Emma Paszat, Ph.D.


York University

Country: Canada (Ontario)

Research Interests

LGBTQIA Politics

Gender and Politics

Human Rights

African Politics

Specific Areas of Interest

Political Homophobias

Lgbtq Activism

Transnational Advocacy

Social Movements

My Research:

I study how activists resist political homophobias in East Africa. My dissertation compares how activists opposed political homophobia legislative processes in Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi. I am also interested in international lgbtq activism, particularly in light of homonationalism and how lgbtq people/issues are used to 'other' non-Euro-American states and cultures. 


Journal Articles:

(2017) Why ‘Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill’? Rethinking the ‘coherent’ state, Third World Quarterly

Tags: LGBTQIA Politics, African Politics, Human Rights

During the debate on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda, the country was, at times, presented as nearly uniformly homophobic, exemplified by references to ‘Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill’. The state, which does discriminate against gender and sexual minorities, is comprised of different institutions and people, holding, at times, conflicting positions. This paper documents these differing positions that parts of the state adopted, along with how those positions changed over time in response to political changes and lobbying from civil society. Uncovering gaps in the coherence of the state by identifying these opposing views is useful both for how we understand and study the state, and for activism against political homophobias. Strategies against legislation similar to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill can target those within most likely to oppose such laws.