Charlotte Rommerskirchen, Ph.D.

The University of Edinburgh

City: Edinburgh, Scotland

Country: United Kingdom

About Me:

Charlotte Rommerskirchen is a lecturer in International Political Economy at the University of Edinburgh. 

Research Interests

Political Economy

European Politics

Specific Areas of Interest

Public Debt

Fiscal Policy Coordination

EU Economic Governance


European Debt Crisis

Government Bond Markets

Debt Management

Fiscal Rules


Books Written:

(2019) Free Riders on the Storm: EU Fiscal Policy Coordination in Hard Times, Oxford University Press

Tags: Political Economy, European Politics

What happens to European Union (EU) fiscal policy coordination in hard times? Recent accounts of the EU have portrayed the union as plagued by an austerity regime and rampant moral hazard. Charlotte Rommerskirchen provides an alternative account of economic cooperation in Europe during the Great Recession and the European Debt Crisis. Drawing on Mancur Olson's theory of collective action, this volume combines evidence from statistical analysis and extensive interviews with key players. This book reaches an unexpected conclusion regarding the state of collective action in times of crises: Free riding was not rife. Despite heated accusations, member states crisis policies matched their fiscal room for manoeuvre. The real collective action failure is instead diagnosed in the inability to sanction free riders at the EU level and empowering erratic bond markets to discipline governments.