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First NameLast NameUniversityPhDCountry FocusKeywordsAvailability
Carla Abdo University of Maryland PhD Candidate Media Contact
Natália Aguiar Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil) PhD Candidate Brazil and Latin America in general Voting Behaviour, Political Participation, Mandatory Voting, Compulsory Voting Law, Non-Compulsory Voting, Brazilian Politics, Latin America, Brazilian Voting Behaviour, Voting Turnout, Electoral Abstention. Media Contact
Maria Antónia Almeida University Institute of Lisbon PhD Portugal mayors, local government, history, politics, gender, agrarian reform, memories, rural sociology Media Contact
Sarah Anderson University of California Santa Barbara PhD US environmental politics, wildfire, political parties, Congress, public participation Media Contact
Janni Aragon University of Victoria PhD USA and Canada 2016 Election, gender and politics, social media, technology, Canada Media Contact
Sharon Austin University of Florida PhD Media Contact
Julia Azari Marquette University PhD United States presidency, political parties, American political development/history, rhetoric and communication, elections Media Contact
Elizabeth Baldwin University of Arizona PhD Energy policy, environmental governance, public participation Media Contact
Tiffany Barnes University of Kentucky PhD Argentina and Chile Women in Politics, Gender and Politics, Women's Representation, Women's Rights, Gender Quotas, Latin America, Gender Gap in Public Opinion, Gender Gap in Political Participation, Gender Equality Policies, Gender Egalitarian Attitudes, Election Law Reform, Electoral Systems, Legislative Behavior Media Contact
Emily Beaulieu University of Kentucky PhD elections, election fraud, corruption, election laws, voter ID, voter ID laws, protest, boycotts, disenfranchisement, felon disenfranchisement, gender, scandal, women, violence, election violence, brawls, parliamentary brawls, legislative brawls, democracy, democracy promotion, democratic transition, democratization, post-conflict elections Media Contact
Robin Best Binghamton University (SUNY) PhD Political Parties, Elections, European Politics, Electoral Systems, Representation, Comparative Politics, Gerrymandering Media Contact
Rachel Bitecofer Christopher Newport University PhD U.S. Campaigns & Elections, Campaign Strategy, Political Behavior, Voting Behavior, Ideology, Political Polarization Media Contact
Amanda Bittner Memorial University PhD Canada, United States parties, elections, voting, public opinion, political psychology, party leaders, gender, women, Canadian politics Media Contact
Brandi Blessett Rutgers University-Camden PhD Cultural competence, Social equity, Disenfranchisement, Reentry, Administrative responsibility Media Contact
Inken Borzyskowski Florida State University PhD International organizations, election assistance, election violence, conflict management, democratization No Media Contact
Janet Box-Steffensmeier Ohio State University PhD United States American Politics, legislatures, interest groups, campaigns, elections, Political Methodology, time series, event history, network analysis No Media Contact
Jennifer Brass Indiana University PhD Djibouti, Kenya NGOs, non-governmental organizations, international development, Africa, governance, service provision, pubic goods, renewable energy, distributed generation, solar, mini-grid, electricity, electrification policy, policy implementation Media Contact
Khalilah Brown-Dean Quinnipiac University PhD 2016 election, public policy, race and politics, public opinion, criminal justice Media Contact
Lisa Bryant California State University, Fresno PhD United States Elections, Election Administration/Election Sciences, Political Behavior, Participation, Mobilization, Research Methods, Surveys, Experiments, Public Opinion, Identity Politics, Gender, Race Media Contact
Laura Bucci University of Pittsburgh PhD United States State politics, labor decline, labor unions, economic inequality, class politics, political behavior, political participation, voter turnout Media Contact, No Media Contact
Stephanie Burchard Institute for Defense Analyses PhD Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa Elections, electoral violence, gender, political representation, political institutions, conflict, security sector reform, defense and security issues Media Contact
Susan Camilleri North Carolina State University PhD Candidate Public Administration, health policy, old age policy, policy analysis No Media Contact
Daniela Campello Getulio Vargas Foundation PhD Media Contact
Elizabeth Carlson Penn State PhD No Media Contact
Deborah Carroll University of Georgia PhD USA state and local government, public finance, public financial management, nonprofit financial management, governmental accounting, nonprofit accounting, urban economic development, tax increment financing, revenue diversification, state and local taxation, quantitative methodology No Media Contact
Leslie Caughell Virginia Wesleyan College PhD Public opinion, women in politics, political behavior, political information/misinformation, political communication Media Contact
Mollie Cohen Vanderbilt University PhD Candidate Peru, Chile Elections, public opinion, voting behavior, representation, invalid voting, null voting, turnout, party systems, Latin America Media Contact
Mallory Compton Utrecht University PhD public policy, comparative politics, bureaucracy, social welfare policy, economic insecurity, social capital, political economy Media Contact
Jennifer Connolly University of Miami PhD USA local government, city management, human resources, fiscal health, manager turnover, political institutions, public management, public administration, public policy Media Contact
Lauren Copeland Baldwin Wallace University PhD U.S. American politics, political behavior, public opinion, political communication, digital media use, social media use, political participation, civic engagement, political consumerism (i.e., boycotts and buycotts), public opinion polls, survey research, citizenship norms, elections, environmental politics, ohio politics Media Contact
Ivelisse Cuevas-Molina University of Massachusetts - Amherst PhD Candidate United States turnout, elections, latino/hispanic politics, representation, public opinion, survey methods, overreporting, socially desirable responding, social group identity, race and politics, Puerto Rico Media Contact
Sarah Zukerman Daly University of Notre Dame PhD Media Contact
Justine Davis University of California, Berkeley PhD Candidate Côte d'Ivoire Conflict and Violence, Democratization, Political Culture, Political Participation, Social Movements, Voting Behavior, Youth Media Contact
Patria de Lancer Julnes Penn State Harrisburg PhD USA, the Latin America region, and Spain Performance measurement, performance-based management, government accountability, innovation in government, corruption in government, strategic management, citizen-driven government. No Media Contact
Leisha DeHart-Davis University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill PhD USA Public employees, bureaucracy, gender, workplace climate Media Contact
Kathleen Dolan University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee PhD USA women candidates, gender stereotypes, voting, gender gap Media Contact
Lenka Dražanová Humboldt University in Berlin PhD Czech Republic comparative politics, comparative political behaviour, public opinion, social/political attitudes formation, populism, nationalism, euroscepticism, quantitative methods Media Contact
Amanda Edgell University of Florida PhD Candidate Uganda; Kenya gender quotas; democratization; institutions; elections Media Contact
Maria Veronica Elias Eastern Washington University PhD No Media Contact
Lina M. Eriksson Stanford University and Uppsala University PhD Candidate Sweden Media Contact
Julia Espinosa Complutense de Madrid PhD Spain Public policies Evaluation Gender equality International Cooperation for Development No Media Contact
Heather Evans Sam Houston State University PhD American Politics, Twitter, Elections, Political Communication Media Contact
Mary K Feeney Arizona State University PhD Public management, nonprofit management, science & technology policy, women in science, electronic government, mentoring, red tape, sector comparisons, public values Media Contact
Jessica Fortin-Rittberger University of Salzburg PhD Germany, post-soviet countries Comparative democratization, methodology, surveys, representation, electoral systems No Media Contact
Laura L. Frankel Duke University PhD Gender, Socialization, Surveys, Media, Political Ambition, Survey Methods, Political Behavior, Polling, Public Opinion, Political Communication, Identity Media Contact
Erika Franklin Fowler Wesleyan University PhD US Campaign advertising, news media, local news, political communication, elections, campaign finance, health politics, public opinion Media Contact
Tammy Frisby Stanford University PhD 2016 election, Congress, public opinion, Republican Party, public policy, presidency Media Contact
Alisa Fryar University of Oklahoma PhD USA higher education, accountability, college, public sector Media Contact
Kendall Funk Texas A&M University PhD Candidate Brazil gender, women, Latin America, Brazil, decentralization, local government, public service provision Media Contact
Tia Sheree Gaynor Marist College PhD United States LGBTQ, social policy, social equity, marginalization, people of color, social justice, political engagement, law enforcement, citizen participation, intersectionality, gender identity, sexual identity Media Contact
Sarah Gershon Georgia State University PhD United States Campaigns and Elections, Women and Politics, Race, ethnicity and gender, media and politics Media Contact
Andra Gillespie Emory University PhD United States 2016 Election; African American Politics; Minority Politics; Political Participation; Deracialization; Campaigns and Elections; Political Leadership Media Contact
Terri Givens Menlo College PhD United States, France, Germany, Britain Immigration, Electoral Politics, Radical Right, France, Germany, Britain, Race in Europe, Antidiscrimination Policy, Discrimination Media Contact
Marcia Godwin University of La Verne PhD Local elections, California politics, congressional elections, mayoral elections, local government, public administration, public policy, budgeting, public participation, civic engagement Media Contact
Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant Queen's University PhD Canada Political behaviour, elections, gender and politics, political communication, representation Media Contact
Jessica Gracey Northwest Missouri State University PhD elections, political behavior, voting behavior, LGBTQ, sexuality, direct democracy, ballot initiatives, ballot measures, priming Media Contact
Jane Green University of Manchester, UK PhD UK Elections British elections Brexit British Election Study Partisanship Campaigns Voting behavior No Media Contact
Christina Greer Fordham University PhD USA Race, ethnicity, immigration, elections, New York City, New York, political parties, mayor, president, Congress, Black politics, women, gender, voting, 2016 election, urban, campaigns, public opinion, participation, Media Contact
Lauren Hamilton Edwards University of Maryland, Baltimore County PhD Managing public organizations, strategic management, strategic planning, public performance, race in public management Media Contact
Megan Hatch Cleveland State University PhD US inequality, redistribution, rental housing, social policy, quantiative methods, urban policy, public administration, poverty, policy analysis Media Contact
Laura Hatcher Southeast Missouri State University PhD United States constitutional law and politics, administrative law, environmental politics, emergency management, disasters, property rights Media Contact
Halimatou Hima Moussa Dioula University of Cambridge PhD Candidate Niger Education, Niger, Africa, Economics, Development, Political economy, Gender Media Contact
Susan Hyde Yale PhD International Influences on Democracy and Domestic Politics; Democracy Promotion; International Organization; International Norms; Foreign Aid; Elections and Election Fraud; Experimental Research Methods Media Contact
Laura Jakli University of California, Berkeley PhD Candidate Media Contact
Alana Jeydel American River College PhD US Politics Women's rights, women legislators, the women's movement, women's suffrage, 2016 election Media Contact
Danielle Joesten Martin California State University, Sacramento PhD United States American politics, political behavior, campaigns and elections Media Contact
Kaylee Johnson University of Massachusetts Amherst PhD Candidate communication, campaigning, class, middle class, race, representation No Media Contact
Kristin Kanthak University of Pittsburgh PhD USA gender, representation, U.S. Congress, elections, parties, campaign finance Media Contact
Kristine Kay University of California, Berkeley PhD Candidate Immigration, Race and Ethnic Politics, Political Psychology, Public Opinion, Partisanship, Surveys & Experiments No Media Contact
Georgia Kernell University of California, Los Angeles PhD political parties, elections, Europe, communication, formal and quantitative methods Media Contact
Sara Kerosky University of California, San Diego PhD Candidate American political institutions, executive politics, presidential power, bureaucracy, federalism, state politics, environmental policy, endangered species Media Contact
Samara Klar University of Arizona PhD independent voters, polling, elections, partisanship, identity politics, political psychology Media Contact
Dominika Koter Colgate University PhD Senegal, Benin, West Africa more broadly ethnic politics, clientelism , vote buying, elections in Senegal, Benin Media Contact
Agata Maria Kraj University of Bamberg / BAGSS PhD Candidate Media Contact
Martha Kropf University of North Carolina at Charlotte PhD USA Election administration, voter turnout, voting rights, political participation No Media Contact
Yanna Krupnikov Stony Brook University PhD USA Parties, independent voters, advertising
Robynn Kuhlmann University of Central Missouri PhD United States Elections, state politics, voter turnout, voting behavior, state legislatures, political parties. Media Contact
Jessica Lavariega Monforti California Lutheran University PhD U.S. Elections, women, Hispanic, Latinas, policy, immigration, Cuban Americans Media Contact
Adrienne LeBas American University PhD Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe African elections, political violence, electoral violence, political parties, social movements, protest, urban politics, Boko Haram, terrorism, public opinion, Lagos, taxation, rule of law Media Contact
Eva Lebedova Palacky University, Olomouc PhD Czech Republic, Central Europe Political Communication, Political Marketing, Elections and Election campaigning, Czech Politics Media Contact
Debra Leiter University of Missouri-Kansas City PhD Germany, United Kingdom, Voting, European Politics, Elections, Political Behavior Media Contact
Kelly LeRoux University of Illinois at Chicago PhD get-out-the vote (GOTV) campaigns; nonpartisan mobilization; nonprofits' roles in policy and elections; nonprofit perforamance and accountability; diversity and representation in the nonprofit sector Media Contact
Ines Levin University of California, Irvine PhD research methods, public opinion, elections, political participation, data science Media Contact
Jenny M Lewis The University of Melbourne, Australia PhD Australia, UK governance, policy design, the policy process, public sector reform, public sector innovation, research policy No Media Contact
Jiaqi Liang University of Illinois at Chicago PhD U.S., China Media Contact
Keena Lipsitz Queens College and The Graduate Center, CUNY PhD United States Campaigns, elections, 2016 elections, political advertising, ideology, campaign finance Media Contact
Whitney Ross Manzo Meredith College PhD women and politics, public opinion, electoral law, direct democracy, state politics, judicial politics Media Contact
Heather Marquette University of Birmingham PhD Development politics, governance, corruption/anti-corruption, aid policy, developmental leadership, political economy Media Contact
Ines Mergel University of Konstanz PhD Public Sector Innovation, Social Media Media Contact
Jennifer Merolla University of California, Riverside PhD U.S. 2016 Election, terrorism, public opinion, immigration, women and politics Media Contact
Kerri Milita Illinois State University PhD Direct democracy, elections, interest groups, public policy Media Contact
Celeste Montoya University of Colorado Boulder PhD United States and European Union gender politics, race politics, intersectionality, gendered violence, gender policy, voting rights, immigrant rights, Occupy movement, human rights Media Contact
Samantha Mosier Missouri State University PhD United States policy process, food policy/sustainability food policy, environmental university-community partnerships, local environmental policy, policy process Media Contact
Kim Nalder California State University, Sacramento PhD USA 2016 Election, California Politics, Public Opinion, Voting Behavior, Misinformation, Political Behavior, Voting Behavior, Term Limits, Political Psychology, Women and Politics, Political Communication, Political Knowledge, Voter Information, Media and Politics Media Contact
Anja Neundorf University of Nottingham PhD Western and Eastern Europe, especially UK and Germany Young people and politics, generations, partisanship, democratization, civil society, political participation, democratic political culture. Media Contact
Sarah Niebler Dickinson College PhD 2016 Election, Public Opinion, Political Behavior Media Contact
Lindsay Nielson Bucknell University PhD American politics, elections, election administration, voter turnout, voter ID, political participation Media Contact
Barbara Norrander University of Arizona PhD presidential primaries, presidential nominations, gender gap Media Contact
Pippa Norris Harvard and Sydney Universities PhD Global Comparative politics, democracy and democratization, public opinion and political behavior, elections and voting behavior, gender politics, political communications Media Contact
Virginia Oliveros Tulane University PhD Latin America, Argentina Clientelism, Patronage, Corruption, Elections Media Contact
Mireille Paquet Concordia University PhD Canada Canada, Immigration, Immigrant Integration, Federalism, Provincial Politics, Québec, Provinces, Social Mechanisms, Citizenship Media Contact
Janine Parry University of Arkansas PhD Arkansas/Southern Politics, Women in Politics, Gender and Public Policy, Polling, Voting and Public Opinion, Direct Democracy Media Contact
Kathryn Pearson University of Minnesota PhD U.S. Congress, congressional elections, women in politics, 2016 Election, Minnesota politics, political parties Media Contact
Sarah Pettijohn University of North Carolina, Charlotte PhD Media Contact
Jennifer Piscopo Occidental College PhD Mexico gender, women, elections, parity, gender quotas, democracy, democratization, Latin America, equality Media Contact
Carolina Plaza Colodro University of Salamanca PhD Candidate Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Ireland (PIIGS) Electoral competition, party politics, electoral behavior, cleavages, economic crisis, Great Recession, Europe, social groups Media Contact
Angela Pool-Funai Southern Utah University PhD philanthropy, charitable giving, virtual currency, virtual worlds, Bitcoin, public sector economics, experiential learning, project based learning No Media Contact
Shannon Portillo University of Kansas PhD Public administration, gender, social equity, law and society, military, gender and the workplace, bureaucracy, institutionalism Media Contact
Ina Radtke University of Potsdam PhD Candidate Media Contact
Kannamma Raman University of Mumbai PhD India Social Media and Election, Pharmaceutical Policy, Women in Politics, Traditional Knowledge, Surveillance and Privacy. Media Contact
Theresa Reidy University College Cork PhD Ireland Irish politics, voting, elections, referendums Media Contact
Jeannine Relly The University of Arizona PhD Afghanistan, India, Iraq, Mexico, U.S. Freedom of Information, access to information, democratic transitions, conflict zones, press-state relations, public corruption, democratic institutions, freedom of expression. Media Contact
Megan Remmel Bradley University PhD personality and politics, elite political psychology, state legislatures Media Contact
Shelley Rigger Davidson College PhD Media Contact
Sanne Rijkhoff Portland State University PhD United States, the Netherlands Attitudes, Cynicism, Political Communication, Political Rhetoric, Political Participation, Political Psychology, Public Opinion, Voting Behavior Media Contact
Dovile Rimkute LMU Munich PhD Candidate the EU Risk regulation, EU regulatory agencies, agency governance, food safety regulation, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), regulatory governance, science and risk assessments, legitimacy and reputation of EU regulators. Media Contact
Danielle Roberts Ulster University PhD Candidate Northern Ireland Gender and politics, Women's Political Participation, Northern Ireland, Unionism, Northern Ireland women's movement, feminism in Northern Ireland. Media Contact
Jennifer Robinson University of Utah PhD Media Contact
Claire Robinson Massey University PhD New Zealand New Zealand politics, election campaigning, media bias, visual bias, political communication, political marketing, leadership image, political advertising, voter advice applications, design and democracy Media Contact
Amanda Rutherford Indiana University PhD performance and accountability policies, K-12 and postsecondary education policy, representation and partisanship Media Contact
Emma Sandoe Harvard PhD Candidate Medicaid, Health Insurance Reform, Health Care, Medicare, Public Insurance Media Contact
Virginia Sapiro Boston University PhD USA 2016 election, higher education, women and politics, gender, elections, voting, public opinion, political psychology, political socialization, age and politics Media Contact
Hindy Schachter New Jersey Institute of Technology PhD citizen participation and productive public management citizen participation and transportation agencies Media Contact
Caress Schenk Nazarbayev University PhD Russia, Kazakhstan Media Contact
Elizabeth Searing University at Albany (SUNY) PhD Global comparative; USA nonprofit management, financial management, NGOs, social enterprise, applied ethics Media Contact
Jennifer Selin University of Missouri PhD Executive politics, bureaucratic politics, separation of powers Media Contact
Shiran Shen Stanford University PhD Candidate China environmental politics, air pollution, climate change, remote sensing, machine learning, public policy, China No Media Contact
Jill Sheppard The Australian National University PhD Media Contact
Victoria Shineman University of Pittsburgh PhD Media Contact
Rosalind Shorrocks University of Manchester PhD Britain gender, voting behaviour, elections, public opinion Media Contact
Heidi Jane Smith Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) PhD Mexico, Argentina, United States Latin America, administrative structures, municipal debt, fiscal policy, public finances, local economic development Media Contact
Mallory SoRelle Lafayette College PhD United States public policy, social policy, regulation, consumer finance, bureaucracy, political engagement, inequality Media Contact
Bonnie Stabile George Mason University PhD health policy, reproductive policy, policy analysis, program evaluation, ethics Media Contact
Laura Stephenson University of Western Ontario (Western University) PhD Canada, North America, advanced industrial democracies political behaviour, institutions, electoral systems, Canadian politics, party cues, voting Media Contact
Victoria Stewart-Jolley University of Cambridge PhD Candidate Iraq, Afghanistan Political Science, Democratisation, International Law, International Relations, United Nations, Electoral structures, Middle East, Iraq, Regime Change, Afghanistan Media Contact
Jennifer Stromer-Galley Syracuse University PhD United States Social Media, Campaigns, Trump, Clinton, Sanders, Decision-Making, Influence, Media Effects Media Contact
Lena Surzhko-Harned Mercyhurst University PhD Ukraine, Russia Post-Soviet Politics, Elections and Voting Behavior, Comparative Democratization, Comparative Political Institutions, International Law and Organizations, European Politics Media Contact
Netina Tan McMaster University PhD East and Southeast Asia No Media Contact
Gabriela Tarouco Universidade Federal de Pernambuco PhD Latin America electoral governance, political parties, party systems, party regulation, electoral competition, elections No Media Contact
Jami Taylor University of Toledo PhD USA LGBT politics, transgender politics and policy. No Media Contact
Geneviève Tellier University of Ottawa PhD Canada Budgeting, public finances, fiscal policy, parliamentarism, elections, opinion polls, canadian politics Media Contact
Melanie Thompson Uc Berkeley PhD Candidate Zambia Women in Politics, Party Politics, Political Behavior Media Contact
Danielle Thomsen Syracuse University PhD United States U.S. Congress, Partisan Polarization, Gender and Politics Media Contact
Nikki Usher George Washington University PhD USA, UK future of Journalism, social media & politics and journalism, technology/information flows (including algorithms and automation), political communication, political economy, democratic implications for declines in news industry, media effects, media theory, communication theory, media literacy, media credibility Media Contact
Jennifer vanHeerde-Hudson University College London PhD UK, US Public opinion; support for development and overseas aid; candidates and campaigns; US/UK elections; representation; personalization Media Contact
Sofia Vera Rojas University of Pittsburgh PhD Candidate Media Contact
Tammy Vigil Boston University PhD US presidential campaigns, political conventions, political rhetoric, candidate's spouses, women in politics, campaign speeches, presidential campaign history (primaries, conventions, etc.) Media Contact
Nancy J. Walker Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University PhD Civil Military Relations; Security Sector Governance; Women and Leadership; National Security Decision Making; Peace Support Operations; United Nations; Inter Agency Coopertion Media Contact
Deanna Watts Angelo State University PhD Media Contact
Ariel White Harvard University PhD Candidate No Media Contact
Amanda Wintersieck University of Tennessee at Chattanooga PhD American Politics American Political Campaigns, media and politics, political behavior, public opinion Media Contact
Staci Zavattaro University of Central Florida PhD United States cities City branding Place branding Social media Government communications Media Contact
Elizabeth Zechmeister Vanderbilt University PhD Public opinion under crisis, threat, and disaster, democratic values, voting behavior, Latin America Media Contact