Claire Pierson, Ph.D.

University of Liverpool

Address: University of liverpool, 8-11 Abercromby Square

City: Liverpool, England - L69 7WZ

Country: United Kingdom

About Me:

Claire joined the University of Liverpool as a Lecturer in Politics in September 2017, having previously worked in Manchester Metropolitan University and Ulster University. Her research focuses on the UN women, peace and security agenda, conflict transformation and reproductive rights and activism. She is currently a co-investigator on a project: ‘Tackling Girls and Young Women’s Reproductive Health through a Reproductive Justice Framework in the Philippines and South Africa’ and a unique research project funded by a coalition of Irish trade unions addressing ‘Abortion as a workplace issue on the island of Ireland’. Claire is co-founder of the Reproductive Health Law and Policy Advisory Group ( She has published in journals including The British Journal of Politics and International Relations, Parliamentary Affairs, The International Feminist Journal of Politics and Nationalism and Ethnic Studies. Prior to working in academia, Claire worked for the Atlantic Philanthropies, The Institute for Conflict Research (Belfast) and the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group (Jerusalem).

Research Interests

Gender and Politics

Human Rights

Conflict Processes & War

Health Politics and Policy

Abortion Politics


Women, Peace, Security

Post-Conflict Transition

Northern Ireland

Countries of Interest


United Kingdom

My Research:

Academic Publications Pierson, C. (2019). Gendering peace in Northern Ireland: The role of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on women, peace and security. Capital & Class, 43:1, pp57-71 Bloomer F, Pierson C. Estrada, SC (2018) Reimagining Global Abortion Politics, Policy Press, Bristol Duffy DN, Pierson C, Best P. (2018) A formative evaluation of online information to support abortion access in England, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. BMJ Sexual and Reproductive Health, 45:1, pp32-37 Duffy, D., Earner-Byrne, L., Myerscough, C., & Pierson, C. (2018). Abortion, emotions, and health provision: exploring health care professionals' willingness to provide abortion care using affect theory. Women's Studies International Forum, 71, pp12-18 McQuarrie, C, Stettner, S, Pierson, C and Bloomer, F (2018) Abortion in Anti-Choice Islands: Crossing Troubled Waters (edited collection), Prince Edward Island, Island Studies Press. Pierson C. (2018) Rights Versus Rites? Catholic Women and Abortion Access in Northern Ireland. In: Burgess T. (eds) The Contested Identities of Ulster Catholics. Palgrave Macmillan, pp39-55 Pierson, C., & Thomson, J. (2018). Allies or Opponents? Power-Sharing, Civil Society, and Gender, Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, 24(1), 100-115. Thomson, J & Pierson, C. (2018). Can abortion rights be integrated into the Women, Peace and Security agenda? International Feminist Journal of Politics, 20:3, pp350-365 Pierson, C. (2017). One Step Forwards, Two Steps Back: Women’s Rights 20 Years after the Good Friday Agreement. Parliamentary Affairs, 71:2, pp461-481 Pierson, C & Bloomer, F. (2017) Macro and micro political vernaculizations of rights: Human rights and abortion discourses in Northern Ireland, Health and Human Rights, 19(1), pp173 -185 Kennedy, R, Pierson, C & Thomson, J (2016). Challenging Identity Hierarchies: Gender and Consociational Power Sharing. British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 18: 3, pp618-633 Pierson, C, & Thomson, J. (2016). Conversations: Using feminist methodologies in conflicted societies: Challenges and opportunities. International Feminist Journal of Politics. Vol 18:4, pp606-613Grants and Awards: • University of Liverpool, Early Career Researcher Grant (£2000), Healthcare perspectives on abortion in Malta, June 2019-June 2020. • Crossing Troubled Waters Publication Grant (copyright), Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences/ Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, $8000, 01/03/18-01/09/18 • Crossing Troubled Waters Publication Grant (design, marketing), UPEI Internal Publications Awards, $7,500, 01/07/17-01/09/18 • Tackling Girls and Young Women's Reproductive Health through a Reproductive Justice Framework, Department for the Economy, £38,256, 1/04/17 - 31/03/18 • Scoping Study FGM in Northern Ireland, ACSONI/ ROSA Foundation, £4500, 1/10/16 - 30/08/17 • Abortion as a workplace issue, Unite the Union, £12,000, 1/09/16 - 28/02/17 • Seedbed Activist Grant, £5000, 01/09/14 – 01/09/16 • Ireland Canada University Foundation (ICUF) academic scholarship for Irish students to conduct research in Canada, 3,600 Euro, 01/04/14 – 01/06/14 • Department of Employment and Learning PhD Studentship, Fees plus scholarship, 01/10/11 – 30/09/14