Alexandra Siegel, Ph.D.

Stanford University

Address: Encina Hall, Stanford University

City: Stanford, California

Country: United States

About Me:

Alexandra Siegel is a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford's Immigration Policy Lab (IPL) and a Research Associate at NYU's Social Media and Political Participation Lab (SMaPP). Her research uses social media data, social network analysis, and textual analysis---in addition to more traditional data sources---to explore mass and elite political behavior in the Arab World. She received her PhD. from NYU's Department of Politics in May 2018. She is a former Junior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and a former CASA Fellow at the American University in Cairo. She holds a Bachelors in International Relations and Arabic from Tufts University.

Research Interests

Middle East & North African Politics

Text as Data

Experimental Research

Networks And Politics

Conflict Processes & War

Countries of Interest


Saudi Arabia