Kristin Vekasi, Ph.D.

University of Maine

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Address: 5754 North Stevens Hall

City: Orono, Maine - 04469

Country: United States

About Me:

Kristin Vekasi specializes in the international politics of the Asia-Pacific region, China-Japan relations, foreign direct investment and trade, international conflict, nationalism, and the politics of multinational corporations. She is an assistant professor at the University of Maine Department of Political Science and School of Policy and International Affairs.

Research Interests

Asian Politics

Conflict Processes & War

Political Economy

International Political Economy

Foreign Direct Investment

National Identity

China-Japan Relations

Asia Trade Institutions

Rare Earth Metals

Countries of Interest



South Korea


Journal Articles:

(2017) Transforming Geopolitical Risk: Public Diplomacy of Multinational Firms for Foreign Audiences, The Chinese Journal of International Politics

This article addresses the strategies of multinational firms when faced with business risk arising from nationalist tensions and interstate conflict, focusing on the use of social engagement activities under the rubric of corporate social responsibility (CSR) that are targeted at the host country’s society at large. The adoption of this strategy is contingent on firms’ risk perception: firms with higher degrees of risk perception invest more resources in social strategies. Moreover, as firms are more exposed to risk over time, they shift their risk management strategies to ones that try to transform the nature of risk through private sector activities that resemble public diplomacy. The argument is tested quantitatively using unique data on the contributions of Japanese firms to social engagement activities in China, and qualitatively with descriptive statistics from surveys of CSR activities and elite interviews with state and business actors in China and Japan. The findings highlight new sociopolitical roles for multinational firms in international politics.

Media Appearances:

Radio Appearances:

(2017) Maine Public Radion

Discussion of President Trump's 2017 visit to Asia on 1-hour radio call-in show Maine Calling.

(2016) Maine Public Radion

1-hour discussion of Brexit on call-in show Maine Calling.