Cathy Xuanxuan Wu, Ph.D.

Old Dominion University

Country: United States (Virginia)

Research Interests

Conflict Processes & War

Foreign Policy

Asian Politics

Countries of Interest



North Korea


My Research:

My research interests include the roles of domestic politics in international conflict and cooperation, bargaining behavior, military alliances, and game theory. My work, "Leaders, States, and Reputations," is forthcoming at the Journal of Conflict Resolution. My ongoing research examines how domestic interactions may avoid or generate international conflict, and how intra-alliance dynamics constrain or provoke state agression. My research has important implications in understanding great power diplomacy and international relations in East Asia, such as US-China relations, Cross-Taiwan Strait Relations, and North Korean Nuclear Issues. I have taught courses on international relations, politics and international relations in Asia, and comparative politics, and was invited to give a talk on China's Belt and Road Initiative by the World Affairs Council of Greater Hampton Roads.