Brett Ashley Leeds, Ph.D.

Full Professor

Rice University

Year of PhD: 1998

Country: United States (Texas)

About Me:

Brett Ashley Leeds is Radoslav Tsanoff Professor of Political Science and Chair of the Department of Political Science at Rice University.  Professor Leeds’s research focuses on the design and effects of international agreements, and also on connections between domestic politics and foreign policy.  Much of her work has concentrated on the area of security cooperation, and particularly military alliances.  In 2008, Leeds was awarded the Karl Deutsch Award by the International Studies Association, which is presented annually to a scholar in International Relations under age 40, or within ten years of defending his or her dissertation, who is judged to have made, through a body of publications, the most significant contribution to the study of International Relations and Peace Research.  In 2019, Leeds won the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Conflict Processes Section of the American Political Science Association in recognition of scholarly contributions that have fundamentally improved the study of conflict processes. She served as President of the International Studies Association during 2017-18 and President of the Peace Science Society during 2018-19. 

Research Interests

Conflict Processes & War

Foreign Policy

International Law & Organization



International Cooperation

International Leaders

Domestic Politics IR