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Inken Borzyskowski, Ph.D.

Florida State University

Country: United States (Florida)

About Me:

Inken von Borzyskowski is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Florida State University. She received her Ph.D. in International Relations, Methodology, and Comparative Politics at UW-Madison in May 2014. Her research focuses on the domestic politics of international relations with an emphasis on international organizations and their effect on domestic conflict and elections. In her book manuscript, she develops and tests a theory of how international organizations can influence election violence by changing the incentives of domestic actors. More broadly, her research falls into two camps: the causes and consequences of election violence; and international organizations’ membership politics (withdrawals and suspensions).

Research Interests

Comparative Democratization


Elections, Election Administration, and Voting Behavior

Conflict Processes & War

Foreign Aid

International Law & Organization

Political Violence

Specific Areas of Interest

International Organizations

International Democracy Promotion

Election Violence