Katharine Adeney, Ph.D.


The University of Nottingham

Country: United Kingdom (England)

Research Interests

Asian Politics

Non-Democratic Regimes

Comparative Democratization

Race, Ethnicity and Politics

Democratization And Authoritarianism

Federalism, Regionalism, Decentralization

Ethnic Politics

Countries of Interest



Sri Lanka

Media Appearances:

TV Appearances:

(2018) TRF World

Pakistan Elections 2018

(2018) DW News

Interviewed about the Pakistan election

Radio Appearances:

(2018) BBC Radio 4

The Briefing Room

(2018) ABC (Australia)

Interviewed about Imran Khan as the New PM of Pakistan

Newspaper Quotes:

(2019) Bloomberg News

Interviewed on India-US Relations

(2019) Newsweek

Interviewed about Narendra Modi being a populist (or not)

(2019) Bloomberg

Interviewed on the outcome of the Indian election

(2019) Bloomberg

Interviewed about India-Pakistan relations

(2018) Bloomberg

Interviewed about political leadership in India

(2018) Bloomberg

Interviewed about corruption in India