Media Contact
Pamela Jordan Southern New Hampshire University PhD former Soviet Union Russian foreign policy, Russian espionage/intelligence, international human rights, climate change and political behavior Media Contact
Eleanor Knott London School of Economics & University College London PhD Crimea, Ukraine, Moldova ethnic politics, citizenship, interpretive methods, kin-state relations, Media Contact
Petia Kostadinova University of Illinois at Chicago PhD Media Contact
Melinda Kovacs Missouri Western State University PhD Hungary Political discourse, gender, political theory, teaching political science Media Contact
Ali Lantukh Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro PhD Candidate Russia BRICS, rising powers, development, No Media Contact
Eva Lebedova Palacky University, Olomouc PhD Czech Republic, Central Europe Political Communication, Political Marketing, Elections and Election campaigning, Czech Politics Media Contact
Kristin Makszin Central European University PhD Hungary Media Contact
Kimberley Manning Concordia University PhD Chinese politics, women's activism, gender politics, transgender issues Media Contact
Jennifer Mathers Aberystwyth University PhD Russia Russian politics, Russian foreign and defence policy, women and war Media Contact
Lauren McCarthy University of Massachusetts Amherst PhD Russia Human trafficking, Russia, Post-Soviet politics, police, law enforcement Media Contact
Monika Nalepa The University of Chicago PhD Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia. Transitional Justice, Political Organizations and Parties, Legislatures, Comparative Political Institutions, Lustration. Media Contact
Elena Nikolova Institute for East and Southeast European Studies - Regensburg; European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Central European Labor Studies Institute PhD Bulgaria, Greece, Ukraine, post-communist region political economy, comparative political institutions, democracy and democratization, politics of transition region, corruption, public policy Media Contact
Ausra Park Siena College PhD Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus Political leadership, foreign policy, migration, human trafficking, female executives, political economy Media Contact
Andrea Peto Central European University PhD Hungary, Eastern Europe, Central Europe gender, politics, illiberalism, gender studies, Hungary, cultural history, memory, cultural memory, memory politics, Holocaust, qualitative methods, sociali history, Central Europe, far right politics, political extremism, fascism, gender history, women's history, oral history, Media Contact
Rachel Salzman Georgetown University PhD Russia Russia, BRICS, US-Russian relations, international economics. political rhetoric No Media Contact
Ani Sarkissian Michigan State University PhD Turkey, Armenia religion and politics, Islam, authoritarianism, democratization, civil society No Media Contact
Caress Schenk Nazarbayev University PhD Russia, Kazakhstan Media Contact
Maria Snegovaya Columbia University PhD Candidate Eastern Europe (Hungary, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine) Russia, Ukraiine, radical right, comparative politics, autocracies, foreign policy Media Contact
Valerie Sperling Clark University PhD Russia Russia, gender, masculinity, LGBT, European Court of Human Rights, gender discrimination, 2016 election and gender issues Media Contact
Izabela Steflja Tulane University, New Orleans PhD Rwanda, Bosnia, Serbia transitional justice, reconciliation, international criminal tribunals, international criminal justice, civil war, ethnic conflict, genocide Media Contact
Sherrill Stroschein University College London PhD Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia, Eastern Europe generally Ethnicity, nationalism, democracy, divided societies, ethnic conflict, ethnic parties, ethnic fragmentation, federalism, ethnic mobilization No Media Contact
Jelena Subotic Georgia State University PhD Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia war crimes, Balkans, international courts, genocide Media Contact
Lena Surzhko-Harned Mercyhurst University PhD Ukraine, Russia Post-Soviet Politics, Elections and Voting Behavior, Comparative Democratization, Comparative Political Institutions, International Law and Organizations, European Politics Media Contact
Rebekah Tromble Leiden University PhD United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan media and politics, digital media, social media, Twitter, digital research methods, public discourse, public spheres, Muslim politics, Western Europe, United States, Central Asia, comparative politics, international relations Media Contact
Rachel Wellhausen University of Texas at Austin PhD Eastern Europe multinational corporations, FDI, trade treaties, investment treaties, sovereign debt Media Contact
Susanne Wengle University of Notre Dame PhD Russia Russia, economic reforms, political economy, energy, food systems, regulation, sustainability. Media Contact
Sarah Whitmore Oxford Brookes University PhD Ukraine Ukraine, parliament, elections, parties No Media Contact
Cai Wilkinson Deakin University PhD Kyrgyzstan, Russia Russia, Kyrgyzstan, LGBTQI, LGBT rights, human rights, queer, security, societal security, traditional values, identity. Media Contact
Emilia Zankina American University in Bulgaria PhD Media Contact