Lilia Giugni, Ph.D.

University of Cambridge

City: London-Cambridge, England

Country: United Kingdom

About Me:

Dr Lilia Giugni is a Research Associate to the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation at the University of Cambridge, and the co-founder and CEO of GenPol- Gender & Policy Insights, a think tank consultancy researching matters of gender and advocating for a more gender equal world. Her research interests and advocacy work include the mainstreaming of gender equality concerns across multiple organisational settings, as well as the prevention of gender-based violence, digital violence against women in politics, and the intersections between gender and organised crime oppression.  A multi-disciplinary researcher, Lilia holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Cambridge and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. She regularly authors reports, policy papers and blogs and delivers talks and keynote speeches, and she sits in the board of several charities, social enterprises and feminist networks.   

Research Interests

Gender and Politics

Political Parties and Interest Groups

Political Violence

Crime Politics

Gender And Politics

Gender Equality

Gender Mainstreaming

Organised Crime

Gender-Based Violence

Digital Violence

Italian Political Parties

Italian Organised Crime

Sexual Violence

Sexuality And Politics

Sexuality Education

Social Innovation

Women Entrepreneurs

Gender & Institutions

Gender & Innovation

Countries of Interest

United Kingdom


My Research:

Lilia's research and advocacy interests cover different aspects of gender-based violence and discrimination. She is currently researching digital violence against women active in politics and the public space, and the implications that this has for our democracies. She is also working on the intersections between organised crime oppression and gender-based violence in Southern Italy. She has previously worked on progressive party politics, and on gender-based violence prevention policies, including sexuality education and sexual violence training on campus.

Media Appearances:

Radio Appearances:

(2019) Radio Radicale

Lilia spoke on Italy's Radio Radicale on her work on the intersections between mafia and patriarchal oppression in Southern Italy.

Newspaper Quotes:

(2018) The Guardian

Lilia was interviewed by the Guardian about the abuse of women in the arts industry and the work of GenPol in this area.

(2018) The Guardian

Lilia was interviewed on her work on digital violence and education as a tool to prevent abuse, and is quoted in the Guardian's article here below.

(2016) La Repubblica

Lilia spoke to Italian newspaper La Repubblica about the social media campaign she led to introduce compulsory and comprehensive sexuality education in Italian schools.

Blog Posts:

(2019) The Globe Post

Lilia was commissioned this op ed to discuss the current backlash against women's rights vis-à-vis the revival of the feminist movement worldwide.

(2017) Cambridge Social Innovation Blog

Lilia wrote about sexism in academia and strategies to challenge gender bias.