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Andrea Peña-Vasquez, Ph.D. Candidate

University of Notre Dame

Phone: +34 665 42 37 28

Address: Calle Jaime Tercero 45, 3A

City: Madrid - 28011

Country: Spain

About Me:

I am a PhD Candidate in the Department of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame, with a focus on comparative politics. I am affiliated with the Kellogg Institute for International Studies, the Institute for Latino Studies, and the Juan March Institute at University Carlos III of Madrid (IC3JM). My research interests include transnational migration from Sub-Saharan Africa to Western Europe and the intersections between immigration status, race/ethnicity, and gender. In my dissertation research, she studies how gendered patterns of interaction with the bureaucratic state affect the civic and political integration of Malian and Equatorial Guinean immigrants in Spain. I will be spending the duration of 2018-2019 conducting fieldwork in Madrid and Barcelona whilst on a Fulbright grant. 

Research Interests

Immigration & Citizenship

Race, Ethnicity and Politics

Gender and Politics

European Politics

African Politics

Public Policy

Immigrant Integration

Street-level Bureaucracy

Political Participation

Race Class Gender

Countries of Interest




Equatorial Guinea