Casey Mallon, Ph.D. Candidate

University of Chicago

Phone: 8432679473

City: Chicago, Illinois - 60637

Country: United States

Research Interests

International Law & Organization


Military Intervention


Journal Articles:

(2017) Does Jemaah Islamiyah continue to pose a security threat today?, The Intelligence Review

Tags: Terrorism

A review on the status of Jemaah Islamiyah in Southeast Asia in light of the rise of the Islamic State.

(2017) Will the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria be annihilated in Libya?, The Intelligence Review

Tags: Terrorism, Middle East & North African Politics

A review on the status of the Islamic State in Libya.

Media Appearances:

Blog Posts:

(2017) The Chanticleer Intelligence Brief

A blog post detailing the Islamic State's shift in targets in Libya.

(2016) The Chanticleer Intelligence Brief

Blog post regarding the relationship between riots in Jakarta, Indonesia and Islamist extremist groups.

(2016) The Chanticleer Intelligence Brief

Blog post on a failed Islamic State affiliated attack against Singapore's Marina Bay