So often while planning a conference, brainstorming a list of speakers, or searching for experts to cite or interview, it can be difficult to think of any political science scholars who aren’t men. We’ve all been there… you just know that a woman has got to be studying that topic… but who?

This site is intended to provide an  accessible database of political science scholars who identify as women.

This site was created and is maintained by political scientists and, as such, focuses on politics, policy, and government. (We’re certain that women know stuff in other fields too, though!)

Currently there are 1238 experts listed on this website.

Please note: we are currently moving to a new database system. This new database will make it easier to search for scholars and it will make it easier for scholars to maintain their profiles on the website. To make the move to the new database smoother for everyone, we are temporarily suspending new sign-ups and profile updates. When the new database is up and running, you will once again be able to sign-up/update your profile on our new and improved website! We will announce the new website on Twitter. 

If you are looking for a scholar, you can browse scholars by research area or you can search for scholars.

You can learn about our mission here, and please visit our FAQ page if you have any questions. A list of websites representing women in other fields is here.

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