Fiona Macaulay, Ph.D.

University of Bradford

Address: 8 Bromley Road

City: Bingley, England - BD164BU

Country: United Kingdom

About Me:

I hold a BA Hons degree in Modern Languages (French and German), an MPhil in Latin American Studies, and DPhil in Politics, all from the University of Oxford. I have taught development, gender and Latin American studies at the Universities of Newcastle, London, and Oxford and the University of Bradford where I am currently Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in the Division of Peace Studies and International Development. I also worked at Amnesty International as their Brazil researcher. I have a lot of media experience, and continue to do interview, live and recorded, for international radio and TV (BBC World Service, France 24 among others). I have carried out a number of consultancies, including preparing expert witness testimony on the Brazilian prison system for the British courts, and training packages on urban and gender-related security, for the police and civil society groups

Research Interests

Latin American And Caribbean Politics

Gender and Politics

Human Rights

Political Violence

Judicial Politics

Political Participation

Specific Areas of Interest

Police And Politics

Pre-trial Detention Abuses

Prison System Reform

Femicide Investigation Policy

Brazilian New Right

Civil Society Influence

Countries of Interest



My Research:

I research largely institutional politics and policy making, looking at the interaction of different actors in the policy sphere, from political parties, to epistemic communities (for example, in criminal justice issues) and organised civil society, mainly human rights advocates and women’s groups. I am presently researching: the phenomenon of police and military officers entering electoral politics in Brazil; the politics of reducing pre-trial detention in Brazil/Latin America; how Brazilian police are trained on, and develop investigatory strategies for, gender-based violence. I am also monitoring the issue of the attack on human rights in general in Bolsonaro's Brazil and have published a number of book chapters and journal articles on human rights policy during the Cardoso, Lula and Dilma governments.