Elettra Repetto, Ph.D. Candidate


Central European University

City: Budapest

Country: Hungary

About Me:

Elettra enrolled in the Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations at CEU, Budapest, for a PhD in Political Science - Human Rights Minor, offered jointly by the Department of Legal Studies, in 2016.
Her PhD project focuses on the expansion of the concept of civil disobedience beyond the nation-state, so to include new agents, such as undocumented migrants, within its definition, and to finally expand the very same idea of the polity. Her research interests include migration and political participation, cosmopolitanism, global justice and global environmental issues. She obtained her European MA degree in Human Rights and Democratization from the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights (EIUC) in Venice, writing her thesis at the University College Dublin (UCD). Her E.MA thesis, Duty to disobey? A new perspective on the new civil disobedience, between international actors and digital media was awarded for its originality and contribution to the promotion of human rights and published with the financial contribution of the European Commission.
She completed her MA in Political Philosophy under the supervision of Pr. Doctor Ian Carter, at the University of Pavia, including one semester abroad at the University of Lisbon, and obtained her BA in Philosophy at the University of Genoa under the supervision of Valeria Ottonelli. In between her completion of her MA and her experience in Budapest, Elettra worked as social worker with refugees both in Italy, with Caritas Italy, and in Greece, in a facility for unaccompanied minors in Samos, with Metadrasi. She has also worked with Greenpeace Italy for a while, with which she has also participated in an International Project in Turkey as the Italian Representative. Apart from her native Italian, Elettra speaks English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Research Interests

Political Participation

Immigration & Citizenship

Political Theory

Human Rights

Transnational Civil Disobedience

Global Justice