Kiku Huckle, Ph.D.

Pace University

Country: United States (New York)

About Me:

I am an assistant professor of Political Science at Pace University in New York City, specializing in the fields of Race and Ethnic Politics, Latino Politics, and Religion and Politics. My research addresses how culture, values, and identity intersect and ultimately affect political beliefs and patterns of engagement.

Research Interests

Race, Ethnicity and Politics

Religion & Politics

Public Opinion

Political Participation

Latino Politics

Churches As Institutions

Geo-spatial Analysis

Social Capital

Catholicism And Catholics

My Research:

My book project examines how well the American Catholic Church fulfills its self-ascribed role as a service and socializing institution for Latino and Latino-immigrant populations, offers potential explanations for my findings, as well as suggestions for improvement. Other projects examine how community level factors – such as living in proximity to schools and churches – affect the process of immigrant political incorporation and citizen political engagement, and I am also working on a contemporary assessment of Catholic political engagement.