Elizabeth Oldmixon, Ph.D.


University of North Texas

Address: 1155 Union Circle #305340

City: Denton, Texas - 76203-5017

Country: United States

About Me:

Elizabeth A. Oldmixon (PhD, University of Florida) is professor of political science at the University of North Texas and Editor-in-Chief of the journal Politics and Religion. She is formerly a Fulbright Scholar at University College Cork (2010), Ireland, and an American Political Science Association Congressional Fellow (2001-2002). Her research and teaching interests include American politics and political institutions, religion and politics in the U.S., Ireland, and Israel, and legislative behavior.

Research Interests

Religion & Politics

Legislative Politics

LGBTQIA Politics

Clergy Political Engagement

Legislative Behavior

Political Science Education

Political Institutions

Political Representation

Animal Welfare

Countries of Interest

United States