Amelie Godefroidt, Ph.D. Candidate

Graduate Student

KU Leuven

City: BRUSSELS - 1000

Country: Belgium

About Me:

MSc graduate in International Politics and in Communications from KU Leuven. Internationally oriented and experienced in quantitative research, conflict studies, research reporting and creative writing. Currently working as PhD fellow of the Research Foundation Flanders at the Centre for Research on Peace and Development (KU Leuven) on topics related to religious extremism (in particular Boko Haram), inter-group relations, and social cohesion. Passionate about chocolate.

Research Interests


Political Violence

Political Psychology

Research Methods & Research Design

Emotional Causal Mechanisms

Intergroup Contact Theory

Boko Haram

Countries of Interest



My Research:

My research interests include the causes and dynamics of conflict as well as the challenges of sustainable peacebuilding. More specifically, I am concerned with religious extremism and political violence, and how this affects peaceful coexistence between different ethno-religious groups. My PhD project specifically focuses on the social-psychological impact of the Boko Haram crisis in Nigeria, in particular its consequences for the relationships between religious groups within the country and the mitigating role of inter-group contact. I mainly make use of quantitative survey data and in-depth interviews.