Cristina Bodea, Ph.D.

Michigan State University

Country: United States (Michigan)

About Me:

Bodea is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at Michigan State University. Bodea joined the MSU faculty in 2006, after earning a PhD degree from the University of Rochester (2006) and following a post doctoral research fellowship at Princeton University. From 2007 to 2009 she has been on leave from Michigan State, working as an Economist at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany. Bodea uses game theory and econometric methods in her work and is substantively interested in issues in the fields of international and comparative political economy, as well as political conflict and democratization.  More specifically, current interests include reputation building in exchange rate policy, central bank independence and government spending, the fiscal policy of developing countries, as well as civil war, coups, and low intensity violence as alternative manifestations of domestic conflict.  Her work has been published or is forthcoming at the Journal of Politics, British Journal of Political Science, International Organization, European Journal of Political Economy, Public Choice and Economic and Politics.  She also has working papers published by the World Bank and the European Central Bank.

Research Interests

Political Economy

Conflict Processes & War

Gender and Politics

My Research:

Recent research:Bodea, Cristina, Jakob de Haan, Raymond Hicks, and Sylvester C.W. Eijffinger. (Accepted 2017). Central Bank Independence Before and After the Crisis. Accepted at Comparative Economic Studies Bodea, Cristina & Raymond Hicks. (Accepted 2017). Sovereign Credit Ratings and Central Banks: Do Analysts Pay Attention to Institutions?  Accepted atEconomics and Politics  Bodea, Cristina, Ana Carolina Garriga & Masaaki Higashijima. (Accepted 2017).  Monetary Constraints, Spending, and the Autocratic Survival in Party-Based Regimes.  Accepted at the Journal of Politics  Bodea, Cristina & Fangjin Ye. (Accepted 2017).  Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs): The Global Investment Regime and Human Rights.  Accepted at the British Journal of Political Science  Bodea, Cristina & Tara Iseneker.  Exactly how male-dominated are central banks?  Here are the numbers.  The Washington Post  Bodea, Cristina.  The Political Economy of Monetary Policy, in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics  The ORE of Politics  Bodea, Cristina & Christian Houle.  Ethnic Inequality and Coups in Sub-Saharan Africa

Media Appearances:

Blog Posts:

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