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First NameLast NameUniversityPhDCountry FocusKeywordsAvailability
Rebecca Abers University of Brasília PhD No Media Contact
Sarah Anderson University of California Santa Barbara PhD US environmental politics, wildfire, political parties, Congress, public participation Media Contact
Manoela Assayag Getulio Vargas Foundation (Rio de Janeiro) PhD Candidate Brazil Media Contact
Mary Layton Atkinson University of North Carolina, Charlotte PhD United States Congressional policy making, issue framing, public opinion, policy agendas, media agendas, media coverage of politics, political conflict, women in Congress. Media Contact
Laura Bakkensen University of Arizona PhD No Media Contact
Elizabeth Baldwin University of Arizona PhD Energy policy, environmental governance, public participation Media Contact
Jennifer Bansard University of Potsdam PhD Candidate Environmental governance, climate change, marine and coastal biodiversity, international relations Media Contact
Virginia Beard Hope College PhD Kenya Media Contact
Ingrid Bego Hastings College PhD Albania, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo democratization, state-building, equal employment, representation Media Contact
Sigal Ben-Porath University of Pennsylvania PhD Israel, United States education policy, civic education, youth political engagement, school choice Media Contact
Twyla Blackmond Larnell Loyola University Chicago PhD U.S. No Media Contact
Patricia Boling Purdue University PhD Japan, the United States, Germany and France comparative work-family policies low fertility/demographic crisis food and nutrition policy (comparative) anti-obesity policy (comparative) Media Contact
Amber Boydstun University of California, Davis PhD United States media, news, issue framing, agenda setting, public policy, experiments, political psychology No Media Contact
Khalilah Brown-Dean Quinnipiac University PhD 2016 election, public policy, race and politics, public opinion, criminal justice Media Contact
Patrícia Calca Technical University of Kaiserslautern (Germany) PhD Portugal, European Union Legislative behaviour, executives, rational-choice, comparative politics, public policy, political accountability, corruption and political communication Media Contact
Susan Camilleri North Carolina State University PhD Candidate Public Administration, health policy, old age policy, policy analysis No Media Contact
Deborah Carroll University of Georgia PhD USA state and local government, public finance, public financial management, nonprofit financial management, governmental accounting, nonprofit accounting, urban economic development, tax increment financing, revenue diversification, state and local taxation, quantitative methodology No Media Contact
Alana Cattapan Dalhousie University PhD Canada reproductive politics, health policy, Canadian politics, interest groups, public policy, assisted reproductive technologies, embryo research, biotechnology, Media Contact
Charlotte Cavaillé Institute for Advanced Study In Toulouse PhD Media Contact
Louise Chappell University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia PhD Australia Comparative Gender and Politics, including in Australia; International Criminal Court; New Institutionalism; Australian Federalism and Public Policy Media Contact
Elsa Chen Santa Clara University PhD USA Sentencing, incarceration, reentry, reintegration, expungement, criminal records Media Contact
Lisa F. Clark University of Saskatchewan PhD Canada food politics, food policy, organic food, food labels, food security, international food assistance, GMOs, agriculture and trade, innovation and technology in the food system, food safety, food governance Media Contact
Jennifer Connolly University of Miami PhD USA local government, city management, human resources, fiscal health, manager turnover, political institutions, public management, public administration, public policy Media Contact
Tanya Corbin Radford University PhD USA Politics and policy, disasters and crises, community mobilization after disasters, social vulnerability and resilience, Hurricane Katrina Media Contact
Cesi Cruz University of British Columbia PhD Media Contact
Jennifer Delaney University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign PhD Higher Education, Public Policy, Finance Media Contact
Emine Deniz New York University PhD Candidate Turkey,Turkish Kurdistan Conflict, education, healthcare,justice system, urban politics Media Contact
Michelle Egan American University and Wilson Center PhD Britain, UK, EU, US-EU, Europe Trade, TTIP, political economy, Europe, British politics, UK. EU, single market, regulatory issues, CETA, European Union, Trade Agreements, business, European politics, right wing populism in Europe, trade agreements, transatlantic relations. Media Contact
Katherine Einstein Boston University PhD urban politics, inequality, public policy Media Contact
Maria Veronica Elias Eastern Washington University PhD No Media Contact
Antje Ellermann University of British Columbia PhD Germany, Canada Media Contact
Akwugo Emejulu University of Edinburgh PhD Britain, France, United States Race, gender, intersectionality, activism, social movements, civil society organisations Media Contact
Julia Espinosa Complutense de Madrid PhD Spain Public policies Evaluation Gender equality International Cooperation for Development No Media Contact
Linda Essig Arizona State University PhD USA, Georgia cultural policy; cultural entrepreneurship; arts policy; arts entrepreneurship Media Contact
Tammy Frisby Stanford University PhD 2016 election, Congress, public opinion, Republican Party, public policy, presidency Media Contact
Alisa Fryar University of Oklahoma PhD USA higher education, accountability, college, public sector Media Contact
Anna Gassman-Pines Duke University PhD Poverty policy, low-income children, low-wage work, social safety net Media Contact
Andrea Gerlak University of Arizona PhD water governance, transboundary waters, conflict and cooperation, development, collaborative governance, interdisciplinary research Media Contact
Christina Gibson-Davis Duke University PhD United States Wealth inequality, Child Well being, Poverty, Marriage, Fertility, Social Class Media Contact
Lilly Goren Carroll University PhD United States Women and the White House Gender and Politics 2016 Presidential Election Popular Culture Anger, Emotions and the Electorate Television and Politics Media Contact
Kristin Goss Duke University PhD USA NGOs, Nonprofits, Gender and Politics, Philanthropy, Political Participation, Gun Politics, Public Policy, Interest Groups Media Contact
Patricia Gouzien University of Missouri-St. Louis PhD Candidate United States No Media Contact
Eli Grant University of Oxford PhD South Africa, United Kingdom, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Colombia evidence-based policy, science, technology, education, data science, innovation, human capital development, experiments, meta-analysis, social network analysis, complex systems Media Contact
Amanda Grigg University of Nevada PhD United States health politics, feminist theory, race, gender, and political representation, exonerations, the death penalty Media Contact
Lauren Hamilton Edwards University of Maryland, Baltimore County PhD Managing public organizations, strategic management, strategic planning, public performance, race in public management Media Contact
Cicily Hampton UNC-Charlotte PhD United States Healthcare, health, health policy, health disparities, social determinants of health, policy, advocacy, government relations, health education, health education specialists, healthcare reform, public health, Media Contact
Hahrie Han University of California, Santa Barbara PhD Media Contact
Niamh Hardiman University College Dublin PhD Ireland, EU, European periphery Eurozone crisis, political economy of growth, fiscal politics, state structure and organization, budgetary policy, austerity and its consequences No Media Contact
Megan Hatch Cleveland State University PhD US inequality, redistribution, rental housing, social policy, quantiative methods, urban policy, public administration, poverty, policy analysis Media Contact
Roselyn Hsueh Temple University PhD China/ East Asia, India, Russia, developing countries market reform, globalization, comparative capitalism, industrial policy, development, institutions, regulation, governance, political economy Media Contact
Julia Jordan-Zachery Providence College PhD United States Black women's politics, Activism, Work force development, Civil Rights, Media Contact
Jyl Josephson Rutgers University-Newark PhD United States, Iceland social policy, gender and public policy, sexuality and public policy, welfare policy, feminist queer and trans activism in Iceland Media Contact
Karen Jusko Stanford University PhD Media Contact
Sarah Kaufman New York University PhD Candidate transportation, technology, smart cities, Uber, ridesharing, hackathon Media Contact
Judith Kelley Duke University PhD International relations, international organizations, international politics, human rights, global performance indicators, global monitoring and assessments, ratings and rankings, international election observation, international law, human trafficking, NGOs Media Contact
Erin Kerrison University of California, Berkeley PhD United States Black politics, community action, corrections, courts, criminal justice reform, gender, inequality, legal epidemiology, mass criminalization, mass incarceration, policing, policy, race, rehabilitation, reintegration, restorative justice, sentencing, social movements Media Contact
Eunji Kim University of Pennsylvania PhD Candidate Media Contact
Rebecca Kreitzer University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill PhD U.S. (and in particular, the 50 states) gender, reproductive rights, abortion, sexuality, same-sex marriage, LGBT, representation, policy diffusion No Media Contact
Martha Kropf University of North Carolina at Charlotte PhD USA Election administration, voter turnout, voting rights, political participation No Media Contact
Rachel Laforest Queen's University PhD Canada Public Policy, social policy, federalism, voluntary sector, citizen engagement. Media Contact
Fanny Lauby William Paterson University PhD Media Contact
Jessica Lavariega Monforti Pace Univeristy PhD U.S. 2016 Election, women, Hispanic, Latinas, policy, immigration, Cuban Americans Media Contact
J. Celeste Lay Tulane University PhD education policy, charter schools, New Orleans, public opinion, women & politics, campaigns & elections Media Contact
Kelly LeRoux University of Illinois at Chicago PhD get-out-the vote (GOTV) campaigns; nonpartisan mobilization; nonprofits' roles in policy and elections; nonprofit perforamance and accountability; diversity and representation in the nonprofit sector Media Contact
Jiaqi Liang New Mexico State University PhD U.S., China Media Contact
Christine Lipsmeyer Texas A&M University PhD public policy, political economy, political institutions, political preferences No Media Contact
Julia Lynch University of Pennsylvania PhD Italy, US, France, Belgium, Finland, Netherlands Inequality, health policy, social policy, welfare state, public health, foreclosure, pensions Media Contact
Eva-Maria Maggi University of Arizona PhD Western Europe, MENA, U.S. European Union, transatlantic relations, democracy promotion, cyber security Media Contact
Samantha Majic John Jay College-CUNY PhD USA sex work, gender, sexuality, institutions, public policy, civic engagement, social movements Media Contact
Elsa Massoc UC Berkeley PhD Candidate France, Germany, the UK, Western Europe Comparative Political Economy, Financial regulation, Banking, Western Europe, Comparative capitalism, institutions, Euro-crisis. Media Contact
Melissa Merry University of Louisville PhD gun control, environmental policy, social media, Twitter, information technology, interest groups, framing, public policy No Media Contact
Jamila Michener Cornell University PhD United States Poverty, race, social policy, public policy, urban politics, health policy, Medicaid Media Contact
Kerri Milita Illinois State University PhD Direct democracy, elections, interest groups, public policy Media Contact
Pupak Mohebali University of York PhD Candidate Iran, U.S. International relations, security studies, nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation, Foreign Policy Analysis, Middle East studies Media Contact
Emily Molfino Virginia Tech PhD Media Contact
Samantha Mosier Missouri State University PhD United States policy process, food policy/sustainability food policy, environmental university-community partnerships, local environmental policy, policy process Media Contact
Harini Nagendra Azim Premi University PhD India urban biodiversity; Bangalore; protected areas; biodiversity; sustainability Media Contact
Jayme Neiman University of Northern Iowa PhD Biopolitics; Biology and politics; political psychology; language and politics; state politics; American politics; political physiology; public policy; public administration Media Contact
Lina Newton Hunter College, City University of New York PhD U.S. & Mexico U.S. immigration policy, state immigration laws, American politics Media Contact
Tricia Olsen University of Denver PhD Brazil, Mexico Political Economy, Business Ethics, Comparative Politics, Human Rights, Latin America, Transitional Justice, Global Governance, Non-State Actors, Corporate Social Responsibility, Self-Regulation, Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives, Mining, Extractive, UNGPs, UN Global Compact, Microfinance, Collective Action, Protest, State and Society, Corporate Community Relations, Multinational Corporations (MNCs) Media Contact
Laura Olson Lehigh University PhD Media Contact
Shannon Orr Bowling Green State University PhD climate change, national parks, Asian carp, stakeholders, NGOs Media Contact
Alison Post University of California, Berkeley PhD Argentina urban politics, infrastructure, water and sanitation, mass transit, electricity, Latin America No Media Contact
Kimala Price San Diego State University PhD United States reproductive policy, reproductive politics, reproductive rights, reproductive justice, abortion, women's health, social movements, activism, feminism, interpretive research methodology, visual politics, narrative analysis, visual analysis, interdisciplinary research Media Contact
Ina Radtke University of Potsdam PhD Candidate Media Contact
Kannamma Raman University of Mumbai PhD India Social Media and Election, Pharmaceutical Policy, Women in Politics, Traditional Knowledge, Surveillance and Privacy. Media Contact
Sarah Reckhow Michigan State PhD USA philanthropy, education, urban, elections, donors Media Contact
Jacqueline Reich Chestnut Hill College PhD arms control, nuclear nonproliferation, science and international public policy, government legitimacy in China, climate change debate, global education, democratization, U.S. foreign policy, realism, balance of power, international organizations, terrorism, international relations theory, U.S. primacy Media Contact
Jeannine Relly The University of Arizona PhD Afghanistan, India, Iraq, Mexico, U.S. Freedom of Information, access to information, democratic transitions, conflict zones, press-state relations, public corruption, democratic institutions, freedom of expression. Media Contact
Dovile Rimkute LMU Munich PhD Candidate the EU Risk regulation, EU regulatory agencies, agency governance, food safety regulation, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), regulatory governance, science and risk assessments, legitimacy and reputation of EU regulators. Media Contact
Jennifer Robinson University of Utah PhD Media Contact
Sarah Romano University of Northern Colorado PhD Nicaragua Water governance, community-based resource management, social movements, collective action, Central America, Nicaragua. No Media Contact
Deondra Rose Duke University Sanford School of Public Policy PhD United States Higher Education Policy, Public Policy, Social Policy, Inequality, Gender, Race, Socioeconomic Status, Political Behavior, Policy Feedback, American Political Development (APD) Media Contact
Jill Rough George Mason University PhD USA women in military, military motherhood, active reserve integration, Abrams Doctrine, women in combat, National Guard, Reserve military Media Contact
Annelise Russell University of Texas PhD Candidate USA, Denmark Congress, Twitter, Policy, Media, Agenda Setting, Legislative Studies Media Contact
Saskia P. Ruth University of Zurich PhD Clientelism, populism, representation, democratization, participation, direct democracy, Latin American politics Media Contact
Amanda Rutherford Indiana University PhD performance and accountability policies, K-12 and postsecondary education policy, representation and partisanship Media Contact
Kimberly Saks McManaway University of Michigan-Flint PhD Candidate Media Contact
Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey London School of Economics PhD Deliberations, monetary policy, select committees, accountability, political economy No Media Contact
Elizabeth Searing University at Albany (SUNY) PhD Global comparative; USA nonprofit management, financial management, NGOs, social enterprise, applied ethics Media Contact
Laura Seelkopf University of Bremen PhD Media Contact
Paru Shah University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee PhD US Media Contact
Marwa Shalaby Rice University PhD Media Contact
Shiran Shen Stanford University PhD Candidate China environmental politics, air pollution, climate change, remote sensing, machine learning, China, public policy No Media Contact
Kelsey Shoub University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill PhD Candidate Issue Framing, Text as Data, Political Communications, Public Policy No Media Contact
Carole Spary University of Nottingham PhD India Gender, feminism, representation, democracy, parliament, development, politics, policy, empowerment, equality, inequality, federalism. Media Contact
Bonnie Stabile George Mason University PhD health policy, reproductive policy, policy analysis, program evaluation, ethics Media Contact
Patricia Stapleton Worcester Polytechnic Institute PhD European Union, France, United States agricultural biotechnology, genetic engineering, reproductive health, American public policy, European Union, risk regulation, risk assessment and management, environmental studies Media Contact
Leah Stokes University of California Santa Barbara PhD Canada, USA climate change, environment, energy, mercury, public policy, interest groups, public opinion Media Contact
Celina Su City University of New York PhD United States, Thailand, Burma/ Myanmar voting, political participation, community organizing, youth empowerment, education policy, health, community development, cities, participatory budgeting, participatory democracy, civil society, social movements, nonprofits, NGOs Media Contact
Natasha Borges Sugiyama University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee PhD Brazil Media Contact
Jami Taylor University of Toledo PhD USA LGBT politics, transgender politics and policy. No Media Contact
Joannie Tremblay-Boire Georgia State University PhD Grantmaking foundations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), nonprofi ts, international political economy, international relations, voluntary self-regulation, transparency, accountability Media Contact
Felicity Vabulas University of Chicago PhD International Relations, International Organizations, Institutional Design, International Political Economy, International Law, US Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, Lobbying, Democratization, Global Governance, NGOs, Research Design Media Contact
Rachel VanSickle-Ward Pitzer College PhD Public Policy, Gender and Politics, Reproductive Rights, Judicial Politics Media Contact
Anne Visser University of California, Davis PhD United States, South Africa economic security, economic mobility, labor markets, employment opportunities, low wage work, poverty Media Contact
Jennifer Walsh Azusa Pacific University PhD United States, New Zealand, China 2016 Election, criminal justice reform, criminal sentencing policies, mass incarceration, religious freedom, women and politics, California ballot initiatives Media Contact
Vesla Mae Weaver Yale University PhD criminal justice, incarceration, policing, race, inequality, marginality, black politics, American politics, colorist Media Contact
S. Laurel Weldon Purdue PhD No Media Contact
Jeni Whalan University of Queensland PhD Syria, Bosnia, Cambodia, Australia, PNG, Solomon Islands peace negotiations, peacekeeping, conflict, united nations, australian foreign policy Media Contact
Anne Whitesell Penn State PhD Candidate United States gender and politics, state politics, welfare policy, representation, interest groups Media Contact
Wendy Whitman Cobb Cameron University PhD United States space policy, cancer policy, science and technology policy, Congress, presidency, political institutions, public policy Media Contact
Gina Yannitell Reinhardt University of Essex PhD Emergency Management, Development Assistance, Elections, Natural Disasters, Foreign Aid, Discrimination, NGOs, Political Economy, Decision-making Under Uncertainty, Humanitarian Assistance, International Development Media Contact
Anaid Yerena University of Washington Tacoma PhD United States, Mexico affordable housing, resident participation, civic engagement, e-governance, social media, housing search, advocacy organizations, homelessness, housing policies Media Contact
Emilia Zankina American University in Bulgaria PhD Media Contact