Juliet Carlisle, Ph.D.


University of Utah

City: Salt Lake City, Utah

Country: United States

Research Interests

Energy And Climate Policy

Environmental Policy

Public Opinion

Political Participation

Countries of Interest

United States

My Research:

My research substantively deals with political behavior and public opinion with an emphasis on environmental politics and policy. In particular, I have investigated issues surrounding environmental concern including what people know about the environment, from where that knowledge originates and how that knowledge influences their opinions and their behavior with regard to the environment, offshore oil drilling and large-scale solar development. My co-authored book, The Politics of Energy Crises (2017), published by Oxford University Press applies the theories of agenda setting and punctuated equilibrium to energy crises and explores energy policy during energy crises with specific attention on the role of public opinion, business interests and environmental activists. Currently my research focuses on the following three projects: 1) agenda setting and the California Drought; 2) iron triangles, sub-governments, and agency capture regarding water rights in the Western U.S.; and 3) the consequence of social media echo chambers on public opinion and political behavior.