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First NameLast NameUniversityPhDCountry FocusKeywordsAvailability
Maria Antónia Almeida University Institute of Lisbon PhD Portugal mayors, local government, history, politics, gender, agrarian reform, memories, rural sociology Media Contact
Camila Andrade Gripp The New School PhD Candidate Media Contact
Sharon Austin University of Florida PhD Media Contact
Elizabeth Baldwin University of Arizona PhD Energy policy, environmental governance, public participation Media Contact
Twyla Blackmond Larnell Loyola University Chicago PhD U.S. No Media Contact
Nadia Brown Purdue University PhD USA Black women, racial politics, gender politics, youth vote Media Contact
Laura Bucci University of Pittsburgh PhD United States State politics, labor decline, labor unions, economic inequality, class politics, political behavior, political participation, voter turnout Media Contact, No Media Contact
Kimberly Conger University of Cincinnati PhD Evangelicals, interest groups, religion and politics, Republican party, Republican activists, Christian Right, Religious Left. Media Contact
Jennifer Connolly University of Miami PhD USA local government, city management, human resources, fiscal health, manager turnover, political institutions, public management, public administration, public policy Media Contact
Lauren Copeland Baldwin Wallace University PhD U.S. American politics, political behavior, public opinion, political communication, digital media use, social media use, political participation, civic engagement, political consumerism (i.e., boycotts and buycotts), public opinion polls, survey research, citizenship norms, elections, environmental politics, ohio politics Media Contact
Melody Crowder-Meyer University of the South PhD United States of America women in politics, gender in politics, local politics, political parties Media Contact
Anne Dölemeyer Leipzig University, Germany PhD Candidate Germany Human trafficking, state ethnography, bureaucracy, citizen participation and representation, city planning No Media Contact
Laurel Eckhouse University of California, Berkeley PhD Candidate USA policing, urban politics, criminal justice, racial politics Media Contact
Tia Sheree Gaynor Marist College PhD United States LGBTQ, social policy, social equity, marginalization, people of color, social justice, political engagement, law enforcement, citizen participation, intersectionality, gender identity, sexual identity Media Contact
Rebecca Gill University of Nevada, Las Vegas PhD U.S., Australia judicial elections, judicial selection, judicial behavior, gender and judging, implicit bias, gender bias Media Contact
Min Hee Go Brooklyn College, CUNY PhD United States Urban Politics, Resilience, Climate Adaptation, Asian American Identity Media Contact
Anna Gunderson Emory University PhD Candidate United States American politics, state politics, public policy, politics of punishment, crime politics, politics of incarceration, judicial politics Media Contact
Lirio Gutierrez Rivrea Universidad Nacional de Colombia PhD Urban violence and crime, marginality and exclusion, social mobility, and gender and the city Media Contact
Allison Harris Princeton University PhD No Media Contact
Megan Hatch Cleveland State University PhD US inequality, redistribution, rental housing, social policy, quantiative methods, urban policy, public administration, poverty, policy analysis Media Contact
Brianne Heidbreder Kansas State University PhD
Sara Kerosky University of California, San Diego PhD Candidate American political institutions, executive politics, presidential power, bureaucracy, federalism, state politics, environmental policy, endangered species Media Contact
Jaclyn Kettler Boise State University PhD American politics, state politics, political parties & interest groups, campaign finance, gender and politics Media Contact
Rebecca Kreitzer University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill PhD U.S. (and in particular, the 50 states) gender, reproductive rights, abortion, sexuality, same-sex marriage, LGBT, representation, policy diffusion No Media Contact
Robynn Kuhlmann University of Central Missouri PhD United States Elections, state politics, voter turnout, voting behavior, state legislatures, political parties. Media Contact
Jessica Lavariega Monforti California Lutheran University PhD U.S. Elections, women, Hispanic, Latinas, policy, immigration, Cuban Americans Media Contact
Meghan Leonard Illinois State University PhD state supreme courts, electing of judges, state institutional interactions Media Contact
Mariely Lopez-Santana George Mason University PhD Spain, Italy, European Union Social Democracy, Welfare States, social policy, comparative politics, devolution Media Contact
Cherie Maestas University of North Carolina at Charlotte PhD emotion and public opinion, disaster politics, political ambition, legislative elections, public policy opinions Media Contact
Whitney Ross Manzo Meredith College PhD women and politics, public opinion, electoral law, direct democracy, state politics, judicial politics Media Contact
Kathleen Marchetti Dickinson College PhD political representation, gender and politics, lobbying, interest groups, intersectionality Media Contact
Nancy Martorano Miller University of Dayton PhD State Legislatures, Ohio Politics, State Constitutions Media Contact
Abigail Matthews Miami University PhD Judicial politics, law and courts, networks, state politics, quantitative methodology Media Contact
Briana McGinnis McGill University PhD USA Political theory, exclusion, exile, banishment, citizenship, punishment, mass incarceration, collateral consequences, criminalization, democratic theory, law and society Media Contact
Kerri Milita Illinois State University PhD Direct democracy, elections, interest groups, public policy Media Contact
Megan Mullin Duke University PhD US Media Contact
Kim Nalder California State University, Sacramento PhD USA 2016 Election, California Politics, Public Opinion, Voting Behavior, Misinformation, Political Behavior, Voting Behavior, Term Limits, Political Psychology, Women and Politics, Political Communication, Political Knowledge, Voter Information, Media and Politics Media Contact
Lina Newton Hunter College, City University of New York PhD U.S. & Mexico U.S. immigration policy, state immigration laws, American politics Media Contact
Janine Parry University of Arkansas PhD Arkansas/Southern Politics, Women in Politics, Gender and Public Policy, Polling, Voting and Public Opinion, Direct Democracy Media Contact
Julia Payson NYU PhD state and local politics, urban government, public service provision, political economy No Media Contact
Sarah Reckhow Michigan State PhD USA philanthropy, education, urban, elections, donors Media Contact
Megan Remmel Bradley University PhD personality and politics, elite political psychology, state legislatures Media Contact
Jennifer Robinson University of Utah PhD Media Contact
Sarah Romano University of Northern Colorado PhD Nicaragua Water governance, community-based resource management, social movements, collective action, Central America, Nicaragua. No Media Contact
Stella Rouse University of Maryland PhD U.S. Latino Politics, minority Politics, institutions, immigration, public opinion, Millennials Media Contact
Emma Sandoe Harvard PhD Candidate Medicaid, Health Insurance Reform, Health Care, Medicare, Public Insurance Media Contact
Emily Schilling University of Tennessee, Knoxville PhD Media Contact, No Media Contact
Maya Sen Harvard University PhD No Media Contact
Leah Stokes University of California Santa Barbara PhD Canada, USA climate change, environment, energy, mercury, public policy, interest groups, public opinion Media Contact
Jessica Trounstine University of California, Merced PhD local politics, urban politics, public goods, inquality Media Contact
Mona Vakilifathi New York University PhD United States U.S. state politics, bureaucratic politics, lawmaking, legislation, legal text analysis, education governance, charter schools Media Contact
Julie VanDusky-Allen Boise State University PhD No Media Contact
Rachel VanSickle-Ward Pitzer College PhD Public Policy, Gender and Politics, Reproductive Rights, Judicial Politics Media Contact
Anne Visser University of California, Davis PhD United States, South Africa economic security, economic mobility, labor markets, employment opportunities, low wage work, poverty Media Contact
Regina Wagner University of Wisconsin-Madison PhD Candidate United States Women and politics, political representation Media Contact
Jennifer Walsh Azusa Pacific University PhD United States, New Zealand, China 2016 Election, criminal justice reform, criminal sentencing policies, mass incarceration, religious freedom, women and politics, California ballot initiatives Media Contact
Carol Weissert Florida State University PhD Federalism, state politics, American politics, health policy Media Contact
Anne Whitesell Penn State PhD Candidate United States gender and politics, state politics, welfare policy, representation, interest groups Media Contact
Charley Willison University of Michigan School of Public Health PhD Candidate United States health politics, federalism, intergovernmental relations, political decision-making, social determinants of health, behavioral health policy, housing, public health politics Media Contact
Jennifer Wolak University of Colorado at Boulder PhD political psychology, public opinion, compromise, state politics, emotion in politics, trust in government No Media Contact