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First NameLast NameUniversityPhDCountry FocusKeywordsAvailability
Katharine Adeney University of Nottingham PhD India, Pakistan Media Contact
Claire Adida University of California, San Diego PhD Benin, Ghana, France, Nigeria ethnic politics, immigration, Muslim immigrants, ethnicity, exclusion, conflict, immigrant, identity, Africa Media Contact
Rosario Aguilar CIDE, Mexico City PhD Mexico & U.S. Prejudice, race, voting behavior, democratization, comparative contexts, measurement, Mexican Americans. Media Contact
Ellen Ahlness University of Washington PhD Candidate Norway, Sweden, Denmark Arctic security, Arctic environmentalism, Norms, Constructivism, Scandinavia, Indigenous Studies, Sami, transparency, compliance, human rights, welfare state, Arctic Council, regional governance Media Contact
Amanda Ajodhia-Andrews OISE/University of Toronto PhD Canada, Cambodia, Guyana Inclusive Education, Disability Studies, Childhood Studies, Qualitative Research, Critical Theories of Diversity Media Contact
Allison Anoll Stanford University PhD Candidate Political participation, voting, social movements, activism, racial and ethnic politics, felony disenfranchisement, racial segregation Media Contact
Sharon Austin University of Florida PhD Media Contact
Mahdis Azarmandi University of Otago PhD Candidate Spain; New Zealand; Germany coloniality/ decoloniality; commemoration; anti-racism, Media Contact
Brenda Barrio Washington State University PhD United States special education, disproportionality, culturally responsive, response to intervention, teacher preparation, assistive technology, students with disabilities, international Media Contact
Rachel Beatty Riedl Northwestern University PhD Senegal, Ghana, Benin, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Burkina Faso Political Parties, Democratization, Authoritarianism, Historical Institutionalism, Religion and Politics, Regime Transition, Term Limits, Decentralization, Local Governance, Representation, Identity Politics Media Contact
Natasha Behl Arizona State University PhD India interpretive methods, political ethnography, gender, violence against women (VAW), sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), India, democracy, citizenship, inequality, exclusion, autoethnography, intersectionality, race, Punjab, political science Media Contact
Christina Bejarano University of Kansas PhD U.S. Latino Politics No Media Contact
Angelica Bernal University of Massachusetts Amherst PhD Ecuador Latin America, Political Theory, Indigenous Rights, Indigenous Social Movements, Constitution-Making, Extractivism, Popular Power, Populism, Revolutions Media Contact
Twyla Blackmond Larnell Loyola University Chicago PhD U.S. No Media Contact
Saskia Bonjour University of Amsterdam PhD Netherlands; France; Germany; European Union Migration policy; citizenship; gender; family migration; intersectionality; civic integration; European Union; decision-making Media Contact
Lakeyta Bonnette-Bailey Georgia State University PhD Black Lives Matter, Rap Music, Popular Culture, Black Politics, Race and Politics, Political Psychology, Gender and Politics. Media Contact
Ana Bracic University of Oklahoma PhD human rights, discrimination, NGOs, Roma, field experiments Media Contact
Nadia Brown Purdue University PhD USA Black women, racial politics, gender politics, youth vote Media Contact
Khalilah Brown-Dean Quinnipiac University PhD 2016 election, public policy, race and politics, public opinion, criminal justice Media Contact
Lisa Bryant California State University, Fresno PhD United States Elections, Election Administration/Election Sciences, Political Behavior, Participation, Mobilization, Research Methods, Surveys, Experiments, Public Opinion, Identity Politics, Gender, Race Media Contact
Nusta Carranza Ko Ohio Northern University PhD Peru, South Korea, North Korea Human Rights, Transitional Justice, Indigenous Peoples' Rights, Peru, South Korea, Uruguay Media Contact
Niambi Carter Howard University PhD United States Black Politics, public opinion, race and American Politics, immigration, political behavior Media Contact
Licia Cianetti Canterbury Christ Church University PhD Estonia, Latvia minority politics comparative politics post-communist politics democracy urban politics Media Contact
Alyson Cole Queens College & The Graduate Center, City University of New York PhD Media Contact
Renee Ann Cramer Drake University PhD United States Reproductive Rights, feminism, American Indian law and politics, campus activism, birth, regulation, Supreme Court. Media Contact
Ivelisse Cuevas-Molina University of Massachusetts - Amherst PhD Candidate United States turnout, elections, latino/hispanic politics, representation, public opinion, survey methods, overreporting, socially desirable responding, social group identity, race and politics, Puerto Rico Media Contact
Sarah Zukerman Daly University of Notre Dame PhD Media Contact
Lauren Davenport Stanford University PhD USA American political behavior, public opinion, race and ethnicity, identity No Media Contact
Kim Yi Dionne Smith College PhD Malawi, Ghana, Tanzania HIV/AIDS, Ebola, LGTBQIA, Experiments, Health Policy, African Politics, Comparative Politics, Malawi, Ghana, Tanzania Media Contact
Mila Dragojevic Sewanee, the University of the South PhD political violence, immigration and citizenship, refugees, identity formation, race and ethnicity politics No Media Contact
Lenka Dražanová Humboldt University in Berlin PhD Czech Republic comparative politics, comparative political behaviour, public opinion, social/political attitudes formation, populism, nationalism, euroscepticism, quantitative methods Media Contact
Elizabeth Dudash-Buskirk Missouri state university PhD United States Politics, participation, rhetoric, president, POTUS, race, ethnicity, gender, generations, political talk Media Contact
Laurel Eckhouse University of California, Berkeley PhD Candidate USA policing, urban politics, criminal justice, racial politics Media Contact
Akwugo Emejulu University of Edinburgh PhD Britain, France, United States Race, gender, intersectionality, activism, social movements, civil society organisations Media Contact
Emily Farris Texas Christian University PhD United States Urban Politics, Latino Politics, Black Politics, Immigration, Sheriffs, Polling Media Contact
Alexandra Filindra University of Illinois at Chicago PhD United States, Greece immigration, citizenship, gun control, state policy, public policy, racial prejudice Media Contact
Amy Fried University of Maine PhD United States 2016 election, history of public opinion, polling, women and politics, political participation, gay and lesbian politics, race and politics, gender equity in the academy Media Contact
Alisa Fryar University of Oklahoma PhD USA higher education, accountability, college, public sector Media Contact
Olivia Garcia University of Texas, El Paso PhD women of color, social movement groups, intimate partner violence, Violence Against Women Act, interdisciplinary, non-electoral politics Media Contact
Jennifer Garcia Oberlin College PhD U.S. Congress; Legislative Politics; American Presidency; Racial Politics; Race and Representation Media Contact
Claudine Gay Harvard University PhD No Media Contact
Tia Sheree Gaynor Marist College PhD United States LGBTQ, social policy, social equity, marginalization, people of color, social justice, political engagement, law enforcement, citizen participation, intersectionality, gender identity, sexual identity Media Contact
Jacqueline Gehring University of California, Santa Cruz PhD Germany, France, Belgium racism, European Union, immigration, law, rights, Roma, Islam, Germany, France, sports, citizenship, nationalism, Media Contact
Shamira Gelbman Wabash College PhD interest group coalitions, social movements, civil rights policy, social media and politics Media Contact
Julie George Queens College and The Graduate Center, CUNY PhD Georgia Georgia; Caucasus; former Communist region; democratization; ethnic conflict; state building Media Contact
Sarah Gershon Georgia State University PhD United States Campaigns and Elections, Women and Politics, Race, ethnicity and gender, media and politics Media Contact
Andra Gillespie Emory University PhD United States 2016 Election; African American Politics; Minority Politics; Political Participation; Deracialization; Campaigns and Elections; Political Leadership Media Contact
Rachel Gisselquist United Nations University - World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER) PhD International development, ethnic politics, ethnic inequality, horizontal inequality, state fragility, governance, democratization, African politics Media Contact
Katie Glanz Johns Hopkins University PhD Candidate psychoanalysis, feminism, political theory, queer theory, feminist theory Media Contact
Min Hee Go Brooklyn College, CUNY PhD United States Urban Politics, Resilience, Climate Adaptation, Asian American Identity Media Contact
Lilly Goren Carroll University PhD United States Women and the White House Gender and Politics 2016 Presidential Election Popular Culture Anger, Emotions and the Electorate Television and Politics Media Contact
Jill Greenlee Brandeis University PhD US Motherhood and politics, political socialization, political generations, racial attitudes, gender and politics Media Contact
Christina Greer Fordham University PhD USA Race, ethnicity, immigration, elections, New York City, New York, political parties, mayor, president, Congress, Black politics, women, gender, voting, 2016 election, urban, campaigns, public opinion, participation, Media Contact
Amanda Grigg University of Michigan PhD United States health politics, feminist theory, race, gender, and political representation, welfare politics, poverty, wrongful conviction, exonerations, the death penalty Media Contact
Allison Harris Princeton University PhD No Media Contact
Julia Hellwege University of South Dakota PhD U.S, U.S. states Representation, Gender & Politics, Race/Ethnic Politics, Legislative Politics, U.S. State Politics Media Contact
Lisel Hintz Johns Hopkins University - SAIS PhD Turkey, Turkey-Syria-ISIS, Turkey-EU, Kurdish region, refugee crisis, Middle East Turkey, identity politics, foreign policy, Kurdish politics, Syria, authoritarianism, protest dynamics, social movements, refugee crisis, Media Contact
Jennifer Hoewe University of Alabama PhD USA media, news, journalism, political communication, psychology, stereotypes, cognitive processing, political party, political ideology Media Contact
Lindsay Hoffman University of Delaware PhD USA political communication, 2016 election, technology and politics, social media, political participation, public opinion, perceptions of public opinion, Media coverage of politics, debates, Black Lives Matter, race and diversity, gender, political knowledge Media Contact
Mirya Holman Tulane University PhD gender, stereotypes, urban politics, mayors, experiments, research methods, sheriffs, political ambition Media Contact
Carolyn Holmes Mississippi State University PhD South Africa Nation Building, Legitimacy, Post-Conflict Reconstruction, Nationalism, Race, Gender, African Politics Media Contact
Mala Htun University of New Mexico PhD Media Contact
Alexandria Innes University of East Anglia PhD Europe, Southern Europe, Mediterranean migration migration, asylum seekers, refugees, critical security studies, feminist security studies, ethnographic methods Media Contact
Ashley Jardina Duke University PhD Race, ethnicity, and politics, immigration, gender and politics, political psychology, public opinion, voting behavior, elections, political communication, political participation Media Contact
Danielle Joesten Martin California State University, Sacramento PhD United States American politics, political behavior, campaigns and elections Media Contact
Sophia Jordán Wallace Rutgers University, New Brunswick PhD Latino Politics, Immigrant Rights Movement, Representation, Racial and ethnic politics Media Contact
Julia Jordan-Zachery Providence College PhD United States Black women's politics, Activism, Work force development, Civil Rights, Media Contact
Jyl Josephson Rutgers University-Newark PhD United States, Iceland social policy, gender and public policy, sexuality and public policy, welfare policy, feminist queer and trans activism in Iceland Media Contact
Kristine Kay University of California, Berkeley PhD Candidate Immigration, Race and Ethnic Politics, Political Psychology, Public Opinion, Partisanship, Surveys & Experiments No Media Contact
Eleanor Knott London School of Economics & University College London PhD Crimea, Ukraine, Moldova ethnic politics, citizenship, interpretive methods, kin-state relations, Media Contact
Stacy J. Kosko University of Maryland PhD development ethics, human rights, capability approach, multiculturalism, minority rights, group rights, agency, recognition, international development, indigenous peoples, Roma Media Contact
Chryl Laird Saint Louis University PhD Media Contact
Nazita Lajevardi University of California, San Diego PhD Candidate USA Race, Turnout, Voter ID Laws, Muslim Americans, Political Representation, Political Behavior Media Contact
Dianne Lalonde Western University PhD Candidate Canada Cultural Appropriation, Culture, Multiculturalism, Feminism Media Contact
Jessica Lavariega Monforti California Lutheran University PhD U.S. Elections, women, Hispanic, Latinas, policy, immigration, Cuban Americans Media Contact
Sarah Leventer Boston University PhD Candidate Media Contact
Jiaqi Liang University of Illinois at Chicago PhD U.S., China Media Contact
Tehama Lopez Bunyasi George Mason University PhD United States race politics, colorblindness, white privilege, racial conflict, racial attitudes, policy attitudes Media Contact
Yalidy Matos Rutgers University, New Brunswick PhD USA Immigration politics policy, race and ethnic politics, public opinion, political behavior, geography of immigration laws, Latino politics No Media Contact
Shannan Mattiace Allegheny College PhD Mexico Mexican social movements; Latin American immigration to US; Race and ethnicity in Mexico and Latin America; Media Contact
Tali Mendelberg Princeton PhD Media Contact
Julie Lee Merseth Northwestern University PhD United States race, ethnicity, immigration, women, gender, politics, policy, public opinion, participation, mobilization Media Contact
Melissa Michelson Menlo College PhD United States Elections, Race, Ethnicity, Latinos, Immigration, LGBT Rights, Gay Rights, Transgender Rights, California Politics Media Contact
Jamila Michener Cornell University PhD United States Poverty, race, social policy, public policy, urban politics, health policy, Medicaid Media Contact
Megan Ming Francis University of Washington PhD US Politics, Civil Rights, Legal Mobilization, US History Media Contact
Celeste Montoya University of Colorado Boulder PhD United States and European Union gender politics, race politics, intersectionality, gendered violence, gender policy, voting rights, immigrant rights, Occupy movement, human rights Media Contact
Jana Morgan University of Tennessee PhD Latin America, Venezuela political parties, political behavior, public opinion, income inequality, representation, social exclusion, women's representation, race and ethnicity in Latin America Media Contact
Liza Mügge University of Amsterdam PhD The Netherlands, Suriname, Turkey, Europe Political representation, gender equality, integration, immigration, political identities, race, ethnicity, intersectionality, pedagogy Media Contact
Sara Newland Villanova University PhD China, Taiwan China, Taiwan, ethnic politics, public service provision, local governance, civil society, authoritarianism, Media Contact
Lina Newton Hunter College, City University of New York PhD U.S. & Mexico U.S. immigration policy, state immigration laws, American politics Media Contact
Tova Norlen Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) PhD Media Contact
Angela Ocampo University of California, Los Angeles PhD Candidate USA Latino politics, racial and ethnic politics, identity, political participation, minority representation, political parties Media Contact
Mara Ostfeld University of Michigan PhD No Media Contact
Jennifer Page University of Zurich PhD United States reparations, political apologies, restorative justice, official wrongdoing, ethics of policing / the police use of force, philosophy of race, race & ethnicity, philosophy of law, philosophy of criminal law Media Contact
Mindy Peden John Carroll University PhD Media Contact
Brittany Perry Texas A&M University PhD Media Contact
Ngoc Phan University of Southern Mississippi PhD No Media Contact
Tasha Philpot University of Texas at Austin PhD American Politics, Public Opinion, Black Politics, Political Psychology, Political Parties, Political Communication Media Contact
Yolanda Pierce Princeton Theological Seminary PhD Media Contact
Dianne Pinderhughes University of Notre Dame PhD race and ethnicity, gender, urban, Chicago, inequality, elected officials Media Contact
Heather Pool Denison University PhD United States race, death, mourning, law, responsibility, identity, belonging, racial formation in the United States Media Contact
Kimala Price San Diego State University PhD United States reproductive policy, reproductive politics, reproductive rights, reproductive justice, abortion, women's health, social movements, activism, feminism, interpretive research methodology, visual politics, narrative analysis, visual analysis, interdisciplinary research Media Contact
Amanda Robinson Ohio State University PhD Malawi ethnicity, nationalism, diversity, culture, segregation, gender gaps, gender differences, ethnic politics Media Contact
Jennifer Robinson University of Utah PhD Media Contact
Stella Rouse University of Maryland PhD U.S. Latino Politics, minority Politics, institutions, immigration, public opinion, Millennials Media Contact
Meghna Sabharwal University of Texas at Dallas PhD India, United States, South Asia Diversity, Women leadership, Inclusion, Ethics, Job satisfaction, Job productivity, Immigration, high-skilled immigration, Reverse Brain Drain Media Contact
Deborah Schildkraut Tufts University PhD United States American identity, representation, ethnic politics, immigration attitudes Media Contact
Sarah Scuzzarello University of Sussex PhD Media Contact
Maya Sen Harvard University PhD No Media Contact
Paru Shah University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee PhD US Media Contact
Shauna Shames Rutgers-Camden PhD women, gender, race, ethnicity, immigration, identity, feminism, abortion, reproductive rights, reproductive justice, American politics, presidential power, dystopian government, public opinion Media Contact
Allyson Shortle University of Oklahoma PhD United States Public opinion, political psychology, immigration opposition, religious nationalism, anti-GMO attitudes Media Contact
Heather Silber Mohamed Clark University PhD Latino politics in the U.S., immigration, social movements, identity, women and politics Media Contact
Candis Smith University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill PhD United States of American race, ethnicity, identity, Millennials, Black, African American, immigrant, diversity, racial attitude, racism Media Contact
Sarah Song U.C. Berkeley PhD Immigration and Citizenship; Gender and Politics; Political Theory; Refugees; Race, Ethnicity and Politics; Religion and Politics Media Contact
Amber Spry Columbia University PhD Candidate United States American politics, public opinion, political behavior, identity, race, class Media Contact
LaFleur Stephens-Dougan Princeton University PhD public opinion, campaigns and elections, race and ethnic politics, campaigns and elections. No Media Contact
Sherrill Stroschein University College London PhD Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia, Eastern Europe generally Ethnicity, nationalism, democracy, divided societies, ethnic conflict, ethnic parties, ethnic fragmentation, federalism, ethnic mobilization No Media Contact
Celina Su City University of New York PhD United States, Thailand, Burma/ Myanmar voting, political participation, community organizing, youth empowerment, education policy, health, community development, cities, participatory budgeting, participatory democracy, civil society, social movements, nonprofits, NGOs Media Contact
Ratan Sudha Augusta University PhD Media Contact
Kirstine Taylor Ohio University PhD No Media Contact
Erin Tolley University of Toronto PhD Canada Canadian politics, electoral representation, women, gender, race Media Contact
Vanessa Tyson Scripps College PhD USA 2016 Election, Legislative Politics, Race, Ethnicity and Politics, Gender and Politics, Public Policy, Environmental Justice Media Contact
Laura Vinson Oklahoma State University PhD Nigeria African politics, Nigeria, ethnic and religious conflict, power-sharing institutions, Pentecostal-charismatic resurgence, humanitarianism Media Contact
Anne Visser University of California, Davis PhD United States, South Africa economic security, economic mobility, labor markets, employment opportunities, low wage work, poverty Media Contact
Hannah Walker Georgetown University PhD mass incarceration, race, protest politics, immigrant detention, community policing Media Contact
Vesla Mae Weaver Yale University PhD criminal justice, incarceration, policing, race, inequality, marginality, black politics, American politics, colorist Media Contact
Emily West New York University PhD Candidate American Politics, Comparative Politics, Political Psychology, Identity Politics, Race and Ethnic Politics, Gender Politics, Descriptive Representation, Identity and Inequality, Experimental Methods. Media Contact
Ariel White Harvard University PhD Candidate No Media Contact
Betina Wilkinson Wake Forest University PhD USA Black-Latino relations, Latino/a vote, media coverage of immigration, immigration attitudes Media Contact
Leah Wright Rigueur Harvard University PhD USA race, 2016 election, GOP, Republican Party, Democratic Party, civil rights, black voters, presidency, social movements Media Contact
Jasmine Yarish University of California, Santa Barbara PhD Candidate Abolitionist Politics, Intersectionality, Philadelphia, Black Studies, Democratic Theory Media Contact