Juanita Elias, Ph.D.


The University of Warwick

Country: United Kingdom (England)

About Me:

Juanita Elias is Reader in International Political Economy.She joined Warwick in 2014 from Griffith University, Australia, where she held an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship (2010-2013). She obtained her PhD from the University of Warwick in 2002.

Research Interests

Political Economy

Gender and Politics

Asian Politics

Elder Care Policy


Domestic Work

Gender Mainstreaming

Women's Movements

Countries of Interest



United Kingdom

My Research:

Juanita’s research explores the way in which gender relations and identities operate and are reproduced within a range of political economic settings. This includes: work looking at the role of multinational corporations in the production of gendered and racialised forms of inequality; research exploring the construction of vulnerable forms of work and employment such as migrant domestic work; analyses of efforts to include or ‘mainstream’ gender issues within institutional contexts such as the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the World Economic Forum; analyses of how households and (gendered) household relations take shape within and are constitutive of the global political economy; work looking at elder care policy in the UK and its gendered consequences; and research into the gendered impacts of urban resettlement schemes for the poor in Indonesia .She has a particular interest in the gender biases and assumptions that play out in state development strategies - especially within the context of debates around the rise of the regulatory state in Southeast Asia. She has conducted considerable field research in Malaysia, a country that she has been visiting for research purposes since 1999.