Andrea Aldrich, Ph.D.

Yale University

City: New Haven, Connecticut

Country: United States

Research Interests

Comparative Political Institutions

Legislative Politics

Political Parties and Interest Groups

European Politics

Gender and Politics

Post-Communist Politics

Specific Areas of Interest

Gender And Politics

Political Party Organization

The Balkans

Countries of Interest




My Research:

I recently joined the Department of Political Science at Yale University after completing a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the University of Houston under the direction of Dr. Susan Scarrow. I am also the data manager for the Political Party Database Project and have previously been a visiting research scholar at Texas A&M University and the University of Chicago.  My research is focused on political representation and comparative political institutions. My work pays particular attention to the effect of political party institutions on the quality of democratic representation. I have developed a research agenda that explicitly links the organizational structure of parties and their electoral goals to individual access to elected institutions and legislative outcomes. My research is comprised of three broad project areas that focus on equality of representation with respect to gender, the link between representation and internal party decision making, and the causes and consequences of party organization for legislative elections and legislative behavior.I have a particular interest in comparing parties across Western and Eastern Europe and spent several months conducting fieldwork as a Fulbright Scholar in Zagreb, Croatia.  This was a unique opportunity to witness the preparation of a new member state and its political parties for entry into the European Union and participation in its first European election. Thanks to generous awards from the European Union Studies Association's Haas Fund Fellowship and the University of Pittsburgh's Jean Monnet European Union Center for Excellence (EUCE), I was able to complement this experience with several months of study in Brussels, Belgium where I interviewed many members of the European Parliament and their staff.  My teaching interests revolve around the study of democratic institutions, political parties, gender, political methodology, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, and the institutional structure, functioning, and evolution of the European Union.  At Yale, I teach courses on gender and politics, comparative Legislative politics, and communism and conflict in Europe.