Grace Jaramillo, Ph.D.

The University of British Columbia

City: Vancouver, British Columbia

Country: Canada

About Me:

Grace Jaramillo earned his Ph.D. in Political Studies from Queen's University in 2016. She is currently a SSHRC postdoctoral fellow at University of British Columbia, Department of Political Science. She has been a professor at the Latin American Faculty for Social Sciences –FLACSO- where she was also the chair of the Department of International Relations from 2007 to 2010. As a former member of the Ecuadorian Council of Foreign Relations, she was member of the Carter Center’s initiative “The Bi-National Group for Dialogue” to promote peace and mutual understanding between Ecuador and Colombia. She has a regular column at one of the most prestigious newspapers in Ecuador, EL COMERCIO, since 2001. She was nominated twice (2010, 2013) to the annual 20 “CAF Most prominent young thinkers in Latin America”. In 2005, she received the National Award for Women’s Rights Advocacy, from the National Council for Women, then the state institution in charge of gender policies. Among her most recent publications in Spanish are: “Ecuador vs. the World”: Ten years of Foreign Policy Analysis”; “Building Bridges between Ecuador and Colombia” (2009) –published under the auspices of the OAS and the UNDP- and “New Approaches to Regional Integration: New Regionalism and Beyond” (2008).

Research Interests

Latin American And Caribbean Politics

Political Economy

International Law & Organization

Foreign Policy


Countries of Interest





My Research:

Free Trade Agreements and institutional changes in Latin America. A comparison analysis of state reform and political accommodation to the new realities of international trade relations in Mexico, Chile and Peru.The political economy of industrial policy in Ecuador and Peru: the transition from Import Substitution Industrialization to Productive Development Policies.