Celina Su, Ph.D.


City University of New York

Country: United States (New York)

Research Interests

Political Participation

Public Policy

Urban Politics


Race, Ethnicity and Politics

Text as Data


Direct Democracy

Participatory Governance

Social Movements

Protest Politics

Civic Engagement

Education Policy

Media Appearances:

TV Appearances:

(2012) PBS

Talking about participatory budgeting in the US.

Radio Appearances:

(2016) NPR

Talking about voter indecision on Primary Day during the 2016 Presidential Election.

Newspaper Quotes:

(2012) The Nation

On participatory budgeting in NYC.

Blog Posts:

(2016) The Washington Post Monkey Cage Blog

On youth engagement and participatory budgeting.


(2017) Harper's Magazine

Short essay on the need to reinvigorate political participation, talking about participatory budgeting as one way to do so.