Federica Genovese, Ph.D.


University of Essex

Country: United Kingdom (England)

About Me:

I work at the Department of Government at the University of Essex.

Before coming to Essex, I spent a year at Stanford University. I have a PhD from the University of Konstanz, an M.A. from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International  Studies (SAIS), and a B.A. from University of Toronto.

Research Interests

Environmental Policy

European Politics

Political Economy

Energy And Climate Policy

International Political Economy

My Research:

In my work I focus on international and comparative political economy, with particular attention to environmental policy, economic interdependence and international crises.Check out my research projects and publications at http://www.federica-genovese.com/ 

Media Appearances:

Radio Appearances:

(2018) KCBS

KCBS Interview on my research on Pope Francis

Blog Posts:

(2018) Washington Post's Monkey Cage

"No, Pope Francis isn't More Political than his Predecessors After All" (based on research published in Research & Politics and PS).

(2016) Washington Post's Monkey Cage

How the European Central Bank calmed Europe's Social Unrest (based on research published on Comparative Political Studies)

(2015) Thomson Reuters Carbon Market Monitor

"Who supports the EU ETS? Trends in the Carbon Market Survey" (report)

(2015) The Plot

"States’ interests at international climate negotiations" (based on research published in Environmental Politics)