Ayelet Harel-Shalev, Ph.D.


Ben-Gurion Univeristy of the Negev

Country: Israel

About Me:

Ayelet Harel-Shalev is an associate professor in the Conflict Management and Resolution Program and The Department of Politics and Government, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel. Harel-Shalev is the author of The Challenge of Democracy: Citizenship, Rights, and Ethnic Conflicts in India and Israel – 2013, Cambridge University Press and Foundation Books, India, and Breaking the Binaries in Security Studies - 2019, Oxford University Press (With Daphna-Tekoah). She is also the co-editor (with Arthur Stein) of Affect, Interest, and Political Entrepreneurs in Ethnic and Religious Conflicts. New-York & London: Routledge, 2018. Her academic interests include Feminist IR; Women and War; Ethnic Conflicts and Democracy; Minority Rights; and Religion and Politics. Her recent Journal publications include  “Gendering Conflict analysis - The case of Minority Women and Muslim Women’s Status in India”. Ethnic and Racial Studies. (2017), and “A Room of One's Own”(?) in the Battlespace –Women Soldiers in War Rooms. Critical Military Studies (2018).

Research Interests

Gender and Politics

Comparative Democratization

Political Psychology

Conflict Processes & War

Feminist International Relations

Women's Rights


Critical Military Studies

Religion & Politics

Ethnic Politics

Countries of Interest