Claire Dupont, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Ghent University

Year of PhD: 2013

City: Ghent

Country: Belgium

About Me:

I am an Assistant Professor in European and International Governance at Ghent University, Belgium. My research interests cross EU studies, international studies, political theory, public administration and policy analysis. I am very interested in EU and international efforts to transition to a sustainable society - especially focused on climate and energy policy development, how such policies are made, the democratic governance of these transitions, and whether such policies are 'holistic' and fit for purpose. I teach in the Bachelor's programme in Public Administration: EU integration, EU policy, EU decision-making processes and law. Outside of the university, I serve as a member of the Scientific Committee of the European Environment Agency.

Research Interests

Energy And Climate Policy

European Politics

Environmental Policy

Public Policy


Books Written:

(2016) Climate Policy Integration into EU Energy Policy: Progress and Prospects, Routledge

Climate change is a cross-cutting, long-term, global problem that presents policymakers with many challenges in their efforts to respond to the issue. Integrating climate policy objectives into the elaboration and agreement of policy measures in other sectors represents one promising method for ensuring coherent policies that respond adequately to the climate change challenge. This book explores the integration of long-term climate challenges into EU energy policy. It engages in in-depth empirical analysis of the integration of climate policy objectives into renewable energy policy, energy performance of buildings policy, and policies in support of natural gas infrastructure. The book highlights insufficient levels of policy integration across these areas to achieve the long-term policy goals. A conceptual framework to explain this insufficient integration is developed and applied.