Alex Hanna, Ph.D.

University of Toronto

City: Toronto, Ontario

Country: Canada

About Me:

I am a computational social scientist working on machine learning curriculum at Google Cloud. Before that, I was an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology at the University of Toronto.I received my PhD in sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My dissertation was the Machine-learning Protest Event Data System (MPEDS), a system which uses machine learning and natural language processing to create protest event data.My research has focused on how new and social media has changed social movement mobilization and political participation. I rely on large-scale data collections and computational tools in my research, with an emphasis on automated textual analysis and machine learning. More recently, I've been interested in issues of fairness, accountability, and transparency in sociotechnical systems.

Research Interests

Text as Data

Political Communication

Research Methods & Research Design

Middle East & North African Politics

LGBTQIA Politics

Computational Social Science

Social Movements

Social Media

Countries of Interest


United States