Donna Patterson, Ph.D.

Delaware State University

Country: United States (Delaware)

About Me:

Donna A. Patterson, Ph.D. is Chair of the Department of History, Political Science, and Philosophy and the Director of Africana Studies at Delaware State University. Patterson is the inaugural editor of the new book series: Routledge Research in Health and Healing in Africa and the African Diaspora. She is the author of Pharmacy in Senegal: Gender, Healing, and Entrepreneurship. Patterson has published scholarly articles on pharmaceutical markets, women pharmacists and Ebola in the Journal of Women’s History, Anthropologie et Santé and the Journal of Healthcare for the Poor and Underserved. She has co-authored work on SDGs at the Journal of Global Health Reports and on Women in Post-Indepdendence African Politics for the Oxford Research Encyclopedia. Her forthcoming work includes an essay entitled “Women in Senegal” for the Oxford Research Encyclopedia and an article on Chinese investment in African pharmaceutical markets. Dr. Patterson is currently working on two larger projects. One, “Drug Trafficking, Drug Consumption, and Health in Africa,” and a second, “Ebola, West Africa and the World.” Patterson is currently a fellow in the International Security Program at Washington-DC based think-tank: New America. She regularly lectures and participates in meetings on global health, security, African and African American studies, and African politics. For instance, in fall 2018, she participated in a panel on healthcare in Africa at the Wharton Africa Business Forum and gave a keynote lecture on her book, Pharmacy in Senegal at the African American Women in Pharmacy Conference. Also, at the African Studies Association meeting, she participated and chaired panels on U.S. government policy in the Red Sea and on migrants from the Horn of Africa. Her media commentary on global health, international security, African and European politics, and current events has appeared at Slate, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Foreign Policy, Christian Science Monitor, Pacific Standard, New America Weekly, Pacifica and in other outlets. For more information, please visit her website

Research Interests

African Politics

Foreign Policy

Health Politics and Policy

Gender and Politics

Race, Ethnicity and Politics


Global Health

Pharmaceutical Policy



West Africa

Horn Of Africa

Security In Sahel

US Race Relations

US Public Health

Transational Drug Trafficking

Current Events

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United States




Journal Articles:

(2017) Women and Post-Independence African Politics, Oxford Research Encyclopedia

Women and Political Participation

Books Written:

(2015) Pharmacy in Senegal: Gender, Healing and Entrepreneurship, Indiana University Press

Pharmacy education, practice, and political negotiations in Senegal

Media Appearances:


(2019) Media appearances and commentary: print, radio, tv, 2014-2019

Outlets include: Slate Magazine, Foreign Policy, Washington Post, The North Star, Huffington Post, NPR, Global Health Now, The Atlantic, Sciences Humaines (France), Pacific Standard, Boston Globe, Pharmacy Times, New America Weekly, Pacifica, WGBH