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First NameLast NameUniversityPhDCountry FocusKeywordsAvailability
Andrea Aldrich Texas A&M University PhD European Union, Croatia, Southeastern Europe Legislative behavior, political parties, party organization, electoral politics, parliamentary democracies, representation, European Union, European Parliament, Balkans Media Contact
Maria Antónia Almeida University Institute of Lisbon PhD Portugal mayors, local government, history, politics, gender, agrarian reform, memories, rural sociology Media Contact
Nadine Ansorg University of Kent PhD Congo Media Contact
Berta Barbet University of Barcelona PhD Spain, United Kingdom Elections, Political Parties, Public Opinion Media Contact
Tiffany Barnes University of Kentucky PhD Argentina and Chile Women in Politics, Gender and Politics, Women's Representation, Women's Rights, Gender Quotas, Latin America, Gender Gap in Public Opinion, Gender Gap in Political Participation, Gender Equality Policies, Gender Egalitarian Attitudes, Election Law Reform, Electoral Systems, Legislative Behavior Media Contact
Karen Beckwith Case Western Reserve University PhD United States, United Kingdom, Scotland, West Europe women as cabinet members, women and party leadership, women, gender, and the 2016 presidential election, Ohio and the 2016 presidential election, women's movements, feminism, social movements and protest, US political parties and elections Media Contact
Lindsay Benstead Portland State University PhD Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan Middle East and North Africa, Identity politics (religion, tribe, gender), women and politics, legislatures, public opinion, authoritarian regimes, democratization, clientelism, service provision, local governance. Media Contact
Robin Best Binghamton University (SUNY) PhD Political Parties, Elections, European Politics, Electoral Systems, Representation, Comparative Politics, Gerrymandering Media Contact
Amanda Bittner Memorial University PhD Canada, United States parties, elections, voting, public opinion, political psychology, party leaders, gender, women, Canadian politics Media Contact
Nadia Brown Purdue University PhD USA Black women, racial politics, gender politics, youth vote Media Contact
Sarah Childs University of Bristol, UK PhD UK Gender Political parties and Gender British Parliament Representation Media Contact
Mollie Cohen Vanderbilt University PhD Candidate Peru, Chile Elections, public opinion, voting behavior, representation, invalid voting, null voting, turnout, party systems, Latin America Media Contact
Ivelisse Cuevas-Molina University of Massachusetts - Amherst PhD Candidate United States turnout, elections, latino/hispanic politics, representation, public opinion, survey methods, overreporting, socially desirable responding, social group identity, race and politics, Puerto Rico Media Contact
Suzanne Dovi University of Arizon PhD Representation of women and historically disadvantaged groups, ICC, democracy, American Political Thought, Media Contact
Amanda Driscoll Florida State University PhD Latin America No Media Contact
Terri Givens Menlo College PhD United States, France, Germany, Britain Immigration, Electoral Politics, Radical Right, France, Germany, Britain, Race in Europe, Antidiscrimination Policy, Discrimination Media Contact
Marcia Godwin University of La Verne PhD Local elections, California politics, congressional elections, mayoral elections, local government, public administration, public policy, budgeting, public participation, civic engagement Media Contact
Sona Golder Penn State University PhD government formation, coalitions, comparative political institutions, parliamentary democracies, Europe Media Contact
Melanie Hughes University of Pittsburgh PhD women, gender, minority women, Muslim women, indigenous women, minority men, ethnic minority, quotas Media Contact
Alana Jeydel American River College PhD US Politics Women's rights, women legislators, the women's movement, women's suffrage, 2016 election Media Contact
Marisa Kellam Waseda University PhD Latin America, media freedom, democracy, political parties, presidents Media Contact
Meryl Kenny University of Edinburgh PhD United Kingdom gender, women, elections, political parties, gender quotas, gender equality, United Kingdom, Scotland Media Contact
Petia Kostadinova University of Illinois at Chicago PhD Media Contact
Agata Maria Kraj University of Bamberg / BAGSS PhD Candidate Media Contact
Rebecca Kreitzer University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill PhD U.S. (and in particular, the 50 states) gender, reproductive rights, abortion, sexuality, same-sex marriage, LGBT, representation, policy diffusion No Media Contact
Young-Im Lee California State University-Sacramento PhD South Korea South Korea, Park Geun-Hye, women president, gender quotas, legislative elections Media Contact
Carol Mershon University of Virginia PhD No Media Contact
Jana Morgan University of Tennessee PhD Latin America, Venezuela political parties, political behavior, public opinion, income inequality, representation, social exclusion, women's representation, race and ethnicity in Latin America Media Contact
Liza Mügge University of Amsterdam PhD The Netherlands, Suriname, Turkey, Europe Political representation, gender equality, integration, immigration, political identities, race, ethnicity, intersectionality, pedagogy Media Contact
Rainbow Murray Queen Mary University of London PhD No Media Contact
Pippa Norris Harvard and Sydney Universities PhD Global Comparative politics, democracy and democratization, public opinion and political behavior, elections and voting behavior, gender politics, political communications Media Contact
Mary Nugent Rutgers University PhD Candidate United Kingdom, Europe, USA women in politics, gender quotas, legislative behaviour, parliaments, European Parliament, UK politics, Men and masculinities, race and gender, gender equality, Media Contact
Diana O'Brien Indiana University PhD Established democracies; Western Europe women and politics; gender and politics; political parties; party leadership; cabinets; executive branch; policy representation; party manifestos; gender quotas Media Contact
Angela Ocampo University of California, Los Angeles PhD Candidate USA Latino politics, racial and ethnic politics, identity, political participation, minority representation, political parties Media Contact
Malliga Och Idaho State University PhD Germany women and politics, gender and conservative parties, German politics, Cites for CEDAW, Human Rights Cities, gender and diversity in national parliaments Media Contact
Brittany Perry Texas A&M University PhD Media Contact
Kannamma Raman University of Mumbai PhD India Social Media and Election, Pharmaceutical Policy, Women in Politics, Traditional Knowledge, Surveillance and Privacy. Media Contact
Danielle Roberts Ulster University PhD Candidate Northern Ireland Gender and politics, Women's Political Participation, Northern Ireland, Unionism, Northern Ireland women's movement, feminism in Northern Ireland. Media Contact
Melissa Rogers Claremont Graduate University PhD Argentina Political Economy, Redistribution, Regional Inequality, Inequality, Spatial Inequality, Taxation, Government Spending, Research Design, Federalism, Public Choice, Political Institutions, Representation and Electoral Systems Media Contact
Saskia P. Ruth University of Zurich PhD Clientelism, populism, representation, democratization, participation, direct democracy, Latin American politics Media Contact
Amanda Rutherford Indiana University PhD performance and accountability policies, K-12 and postsecondary education policy, representation and partisanship Media Contact
Emma Sandoe Harvard PhD Candidate Medicaid, Health Insurance Reform, Health Care, Medicare, Public Insurance Media Contact
Diana Santiago King's College London PhD No Media Contact
Lauren Santoro West Virginia University PhD American politics, gender and politics, public policy Media Contact
Leslie Schwindt-Bayer Rice University PhD Latin America Media Contact
Sarah Shair-Rosenfield Arizona State University PhD No Media Contact
Marwa Shalaby Rice University PhD Media Contact
Victoria Shineman University of Pittsburgh PhD Media Contact
Amy Erica Smith Iowa State University PhD Brazil Latin American politics, religion and politics, evangelicals in Brazil, social networks, voters and elections Media Contact
Zeynep Somer-Topcu University of Texas at Austin PhD Europe European politics, political parties, party leadership, elections, public opinion, representation Media Contact
Carole Spary University of Nottingham PhD India Gender, feminism, representation, democracy, parliament, development, politics, policy, empowerment, equality, inequality, federalism. Media Contact
Netina Tan McMaster University PhD East and Southeast Asia No Media Contact
Gabriela Tarouco Universidade Federal de Pernambuco PhD Latin America electoral governance, political parties, party systems, party regulation, electoral competition, elections No Media Contact
Melanee Thomas University of Calgary PhD Canada gender, political behaviour, public opinion, elections, Canada Media Contact
Danielle Thomsen Syracuse University PhD United States U.S. Congress, Partisan Polarization, Gender and Politics Media Contact
Ana Catalano Weeks Harvard University PhD Italy, Portugal, Belgium gender and politics, gender quotas, political parties, gender gaps in policy preferences, political representation, party manifestos, legislative behavior, Italy, Portugal, Belgium Media Contact